HDFC Millennia Credit Card


  • Apply for HDFC Millennia Credit Card Online.
  • See the Exciting Cashback on Online Shopping and Flights Bookings.
  • Annual and Renewal Fee of Credit Card.

If you want to have a luxurious experience then you can apply for the HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card. This card is especially for millennial customers who have a high standard of living. You can use the Millennia Card and enjoy great cashback on shopping from Amazon and Flipkart. There are also some complimentary offers for domestic airport lounges. You can even make contactless payments from this card without entering a PIN. It will save your time and you can experience fine dining with this HDFC credit card. You can have the fuel surcharge discount on this card and cut off your fuel expenses. Let’s move on to the various features and benefits of this credit card.

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    Cashback offers and Discounts on Millennia Credit Card

    Here, you can explore the features and benefits of the Millennia credit card. You can save a lot of money through this credit card.

    Offers of the HDFC Millennia Card

    • Shop via Payzapp and Smartbuy and get a Cashback of 5% on Amazon and Flipkart. (Minimum Transaction Needed- ₹2000)
    • Cashback of 2.5% on all the other online transactions. (Minimum Transaction must be ₹2000)
    • Get a Cashback of 1% on the offline transaction and recharging online wallets. (Minimum Transaction ₹100).
    • Get 8 Complimentary Access to the Domestic Airport Lounge Annually.
    • Grab a Discount of 1% on Fuel Surcharge.

    Welcome Bonuses and offers

    • Get a Gift Voucher of ₹1000 on spending ₹100,000 and above in each quarter of the first year only.
    • 1000 CashPoints as Welcome and Renewal Benefit after the payment of membership fee.
    • You do a transaction of ₹30,000 and above within the first 90 days and get your membership fee waived off in the first year.
    • Waive off your Renewal Membership by spending ₹1,00,000 and above in the first year.

    Cashback offers of Millennia Credit Card

    • Cashback of up to 5% on all the transactions done in a month with a maximum benchmark of ₹2250.
    • Maximum Cashback of ₹1000 per month for the first 6 months on shopping via PayZapp and SmartBuy.
    • Maximum Cashback of ₹750 per month or 5% on the shopping using PayZapp and SmartBuy. (Minimum Transaction Required- ₹2000)
    • Get a Cashback of 2.5% on all online shopping with a Maximum of ₹750 per month. (Minimum Transaction Needed- ₹2000)
    • 1% Cashback is available on all offline transactions and E-Wallet recharge with a maximum cashback of ₹750. (Minimum Transaction must be ₹100 & Fuel Transactions are excluded)

    If you are willing to do the EMI transactions then these cashback offers are applicable to them as well.

    Redeem the Earned Cash-points

    • You’ll earn the Cashback in the form of cash point that is redeemable against the customer’s statement balance. Redemption needs the customer’s request.
    • 1 CashPoint will be equal to ₹1 in the case of redemption against the statement balance.
    • You’ll need a minimum CashPoint of 2500 in order to redeem it against the balance statement. The redeemable amount will only be in the multiples of 500.
    • The value of 1 CashPoint will be ₹0.30 if you are redeeming the points against flights and hotel booking and at SmartBuy Rewards Portal.
    • If your points are not redeemed in one year of accumulation then they will expire.
    • The Conversion rate of CashPoint is ₹0.30 per cash point.
    • Fuel Surcharge will be waived off by 1% up to a maximum amount of ₹250. (Minimum Transaction- ₹400)

    Benefits of Complimentary Lounge Access

    • You can enjoy 8 Complimentary Lounge Access through HDFC Millennia Credit Card.
    • The maximum limit for taking the lounge access is 2 per quarter.
    • You cannot take 3 complimentary lounge access in a quarter.
    • You will be charged ₹2 on the credit card for taking access to the domestic airport lounge.

    Get Discounts on Dining from Restaurants

    You can get a discount on dining into more than 3000 restaurants all over India covering more than 20 cities. Get the dining discounts using HDFC Credit Card.

    • A Discount of up to 40% on Fine Dining on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    • Grab a Discount of up to 20% on Premium Dining.
    • Up to 30% Discount on Chef Speciality Restaurants.
    • Up to 25% Discount on Buffet.

    Smart EMI

    • Convert transactions or credit card bills into EMIs through the Millennia Credit Card.
    • You can make the repayment of the EMIs in 6 months to 24 months.

    Latest Payment Technology

    Now you don’t have to swipe the credit card for making payments up to ₹5000 The Contact less payment feature will make your payment on a touch. All the Millennia Credit Card has a Contact less Network Symbol that enables the user to make a payment without entering the credit card pin. It is a convenient mode of payment and saves the time of the user.

    Millennia Credit Card Charges and Eligibility

    Now you can see the charges of this fascinating credit card. See the eligibility criteria as well before you apply for the credit card.

    Annual and Renewal Fee

    Membership Fee₹1000 + GST
    Renewal Fee₹1000 + GST
    Transaction over ₹100,000 in a yearRenewal Fee - NIL
    Interest-Free Period50 Days
    Minimum Repayment Amount5% with a minimum of INR 200
    Interest Rate3.49% per month or 41.88% per annum
    Cash Advance Limit40% of the Credit Limit

    Eligibility Criteria

    EligibilitySalaried EmployeeSelf-Employed
    Minimum Age21 Years21 Years
    Maximum Age60 Years65 Years
    Gross Monthly Income₹25,000 per monthNot Needed
    Yearly ITRNot NeededMore than 6 Lacs per annum

    How to Apply for Millennia Credit Card

    You can apply for the HDFC Millennia Credit Card online by filling out the form given above. You will just have to click on the apply now button and provide your basic details to apply for this credit card. The representative will call you and ask for the required documents. After the document verification, you will get the approval for the Millennia Card.

    HDFC Millennia Card Credit Limit

    This credit card doesn’t have a specified limit and it wholly depends on your income and Cibil Score. If you have a Cibil Score of 750 and above and an income of INR 25000 per month then you will get a high credit limit on this credit card.

    Millennia Credit Card Payment Options

    You can make the HDFC Credit Card Payment Online using the various online facilities. The payment methods are easy and convenient. Avoid making a cash payment of your credit card bills as it includes some extra charges.

    • Use HDFC Net Banking for clearing the Credit Card bills.
    • Pay Credit Card dues through HDFC Mobile Application.
    • Use the Billdesk Portal for the payment.
    • GPay, Paytm and some other payment gateway will also help to make the payment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the minimum income required for the HDFC Millennia Credit Card?

    You will need a minimum monthly income of INR 25000 if you are salaried or an ITR of INR 6 lacs per year if you are self-employed to apply for the HDFC Millennia Credit Card.

    2. What is the credit limit of the Millennia Credit Card?

    You will know the credit limit of the card at the time of approval. The bank will check your Credit Score and your income before deciding the credit limit of your Millennia Card.

    3. What is the minimum Cibil Score needed for this credit card?

    A minimum Cibil Score of 750 and above is needed to apply for this credit card.

    4. What is the interest-free period of this card?

    You can enjoy an interest-free period of 50 days on this credit card.

    5. Can I waive off the renewal fee of Millennia Credit Card HDFC?

    Yes, you can waive off the renewal fee of the Millennia credit card. You will have to spend INR 1 lac or above in a year and your renewal fee will be waived off.

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