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Credit Card Bill Payment

Paying the credit card bill on time is an excellent credit behaviour that results in attractive credit offers coming your way. You can thus opt for online modes to pay bills on time and grab attractive offers to make most of your credit card journey.

How can you pay your credit card bills through different apps?

In the current digital age, where everyone is literally glued to their smartphones, banks have also become smarter than before. Convenience is the utmost priority of everyone these days. Nobody wants to waste an extra second on regular tasks like bill payments whether it’s of electricity or your credit card.

Banks have realized this customer behavior and to satiate their needs, they made sure that customers can pay their credit card bill payments with their smartphones. Every leading bank has an application (available for both iOS and Android) from which customers can pay their credit card bills. You can also manage your credit card, redeem all your reward points, convert your purchases into easy EMI, and many other things with these applications. Below you can have a look at some of the most famous applications by the leading Indian banks.

Name of BankCredit Card Bill Payment Application
ICICI BankiMobile
HDFC BankPayZapp
Axis Bank
Axis Mobile
State Bank of India YONO SBI
Kotak Mahindra Bank Kotak 811 & Mobile Banking
American Express Amex India
Citi Bank Citi Mobile

Other than this, if you want to go for the traditional way of credit card bill payment, you can have a look at the methods mentioned below.

Credit Card Bill Payment Gets Easier Using Online Channels

  • Net Banking
  • Debit Cards
  • National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)or Immediate Payment Service(IMPS)
  • Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)
  • Bank browsers and mobile applications
  • VISA Money Transfer

There are many benefits of paying the credit card bills online. First of all, online payments can be made from the comfort of your own home or office so it is convenient and also time saving and effortless. The online payment is also a safe and secure method of payment.

You can even pay through offline modes

  • Payment through cheques or demand drafts
  • Cash payment at the bank branch

You can pay off your outstanding bill using either online or offline. However, online payments are free of any charges. Whereas, offline modes like cash payment can attract fees. So, the choice is yours.

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Options:

  • The bank offers its customers the ‘Click to Pay’ feature which allows them to make use of the Net Banking facility of other banks to make ICICI credit cards bill payment.
  • The ‘Click to Pay’ facility also enables the bank’s customers to pay the outstanding credit card bills using their debit cards.
  • Customers can make bill payments using their ICICI Bank accounts through the ‘Bill Pay’ feature.
  • Customers can take advantage of Visa money transfer feature to pay Visa credit card bills. And within 3 working days, the payment will be credited to the card account.
  • Payments can be made at the nearest ICICI Bank ATM using the bank’s debit card. And guess what, the amount will be credited immediately.
  • A cheque or a draft can be dropped at the nearest ICICI ATM or bank branch for making card payments.
  • Customers can also make cash payments at the bank’s branches. It will take a day for the amount to be credited to the card account.

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment Options:

  • You have an option to use the net banking facility of HDFC Bank to make the payment of your card dues. For that, you would need to register for the service. Customers can link their credit cards to NetBanking, after logging into the bank’s online account.
  • Cardholders can use the bank’s mobile banking application to pay the outstanding bills. After installing the mobile application, customers have to log into the application using their Customer ID, access the Credit Card tab and choose the option “Credit Card Payment”.
  • HDFC Credit Card bill payments can be easily done at any of the bank’s ATMs across the country.
  • Using the HDFC Bank’s VISA CardPay service, customers can make payments towards any other bank’s Visa credit card.
  • The bank’s customers can visit any branch to make payments in cash towards their outstanding bills.
  • HDFC Bank customers can also deposit a local cheque at drop boxes placed at ATMs and branches to pay the dues.

Axis Credit Card Bill Payment Options:

  • You can use the internet banking channel to make Axis bank credit cards bill payment from the bank’s savings accounts.
  • The net banking facility can enable a customer to make the payments of their card dues from other bank accounts as well. The amount will be credited in three working days.
  • The bills can be paid from other bank accounts using the Electronic Clearing Service (ECS).
  • Customers can make National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) to pay their outstanding credit card bills from any bank account.
  • The bank’s credit card holders can also pay bills through Visa Money transfer service.
  • Credit card bills can be paid using Axis Bank android mobile application. Customers have to register their mobile numbers to bank using a secured payment channel.
  • Customers can also use the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) to pay the outstanding dues.
  • The cardholders can easily pay their outstanding amount by sending an SMS from their registered mobile numbers.
  • A cheque or draft can be drawn in favour of ‘Axis Bank Credit Card number’, which should be dropped at the bank’s branches.
  • Customers can make cash payments at branches, with the clearance being made the very same day.
  • Cardholders can pay the minimum amount due or total outstanding through their bank’s current or savings accounts using the Auto Debit facility.
  • Payments can be made at the bank’s ATMs using debit cards by credit card customers.

SBI Credit Card Bill Payment Options:

  • Pay your SBI credit card bills online in a seamless manner using the NEFT. You can avail this option and pay from the comfort of your home or office and even when you are traveling, by using your mobile phone.
  • You have the provision to pay your bills using Visa Credit Card Pay option.
  • One can use SBI Auto Pay option. This facility can be availed by account holders of SBI and its associate banks.
  • Avail ECS as this is a convenient way to pay your credit card bill.
  • On your smartphone, download State Bank Freedom application to get access to mobile banking anytime. Thus, you can use mobile banking option to make the payment.
  • You can visit SBI bill desk website and make payments using your the bank’s debit card.
  • Visit any of the bank branches and ATMs to pay your SBI Credit Card Bills via cheque or cash.
  • You can make payments using your SBI debit card at any of the bank’s ATM.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card Bill Payment options:

  • You can make your Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card bill payment from the comfort of your own home or office. To make the payment, you first need to enter your credit card details. Following which you would need to choose your bank account from which you wish to make the payment, confirm and then receive an online confirmation & transaction ID.
  • You can use IMPS to pay the bills.
  • You can pay your card dues using the net banking facility.
  • Provision to make payment of your Kotak Card bill from any other bank account via NEFT.
  • Facility to avail VISA Payment. Just, login to your online banking account and register your Kotak credit card for VISA Payment and then simply enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Deposit cash or drop cheque over the counter by visiting any of the Kotak branches.

