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Want to travel to your favourite foreign location? Want instant funds for medical emergency? Looking for money to pay your credit card dues? If yes, Syndicate Bank Personal Loan is all you need. The bank offers you this product so as to ensure that all your personal needs can easily be fulfilled. No matter what is your personal need, this lender always satisfies you with its best of personal loan product. Moreover, being available with unmatched features and benefits such as lowest interest rates, less processing fee and flexible repayment options, this loan is apt for you, if you need funds instantly. Not only this, the product of personal loan also comes to you with less documentation and charges, hence can easily be availed by salaried or self-employed without any hassle. However, if you want to know more about Syndicate Bank Personal Loan, go through this article.

Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates

Particlulars Description
Interest Rates 11.75% - 16.25%
Loan Amount Up to INR 20 Lakhs
Tenure 6 Years
Processing Fee Nil-0.50% of the loan amount

Eligibility Criteria for Syndicate Bank Personal Loan

  • The applicant must fit into the age bracket of at least 21-58 years.
  • Applicants must be either salaried or self-employed with a regular source of income.
  • While applying for a personal loan, individuals need to be earning more than the minimum amount required

Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Documents

Salaried Self-employed
Signed application form with photograph Signed application form with photograph
Copy of passport/voter ID card/driving license Copy of passport/voter ID card/driving license
Processing fee cheque Processing fee cheque
Last 3 months bank statement/6 months bank passbook Last 3 months bank statement/6 months bank passbook
Latest salary slip Latest Bank statement
Current dated salary certificate with the latest Form 16 Latest ITR or Form 16

Know Your Eligibility for Syndicate Bank Personal Loan

To have more clarity on personal loan eligibility, take a look at the table below.

Let’s say, Praveen Kumar, Regional Head of a multinational company is getting a monthly income of ₹60,000. He spends 50% of his monthly income in paying for the expenses such as grocery shopping, EMIs and others. Thus, he would be able to save only half of his income each month i.e. ₹30,000. Now, with this savings, he can manage to afford another loan and can easily repay the same. Keeping this thing into consideration, the lenders would be more than happy to offer him a personal loan.

But, for Praveen the big question is that for how much loan amount he is eligible? How much loan he can avail from the bank, as per his profile? And, he also wants to know what is the exact amount of EMIs he needs to pay each month for the amount he is eligible? Go through the article below and answers below.

  • Amount- ₹1 lakh
  • Loan Tenure-5 years
  • Rate of Interest-13.5%
  • Your monthly EMI will be ₹2,301
  • So your personal loan calculation would be
  • ₹1 lakh x 30,000/2301=Rs.13 Lakhs

Syndicate Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Syndicate Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator allows you to calculate the EMIs in a very hassle-free manner as it does all the complicated calculations in few seconds. You just need to enter few details like loan amount, interest rate nad tenure of your loan, and the rest will be taken care by the calculator. It first calculates the interest component of your personal loan and then keeps an eye on the principal amount that you pay each month so as to repay the loan. However, take a look at an example below to have more clarity on the functionality of EMI Calculator.

Suppose, Raman Arora is interested in availing a personal loan of ₹3,00,000 from Syndicate Bank for 5 years at an interest rate of 12.95% p.a. Now, what would be the EMIs, interest outgo and total amount payable from his side in order to repay the said loan.

Moreover, to make you understand better, below is a table, showcasing EMI, interest and total amount payable on the same amount of loan for different tenures.

Table Showing EMI, Interest Outgo, and Total Repayment Amount

₹ 3,00,000 12.95% 1 ₹ 26,788 ₹ 21,458 ₹ 3,21,458
₹ 3,00,000 12.95% 2 ₹ 14,256 ₹ 42,132 ₹ 3,42,132
₹ 3,00,000 12.95% 3 ₹ 10,101 ₹ 63,635 ₹ 3,63,635
₹ 3,00,000 12.95% 4 ₹ 8041 ₹ 85,959 ₹ 3,85,959
₹ 3,00,000 12.95% 5 ₹ 6818 ₹ 1,09,095 ₹ 4,09,095

EMI, Total Interest Outgo, Total Repayment (Interest + Principal)

1 ₹ 45,613 ₹ 36,206 ₹ 2,54,386
2 ₹ 51,883 ₹ 29,935 ₹ 2,02,502
3 ₹ 59,016 ₹ 22,803 ₹ 1,43,486
4 ₹ 67,129 ₹ 14,690 ₹ 76,357
5 ₹ 76,430 ₹ 5462 ₹ 0

Syndicate Bank Loan Account Statement

If you are curious to know the details of your Syndicate personal loan, don’t need to worry as you can easily know the same via monthly account statement. That’s Right! With the help of your monthly account statement, you can check each and every transaction details of your personal loan. This statement comes to your inbox on a monthly basis and gives you the required information at one place.

Features & Benefits

  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Simplified Process
  • Minimum Documentation
  • Hassle-free Loan Sanction
  • Flexible Loan Tenures
  • Doorstep Convenience
  • Minimal Fees & Charges
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