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  • Kotak home loan rates range from 6.50% - 7.25%

About Kotak Mahindra Bank Home Loan

A home loan with the combination of a low-interest rate and a higher loan amount is what you get at Kotak Mahindra Bank. You can enjoy a customized suite of home loan products to enable you to buy your dream home. The lower interest rates and minimal documentation only adds to your delight of taking a home loan from the bank. So, if you are also looking for a lender that can help you build your home, read below the details of one of the best home loans.

Home Loan

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    Kotak Mahindra Bank Home Loan Interest Rate November 2021

    Interest Rate6.50% - 7.25%
    Loan AmountCustomized
    TenureUp to 20 years
    Processing FeeUpto 1.25% of the loan amount + GST
    Prepayment & Foreclosure ChargesNil in case of floating rate loans

    Note – Home Loan Interest Rates of 6.55%* will apply from November 9 to December 10, 2021

    What is the eligibility to apply for Kotak Home Loans?

    The eligibility required to apply for a home loan at Kotak Bank is mentioned below:

    Age21-65 Years21-65 Years
    IncomeMust have been earning reasonably higherMust have been earning reasonably higher
    Job/Professional StatusMust have worked for atleast 2-3 yearsMust be in the same line of business for a minimum of 2-3 years

    What are the documents required for Kotak Home Loans?

    The documentation required to apply for the loan is as follows:

    ProofsSalaried ProfessionalSelf-employed
    Age ProofPassport Copy/PAN Card/ Voter ID card, Photo Driving License with Birth Date (Laminated, Recent, legible)/Photo ration Card with DOB/Employer Certificate/ID/School/College Leaving CertificatePassport Copy/PAN Card/ Voter ID card, Photo Driving License with Birth Date (Laminated, Recent, legible)/Photo ration Card with DOB/Employer Certificate/ID/School/College Leaving Certificate
    Identity ProofPAN Card/Voter ID/Passport/Driving License, Passport Size PhotographsPAN Card/Voter ID/Passport/Driving License, Passport Size Photographs
    Income ProofForm 16 for last 2 years, Latest Salary Slip, 6-month Bank StatementIT Returns for the Last 2 Years along with Audited Balance Sheet, P&L Account Statement for 2 Years, Shop & Establishment Act Certificate/ Sales Tax Certificate/SSI Registered Certificate/Copy of Partnership
    Address ProofLatest Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/Property Tax Receipt/Passport/ Voter IDLatest Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/Property Tax Receipt/Passport/ Voter ID
    Signature Verification ProofDriving License/Passport copy/PAN CardDriving License/Passport copy/PAN Card
    Educational Qualification ProofMark Sheets or Certificates of the Degree Held by the Home Loan CandidateMark Sheets or Certificates of the Degree Held by the Home Loan Candidate
    Property DocumentsApplicableApplicable

    Kotak Mahindra Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

    The important consideration for every home loan seeker is the EMI that will be payable each month. There is a special tool that is used to calculate the EMI on a home loan as per your convenience. You just need to mention the interest rate, the loan amount and the tenure for which you want to take the loan. Below is an example for your reference.

    Table Showing EMI, Interest Outgo, and Total Repayment Amount

    Loan AmountInterest RateTenureMonthly InstalmentTotal Interest AmountTotal Amount
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%1₹ 1,74,347₹ 92,164₹ 20,92,164
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%2₹ 90,820₹ 1,79,677₹ 21,79,677
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%3₹ 63,042₹ 2,69,528₹ 22,69,528
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%4₹ 49,202₹ 3,61,707₹ 23,61,707
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%5₹ 40,937₹ 4,56,204₹ 24,56,204
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%6₹ 35,458₹ 5,53,004₹ 25,53,004
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%7₹ 31,572₹ 6,52,089₹ 26,52,089
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%8₹ 28,682₹ 7,53,439₹ 27,53,439
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%9₹ 26,454₹ 8,57,030₹ 28,57,030
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%10₹ 24,690₹ 9,62,836₹ 29,62,836
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%11₹ 23,264₹ 10,70,828₹ 30,70,828
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%12₹ 22,090₹ 11,80,975₹ 31,80,975
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%13₹ 21,111₹ 12,93,242₹ 32,93,242
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%14₹ 20,283₹ 14,07,594₹ 34,07,594
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%15₹ 19,578₹ 15,23,992₹ 35,23,992
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%16₹ 18,971₹ 16,42,397₹ 36,42,397
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%17₹ 18,445₹ 17,62,766₹ 37,62,766
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%18₹ 17,986₹ 18,85,057₹ 38,85,057
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%19₹ 17,584₹ 20,09,224₹ 40,09,224
    ₹ 20,00,0008.40%20₹ 17,230₹ 21,35,222₹ 41,35,222

    EMI, Total Interest Outgo, Total Repayment (Interest + Principal)

    YearPrincipalInterestBalance Amount
    1₹ 40,288₹ 1,66,472₹ 19,59,711
    2₹ 43,806₹ 1,62,955₹ 19,15,904
    3₹ 47,631₹ 1,59,130₹ 18,68,273
    4₹ 51,789₹ 1,54,971₹ 18,16,483
    5₹ 56,311₹ 1,50,449₹ 17,60,172
    6₹ 61,228₹ 1,45,533₹ 16,98,943
    7₹ 66,574₹ 1,40,187₹ 16,32,369
    8₹ 72,386₹ 1,34,374₹ 15,59,982
    9₹ 78,706₹ 1,28,054₹ 14,81,275
    10₹ 85,578₹ 1,21,182₹ 13,95,696
    11₹ 93,050₹ 1,13,710₹ 13,02,646
    12₹ 1,01,175₹ 1,05,586₹ 12,01,470
    13₹ 1,10,008₹ 96,752₹ 10,91,462
    14₹ 1,19,613₹ 87,147₹ 9,71,848
    15₹ 1,30,057₹ 76,704₹ 8,41,790
    16₹ 1,41,412₹ 65,348₹ 7,00,378
    17₹ 1,53,759₹ 53,001₹ 5,46,618
    18₹ 1,67,184₹ 39,577₹ 3,79,434
    19₹ 1,81,781₹ 24,980₹ 1,97,652
    20₹ 1,97,772₹ 9108₹ 0

