ICICI Credit Card Payment Through NEFT


  • Clear Your Pending ICICI Credit Card Bills with NEFT.
  • Know the Advantage of using NEFT for Paying Credit Card Bills.

Every credit card has a lot of offers and discount facilities. Similarly, ICICI credit card also has exciting cashback and unique offers. But when it comes to payment of the credit card bill, it becomes difficult for those users who want to pay the bill through other banks. If you are also facing the same problem then you can make ICICI Credit Card Payment through NEFT. This method of payment will enable you to pay the ICICI credit card bills through other banks as well.

Process of Paying ICICI Credit Card Bill using NEFT

You can clear your ICICI credit card bills using the net banking facility of other banks. This can only be done with the help of NEFT. If your bank provides you an Internet Banking facility then follow the steps given below to start the payment process.

  • Open the Net Banking page of the respective bank.
  • Enter your Credentials to log in.
  • Go to the NEFT option in your net banking interface.
  • Enter ICICI Credit Card in the Name option.
  • Put the 16 digit Credit Card Number in Account no. Section.
  • Use the IFSC code ICIC0000103.
  • In the transaction, the code enters 52. (if asked)
  • Enter the Amount you are willing to pay.
  • Click on Pay Now button for a successful payment.

After the successful payment, the amount will be credited from the savings account of the respective bank. It might take a maximum of 1 day then confirm the payment.

Points to be Kept in Mind Before Making Payment Through NEFT

  • Never share your Net Banking credentials with anyone.
  • Enter your credit card number correctly.
  • Use the exact IFSC code mentioned above.
  • Never use an unknown laptop or computer for credit card payment through NEFT.
  • Don’t forget to log out from the net banking portal.
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Pros of Using NEFT for ICICI Credit Card Payment

Payment through other Banks:- ICICI Credit Card Payment will enable you to clear your dues from any other bank. It is not necessary that you should make the payment only from your ICICI account. You can use any bank’s account with an internet facility for credit card payment.

Simple to Use:- As you can see that the payment through NEFT is easy and it doesn’t need any expertise for applying the steps. So by following the above steps, you can pay your ICICI Credit card bills easily using NEFT.

No Extra Charges:- As you know that ICICI Credit Card Payment through Net banking is absolutely free similarly payment through NEFT is also free of cost. There are no extra charges included in both methods of payment.

Safe and Secure:- Every bank secures its net banking facility either through a user I.D. and password or with an OTP. So without entering a password or an OTP you can access the internet services. Therefore the payment of ICICI Credit Card is absolutely safe and secure.

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