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Why Choose ICICI Credit Card?

The Mumbai-headquartered private biggie ICICI Bank offers a variety of credit cards like Gemstone cards, airline cards, ferrari cards, metro cards and much more to meet the unique needs of the customers. Each card is designed to serve a unique purpose.

The cards come with a 15% discount on dining, free movie tickets and PAYBACK points on groceries and other spends. Let’s check out some of the points on which ICICI Credit Cards maintain a strong customer loyalty. These points include –

  • Cash rewards on dining, groceries and supermarket
  • Tie-up with Provogue on joining
  • Heavy discounts on golf rounds, movie tickets
  • And several other benefits

Credit Card

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    Professional Details

    Personal Details

    List of ICICI Bank Credit Cards in India 2021

    You should check every ICICI credit card and choose a one that has maximum rewards, cashback and discounts. At the same time, look for privileges such as lounge access and other travel benefits too. Needless to say, you should set your sights on a card with no fee and attractive features. If you don’t find a card having such credentials, a card with most number of features at the lowest fee should be your pick.

    Types of CardsCredit Card NameJoining Fees Annual Fees
    Gemstone CardsICICI Bank Coral Credit CardINR 1,000INR 500
    ICICI Bank Coral Contactless Credit CardINR 500INR 500 payable from second year
    Travel CardsJet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Credit CardINR 1,250INR 1,250 payable from second year onward
    Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit CardINR 2,500INR 2,500 applicable from second year of joining
    Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit CardINR 5,000INR 5,000 payable from second year of joining (waived off for JetPrivilege Tier Platinum members)
    ICICI Bank British Airways Premium Credit CardINR 7,000
    Fuel CardsICICI Bank HPCL Coral Credit CardINR 199INR 199 payable from second year
    ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit CardINR 199INR 199
    ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Visa Contactless Credit CardINR 199INR 199 payable from second year onward
    Featured CardsICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit CardNILNIL
    ICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit CardNILNIL
    ICICI Ferrari Signature Credit CardINR 3,999INR 999 (waived off on a spend of more than INR 2.5 lakhs in the previous year)
    Ferrari Platinum Credit CardINR 499INR 499 from second year onward (waived off on a spend of more than INR 1.25 lakh in the previous year)
    Sports CardsICICI Manchester United Platinum Credit CardINR 499INR 499, waived on spending more than INR 1,25,000 in the previous year
    ICICI Bank Manchester United Signature Credit CardINR 2,499INR 2,499, waived on spending more than INR 2,50,000 in the previous year
    E-commerce CardsAmazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit CardNILNIL

    Note – The fees would also include applicable GST.

    ICICI Bank Credit Card Eligibility

    Both salaried and self-employed are eligible to apply for ICICI credit cards on meeting the following conditions.

    • The applicant must be a citizen of India
    • The minimum age at the time of application must not be less than 23 years
    • The salaried individual must earn a minimum monthly salary of INR 20,000
    • Self-employed must have a minimum annual turnover of INR 3,00,000
    • The applicant must not have defaulted on payments w.r.t ongoing credits or the past ones

    Documents Required

    • ID Proof and Address Proof
    • PAN Card
    • ITR or salary slip of the last 2 months
    • Passport sized photograph

    How To Apply for ICICI Credit Card Online at Wishfin?

    We, at Wishfin, provide you an online platform to apply for ICICI Credit Cards. You can see the offers of these cards on this online portal. Apply for a card which you find best suited to serve your purpose.

    Apply for ICICI Credit Card on WhatsApp

    Yes, you can apply for ICICI Bank Credit Cards via WhatsApp chat with Wishfin, a leading fintech company in India. Within a few simple steps, you can apply for the card you wish to. All you need to do is visit the website of Wishfin and follow the steps shown below.

    • Navigate to ‘Credit Card’ section and click on ‘Best Credit Card Offers
    • You can find ‘Apply with the Ease of WhatsApp Chat’ button to click on
    • On clicking the same, a page will appear asking you to enter your mobile number
    • Click on ‘Continue with WhatsApp’
    • You will be added to a group with Wishfin being the other member
    • Mention a few personal, professional and credit-related details before submitting your application for ICICI Bank Credit Card
    • Subsequent to a successful verification, your application gets a nod from the lender

    How to Apply at ICICI Bank Website?