    Kotak Bank Home Loan Application Form

    You have two options when it comes to applying for a home loan at Kotak Mahindra Bank. Either you can visit the website or at the nearest branch of the bank to serve the purpose. In either of the options, you need to fill in personal, residential, income and property details. Subsequent to filling the form, you should submit it to the bank to process your home loan application. The bank will approve the loan only after finding your details genuine in the investigation process, which involves an executive visit to your office and residence. If you come out true in the investigation, the bank will then send the executive to visit the property you are looking to buy. The executive, after assessing the condition of the property and the existing market value, will send prepare a legal & technical report, which would become a factor in determining the valuation of the said property. Depending on your repayment capacity, the bank will finance you up to 90% of the property valuation.

    Kotak Mahindra Bank Loan Statement

    Home loan statement will show the details of EMI payment and the value date of the payout to help you structure your budget in an effective manner. Now the question arises as to how you will access the statement. You can visit the bank branch to send your request for the statement, which will be handed to you immediately. Plus, if you are already a CASA customer of the bank and have Internet banking facility, you can then download the home loan statement online. Register for Internet banking if you do not have the same.

    How can you calculate your eligibility for Kotak Home Loan?

    Now let be specific on the loan amount that Kotak Mahindra Bank will disburse at your end. I mean to say, how home loan amount you would actually receive from the bank. As discussed earlier, income and savings are important parameters to decide one’s eligibility, so the bank will take the help of an eligibility calculator Loan Balance Transfer

    • You can take a home loan to pay off the existing home loan.
    • You can make the future payment to Kotak Mahindra Bank
    • Transfer your existing home loan at interest rates that are lower than your existing home loan
    • You can top-up your existing loan to get ready cash for any of your needs
    • It is simple and easy to get a loan and the amount payable for your installments is designed to make you feel comfortable.
    • You can avail the loan for maximum of upto 20 years or the outstanding tenure of the existing loan.

    You can choose a Kotak Home Loan Transfer if:

    • You are trying to reduce your existing interest rate and lower your EMIs
    • You are trying to reduce your home loan term and pay off your existing loan faster
    • You want to use the equity in your home to get money for any of your needs.
    • You can also avail a top-up over the existing loan to get the required cash to fulfill your needs.

    How much loan amount can you get on home loan transfer?

    You can borrow upto maximum 90% of the cost of the property in the case of home loan transfer. The loan amount varies such as for loan amount between ₹20 lakhs to ₹75 lakhs you can get maximum upto 80% for the original loan and for amount ₹75 lakhs and above you can get maximum upto 75% of the borrowed amount in case of home loan balance transfer. However, in the case of commercial loan against property or loan against an existing property you can borrow upto maximum 60% of the cost of property. The balance transfer amount shall, however, be restricted to the outstanding balance of loan with the existing finance.

    How Does Kotak Mahindra Bank Determine Home Loan Eligibility Amount?

    Based on the below-mentioned points, Kotak Mahindra Bank will determine the amount that an individual can receive to buy a home.

    Income- The bank will first glance at your income that you earn each month while deciding upon the loan amount for you. It adds each month’s income and arrives at the annual figure. More the income higher will be the loan amount and vice-versa. For example- a guy earning ₹50,000 per month is expected to receive a higher amount of loan compared to an individual with a monthly salary of ₹30,000.

    Source of Income- Kotak Mahindra Bank also checks the source of income while examining the profile of a customer for home loan eligibility. The source means whether you earn the income via salary or by the business.

    Savings- Savings is also an important aspect that Kotak Mahindra Bank looks upon to provide home finance. Savings actually is the difference between the income earned and expenditure incurred each month. Needless to say, if you save more, you get more loan.

    Credit History– The existing or past loan can also have a bearing on your home loan eligibility at Kotak Mahindra Bank. If you are paying the loan EMI regularly without any default, then your credit score will be more and make the bank approve your home loan application. However, continuous payment default can worsen your credit score and make you ineligible for a home loan. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to show zero tolerance on payment default and boost your credit score for seamless home loan approval by Kotak Mahindra Bank.

    Work Experience– Although the bank has not put forward anything specific about the work experience, you must have worked for at least 2-3 years to make your case stronger.

    Age– You are eligible for a home loan if you apply between the age of 21-65 years at Kotak Mahindra Bank. However, the key lies in the maximum loan amount, which can be given to a younger individual with a reasonably higher number of years left before the retirement. So, when you apply at 30, chances for more loan amount will be greater compared to when you reach the 40s. So, start your professional life early if you are earnest in your purpose to buy a dream home.

    What is the customer care number for Home Loans?

    Any complaints or queries related to home loan? Dial the 24×7 toll-free number-1860 266 2666 of the bank’s home loan department and get all that resolved at the earliest. The complaints could be the irregularity in the payment of EMIs, not receiving the SMS alerts before and after the EMI payment and so on. The executives are ready to sort out all your queries and complaints to give you a pleasant home loan experience.

    Features & Benefits

    • Doorstep Service
    • Easy Documentation & Loan Disbursement Procedure
    • Attractive Rates of Interest
    • Fast Turnaround Time
    • Insurance Covers at Exciting Premiums

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