Can Fin Homes Personal Loan

About Can Fin Homes Personal Loan

Can Fin Homes is a Non- Banking Financial Company that provides a personal loan to its existing customers. The institution issue personal loan up to the maximum amount of  ₹ 75,00,000  depending on the financial position of the customer . The repayment period lasts up to 10 years. The interest is calculated on diminishing balance at monthly intervals.

Can Fin Homes Personal Loan at a Glance

Interest Rates13% p.a – 14% p.a
Loan AmountUp to ₹ 75,00,000
TenureUp to 10 years

Apply Personal Loan @ 9.25%* ROI

Can Fin Homes Personal Loan Interest Rate

The interest on the loan will be charged on daily diminishing balance at monthly rests. The rate of interest is not uniform and may change during the tenure of the loan. The institution charges interest at the floating rates.

Can Fin Homes Personal Loan Interest Rate

Rate Of Interest (W.E.F. 06/06/2016)

Salaried & Professionals
Self-employed & Non-Professionals

 Eligibility Criteria

Only the existing Can Fin Homes customers can avail the personal loan when,

  • The EMI is credited in their housing loan account
  • The account is conducted in an appropriate manner
  • No payment is pending
  • Valid mortgage is presented and the dwelling unit is completed in all respect
  • The applicant has sufficient repayment capacity

Can Fin Home Personal Loan EMI Calculator

The simple and quick way of calculating the monthly installment amount is by using the fixed deposit calculator. The calculator will save your time and give an accurate result. Only a few details regarding the loan amount, repayment period and rate of interest are to be filled. The result will be computed in the fraction of the second.

Working Of Calculator : The working of calculator is explained with the help of an example

Expected Loan Amount₹75,00,000 (to be filled by applicant )
Repayment Period10 years (to be filled by applicant )
Rate of Interest13.50% p.a (to be filled by applicant )
EMI ₹1,14,206

Table Showing EMI, Interest Amount and Total Outgo

Loan Amount (in ₹)Loan Tenure (in yrs)Interest Rate (p.a.)EMI (in ₹)Total Interest Outgo (in ₹)Total Amount (EMI+Interest) (in ₹)

Amortization Table

Year (in Years)Principal Payment (in ₹)Interest Outgo (in ₹)Balance Amount (in ₹)
13,80,973 9,89,4997,119,027
3498,3108,72,162 6,185,007
7 8,52,5285,17,9443,365,360

How To Apply

Only the existing customer can avail the personal loan from the institution.  You can apply online for the personal loan. Login the official website and apply .

Can Fin Home Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

You can check your eligibility online using the eligibility calculator. The eligibility calculator is available on the website of Can Fin . Fill in the appropriate details in the following fields and click on submit button :

  • Your monthly income
  • Repayment period
  • Rate of interest applied

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