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SBI is one of the largest private sector banks in the country and was established as the Bank of Calcutta in 1806. Currently, the bank has more than 24,000 branches across 36 countries of the world. The SBI IFSC is an 11-digit code made up of both letters and numerals that represent the bank branch. The Reserve Bank of India, or RBI, assigns this code to every bank in the country to secure and streamline the fund transfer process. 

It is important to know your IFSC code to make financial transactions through platforms like RTGS, NEFT, and IMPS. The SBI IFSC code differs for each bank branch, and no two branches have the same code. For example, the SBI IFSC code for the Bommasandra branch is SBIN0021745, while it is SBIN0020852 for the SBI Airport Road branch.

The first four letters of the 11-digit SBI IFSC code are 'SBIN'. These letters represent the bank. The fifth character is zero, and it is constant for all bank branches. The last six characters represent the SBI bank branch. Entering the correct IFSC code is mandatory for the seamless transfer of funds from one bank to another. Recently, SBI got into a merger deal and revised the IFSC codes of some of its branches. Please read on to know how to search SBI IFSC Code for any branch. 

H2 - How to do an SBI IFSC Code Search of any SBI branch?

With the advent of technology and digitalisation, almost everything can be done at the click of a button. The same is the case with net banking. Users can easily transfer funds from one bank to another if they know the IFSC code of the receiver's bank branch. Once all the details, including the IFSC code, have been entered, the transaction can easily be completed in an error-free manner.

If you want to know the IFSC code of a particular bank branch and don't know how to search for it, don't worry. Following is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to search the SBI IFSC code of any branch: 

  • Search for the Wishfin IFSC tool.

  • Enter the name of your state and city, and select the SBI bank branch of your choice.

  • Once you submit your selection, the IFSC code of the bank branch will be displayed. 

  • You can also visit the official website of the State Bank of India to search for the SBI IFSC code.

Apart from letting you know the IFSC code of a particular SBI bank branch, the Wishfin IFSC locator also helps you find the bank branch, address, contact number, state, and city of the bank branch if you enter the IFSC code. So, it works both ways. 

H3 - Different SBI Bank Branches IFSC codes

Following are the IFSC codes of some SBI bank branches:

SBI Bank branch

IFSC code

SBI Mysore, Mumbai Main Branch - Nariman Point


SBI Hyderabad, Nariman Point Branch


SBI Patiala, Ghaziabad Branch


SBI Travancore, Mumbai Main Branch


SBI Bikaner and Jaipur, Guwahati Branch


SBI Ahmedabad, AGM SME Gandhinagar 


H3 - FAQs

Q. Will IFSC codes change after SBI Associate Banks merge with SBl?

Yes, after the completion of the data merger of banks associated with the SBI, the new SBI IFSC codes for all bank branches will be announced. Net banking will not undergo major changes due to the merger.

Q. What is the new IFSC code of SBH after the merger

with SBl?

The old IFSC code of the State Bank of Hyderabad, Nariman Point Branch was SBHY0020001, while the new IFSC code for the same branch is SBI 0020001.

 Q. What is MICR in SBl?

MICR is a 9-digit code used in ECS to identify an SBI bank branch to transfer money via cheque. The code helps minimise the chances of errors and facilitates quick and easy clearance of cheques. The first three digits of the 9-digit SBI MICR code represent the city, the next three digits represent the bank, and the last three digits represent the bank branch. While the SBI IFSC code contains both letters and numbers, the SBI MICR code comprises only numbers.

Q. Can one SBI account have two IFSC codes?

No, one SBI account will not have two IFSC codes. One SBI bank account will belong to one SBI bank branch only, and each SBI bank branch has a single, unique IFSC code. 

Q. Is the SBBJ's IFSC code the same after its merger with SBl?

No, SBBJ's IFSC code is not the same after its merger with SBI. The IFSC code of the State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur has undergone a change as a result of the merger. The old IFSC code of SBBJ bank, Guwahati Branch, was SBBJ0010001, while the new IFSC code for the same is SBIN0031001.