    You can also apply at ICICI Bank’s website for a credit card. Candidates applying at ICICI Bank website have to follow the steps shown below:

    • Go to ICICI Bank website
    • Select ‘Apply Online’ option
    • From the drop down menu, choose ‘Credit Cards’ option available under the heading of Cards
    • Feed the relevant information in the fields
    • Click on ‘Show Eligible Cards’ button
    • Select the type of card you wish to apply for
    • Click on ‘Apply’ button
    • Now upload the required documents

    ICICI Credit Card Application at Branch

    Application at a bank branch entails the following steps.

    • Go to the nearest ICICI Bank branch
    • Ask for the Credit Card Application Form
    • Fill the details correctly
    • Submit the form along with relevant documents to the concerned official for processing
    • The bank would give a nod only when the details are verified successfully

    ICICI Credit Card Application Status

    Wishfin executives would give you regular updates on your application status. Their unrelenting support would make sure your application gets the fastest approval from ICICI Bank, which will assess your candidature based on your credit history and income statbility. If there are discrepancies in documents, you will get to know ASAP, courtesy the dedicated team behind your application. The prompt action from Wishfin would thus give you the time to fill the void in your application and get the approval thereafter. You can even call the customer care number to know the exact status.

    ICICI Credit Card Limit

    If it is important to grab reward points, discounts, cashback and other exciting offers, it is also important to get a greater credit limit at the same time. It’s not clear as to how much a limit you can get. But one thing for sure, the limit would mainly depend on your income, credit score and repayment potential. A greater limit must not make you go haywire spending on the card and put you off financially when it comes to paying dues. A significantly higher utilization could cause a default from your end. So purchase carefully and keep the bills under control. At the same time, don’t be so restrained on spending that the credit history does not build for you. A good credit history with an ICICI Bank Credit Card can make it easy for you to access credit cards and other lending products in the future.

    Make ICICI Credit Card Payment Online

    You can log in to ICICI Bank’s Internet Banking to pay the amount due on your credit card. If you do not have the net banking access of ICICI Bank but have of some other banks, even then you can make the payment using this route. You just need to add ICICI Credit Card as a biller in that bank’s account. The concerned bank will send you an SMS showing the bill amount, the due date, etc. Also, you can set up AutoPay on your ICICI Bank Credit Card Bill to avoid the hassles that come by forgetting the due date.

    ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

    In case you have any query related to ICICI bank credit cards, you can register your grievance by dialing a toll-free number – 1800 102 4242, between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The customer care executives of the bank are here to give you a proper support and guidance so that all your queries and complaint can be solved easily. So, feel free to get in touch with the bank whenever you have a query or concern related to your ICICI Bank credit card. Doesn’t matter whether it’s about payment date, reward points or privileges such as lounge access, you can get to know all by calling the executives on the aforesaid number.

    Get Your ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement Online

    If you own an ICICI bank credit card, it is obvious that you want to get the monthly statements of your credit card, won’t you? With these statements, you can see the transactions made in a particular billing cycle. The statement will also show the reward point summary and the total due, along with the minimum due amount. It’s possible for a bank to commit an error while recording the transactions, which could so easily raise the amount due. By checking the statement carefully, you can get to know the same and report it to the bank for an immediate action.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How Can I Raise Credit Limit on My ICICI Bank Credit Card?

    You can get the limit raised by giving a request for the same at any of the ICICI Bank branches. The bank will first check your card repayment track before responding to your request. If the repayment is found good, the bank will entertain your request. On a general note, the bank also sends SMS regarding an increase in the credit limit. If you reply to the SMS, the bank executives will contact you and get your limit raised.

    How Can I Convert My ICICI Credit Card Transactions into EMI?

    When you shop online, you would see several payment modes appearing on the screen. You just need to choose card EMI first before clicking on ICICI Bank and selecting from tenures of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and a year. After that, you need to mention credit card number, name as written on the card, cvv number, expiry date of the card before clicking on ‘Submit’ button. You’ll get an One-time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile number. Enter that number and get the transaction converted into EMIs.

    How to Update or Change Communication Address on My Credit Card Account?

    You can do so by visiting the nearest ICICI Bank branch. All you need to do is submit your identity and new address proofs. You may have to notify the change in address through a form, which you can get from a bank official.

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