American Express Credit Card Bill Payment Options:

  • You can pay your American Express Credit Card bill easily through NEFT. It can be done within one working day. Firstly, users have to login to their net banking account and register their credit card as a payee.
  • Customers can also use the Recurring Direct Debit service provided by American Express to make the bill payment. They can enroll for this service by submitting the filled in credit card – direct debit enrolment form.
  • You can also pay the card bill offline by depositing cheque or draft in the drop box.
  • Provision to send your cheque or draft through post or courier to an American Express Branch or corporate office.

Citibank Credit Card Payment

  • So even if you do not hold a savings or current account at Citibank, you can avail E-pay option to pay the bills. Just visit the official website, click on E-pay, enter Citibank credit card number & amount to pay, choose bank account from where you want to make the payment, login to your account, verify the details and confirm the payment.
  • You can even use the net banking of other bank account to pay the bills.
  • If you do hold a Citibank account, you can just login to the net banking, if available, to add the card on your account. With the addition of the card, you have two options- Auto Pay or Manual Pay. In the case of the former, the bills will get paid automatically. However, you need to pay the bills individually if you go for manual option. In both the cases, though, the bank will send SMS alerts before and after the transaction.

RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Options

You can pay your RBL Bank credit card bills via App, NEFT and at bank branches. Let’s check out each of them below.

RBL MyCard Mobile App

  • Download the App by texting MyCard  to 5607011
  • Once the installation is complete, you can pay your card bills

RBL Net Banking

  •  Log in to RBL net banking using User ID and password
  • Visit ‘Credit Card’ section and pay the bills


Add your RBL Credit Card from the online account of other bank following the steps shown below.

  • Enter the Payee Name as it appears on your RBL Credit Card
  • Enter RBL Credit Card Number against Payee Account Number
  • Type RBL Bank against Bank Name
  • Enter IFSC Code of RBL Bank branch from where you are issued a credit card
  • Type branch details such as its location
  • Once the card gets added, you can pay the bills

How to Ensure a Timely Payment of Credit Card Bills?

This will come by ensuring a proper credit card purchase discipline. You can ensure the same by checking your requirements thoroughly before listing out expenses to be made via the card. But make sure to check your budget before making a purchase. The overall spends, including both credit card and cash, have to be within 60% of the monthly income. Apart from that, you should adhere to the following manuals to ensure you pay on time.

  • Set reminders on your phone regarding the due date if you have the tendency to forget
  • Opt for online modes of payment
  • Activate Auto Pay to ensure automatic payment of bills
  • Say ‘No’ to impulsive purchase

Get the Due Date Rescheduled If Getting the Income Late to Pay on Time

You may be receiving the salary or the payment from your business intermediaries a few days after the due date. This could force a late payment and the undue charges that come with the same. You can thus do the following in case you are getting the payment late.

  • Talk to the branch official
  • Tell about the late credit of salary or business income
  • Submit the proof of late credit of salary or business income to the concerned official
  • The official will process the request for a change in the due date

What Forces Credit Card Payment Delay or Default?

It happens when you spend beyond your ability to pay on time, induced greatly due to peer pressure. If you keep doing so, a default is just around the corner. With successive defaults month after month, both the credit score and credit history get affected adversely. With that, your future credit prospects may take a backseat. In order to avoid a default, you must not consume much of the credit limit available on your credit card. The limits, when utilized properly, can keep the bills under control while also fulfilling your needs.

Glance at Credit Card Statement to Keep a Track of Payment

Tracking the payment due date is easy when you check the statement provided to your e-mail ID every month.  While glancing at the statement, you could see the minimum due and total dues. You may be tempted to pay the minimum due, which is calculated at 5% of the overall outstanding balance in a billing cycle.

Obviously, the minimum due would come a lot lesser but you must not make it a practice to pay the same. The bill would keep mounting with interest and taxes getting levied if the pattern is allowed to continue. With regular purchases, the pile of debt would only grow beyond your comfort over time. And, if the default takes place, your credit profile would take a hit.

To prevent such a situation, you need to be disciplined in your spends and not allow the impulsive urge to spend on something that’s not only expensive but also redundant in your case. See whether the product you are purchasing with a credit card is your need or not. If not, then avoid and keep the bill affordable to pay on time.

Why is the Timely Payment of Credit Card Bills Vital to Your Cause?

The timely payment impacts the credit score positively by creating a impression of you managing the debt responsibly. A long stretch of timely payment can increase the credit score over time, boosting possibilities of hassle-free approvals for fresh credits in the future. Also, there are great chances of you bagging attractive credit card upgrade deals featuring credit limit enhancements. In a nutshell, you can benefit from the timely payment of card dues in the following ways.

  • Helps maintain a good credit score and credit history
  • Loan disbursal at lower rates of interest
  • Attractive credit cards with enhanced credit limit and no annual fee

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