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Known as a major Indian commercial bank in the private sector, Federal Bank is no doubt a renowned on which you can trust. Over the years, this bank with its commitment and quality services has served millions of people. With its best of banking products and services, this bank is known for fulfilling the different needs of people. Moreover, among its many products, personal loan is undoubtedly considered as best in fulfilling all your personal requirements.

Yes, no matter what your personal financial needs are- such as whether its your child’s higher education, a foreign trip with family or home renovation, you can easily avail personal loan, and meet all your personal needs. However, if you are a first time personal loan buyer, and looking for the information regarding it, don’t worry. Read this article further to know about the personal loan details offered by Federal Bank.

Federal Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates

Particulars Details
Interest Rates (in p.a.) 10.49% - 17.99%
Loan Amount Up to INR 10 lakh
Repayment 48 months
Processing Fees 0.50% of the loan amount
Pre Closure Charges Nil

Eligibility Criteria

To avail the personal loan in Federal Bank, you need to fit into the below eligibility criteria.

  • Minimum age of the applicant should be 21 years
  • Maximum age of the applicant should be 55 years
  • Salaried individuals with minimum monthly salary of ₹50,000

Federal Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Suppose, Rakesh Jain wants to avail a loan of ₹5,00,000 Lakh. Federal Bank is ready to offer him the said loan amount at an interest rate of 14% per annum for a tenure of 4 years. So, let’s find out his EMIs, Interest Outgo and Total Amount payable via using the EMI Calculator.

Just take a look at the below table to know the calculations of the same.

Table Showing EMI, Interest Outgo, and Total Repayment Amount

₹ 5,00,000 14% 1 ₹ 44,894 ₹ 38,723 ₹ 5,38,723
₹ 5,00,000 14% 2 ₹ 24,006 ₹ 76,155 ₹ 5,76,155
₹ 5,00,000 14% 3 ₹ 17,089 ₹ 1,15,197 ₹ 6,15,197
₹ 5,00,000 14% 4 ₹ 13,663 ₹ 1,55,835 ₹ 6,55,835

EMI, Total Interest Outgo, Total Repayment (Interest + Principal)

1 ₹ 1,00,228 ₹ 63,730 ₹ 3,99,771
2 ₹ 1,15,196 ₹ 48,762 ₹ 2,84,574
3 ₹ 1,32,400 ₹ 31,558 ₹ 1,52,173
4 ₹ 1,52,331 ₹ 11,785 ₹ 0

Documentation Required for Federal Bank Personal Loan

Next, thing on which you need to pay attention is the documentation required to get the personal loan in this bank.

  • Proof of Identity (Passport / Voters ID card/ Driving License/PAN Card)
  • Address Proof (Ration card Tel/ Electricity Bill/ Lease agreement/ Passport)
  • Copy of PAN Card
  • Latest Passport size photo of the applicant (2 copies)
  • Latest salary certificate/Last 3 months salary slips
  • Form 16/Income Tax Returns( last 2 years)
  • Last 6 months salary account statement
  • Loan application form duly signed

Federal Bank Personal Loan Application

When it comes to your personal loan application, you can either apply online or visit the bank branch in person for the same. Whether you are applying online or offline, the first step is to fill an application form as without filling and submitting the same, you won’t get the loan. It is mandatory to submit your loan application with the required application form as it makes the process smooth and hassle-free for both the parties.

Federal Bank Personal Loan Customer Care

If you are someone who is having any sort of trouble, query or confusion regarding the Federal Bank personal loan, all you need to do is just dial a toll free-pan number-1800-425-1199 either from your mobile or landline. The customer care executives with their best of knowledge, experience and skills try to solve all your problems in the best way. These professionals with their friendly nature give you the best advice so that you can enjoy a hassle-free loan journey in the future. No matter how complicated your problem is, these experts are always there for you, 24×7.

Features and Benefits

  • Attractive interest rates
  • No Guarantor/ surety required
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Loans available for various needs
  • Minimal Paperwork
  • Quick processing & Disbursal
  • Enjoy the convenience of doorstep service
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