Credit Card Payment

HDFC Bank Credit Card Online Payment

HDFC Bank Credit Card Online Payment

Last Updated : July 1, 2021, 6:53 p.m.

Nowadays the credit cards are not used for getting credit facility but they are used for getting the best offers on online shopping. As HDFC Bank Credit card comes with a lot of cashback offers and instant discount deals, so many users prefer it. But the problem appears when they are unable to make HDFC Credit Card Online Payment. Therefore, you can see the various methods of paying the HDFC Bank Credit Card Bill.

Methods of Paying the HDFC Bank Credit Card Bill

Net Banking Facility by HDFC

Everyone knows that HDFC Bank provides the facility of internet banking service to their customers. So you can easily make the payments of your credit cards using the Net Banking facility. It is totally safe and every transaction needs an OTP to get completed.

  • Open the official website of the HDFC Bank on your PC.
  • Click on the login button at the top of the page.
  • Now, Select the Net Banking option and click on Continue.
  • Enter Customer I.D and click on continue to enter the password.
  • Go to the Cards tab and click on transact.
  • Select the Credit card payment option and choose the Registered HDFC Bank Credit Card in the Payment Type option.
  • Choose the preferred account number and card number for which the payment has to be made.
  • Enter the amount to be paid and click on continue.
  • The page will display all the payment information. Review the details and click on confirm.

Once you click on the confirm button the sum of money will be deducted from your account and your HDFC Bank Credit Card Bill will be paid. So by following the above steps, you can make HDFC Bank Credit Card Online Payment.

Payment of Credit Card Bill via Mobile App

Another method for making an online payment is using the HDFC Mobile Application in smartphones. This application supports all the versions of android and IOS. Therefore the online payment of the credit card can be done through the application.

  • Download the HDFC Mobile Application from the Play Store or IOS App Store.
  • Enter the credentials of your mobile app.
  • Touch on the left menu and then select the payment option.
  • Open the Cards options and then select your credit card.
  • Touch on Pay and your credit card bill will be paid.

So, you can also use the mobile application for paying the HDFC Bank Credit Card Bills. After the successful payment, the bill amount will be deducted from your respective account. It is one of the safest methods of HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment.

Payment of Bills Through Bill Desk

Bill desk is a payment gateway that can help you to make the Payment of the HDFC Bank Credit Card from other Banks as well. It is not mandatory to have an HDFC Bank account for paying out the credit card bills. You can also make payments with the help of the Bill desk payment gateway.

  • Open the official page of HDFC on the website of Billdesk.
  • Enter your Credit Card Number.
  • Re-enter the credit card number for confirmation.
  • Then enter your registered email address.
  • Now, select the bank from which you have to make the payment.
  • Enter the details of the respective bank and then proceed to pay.

Once the payment is done, the bill amount will be deducted from your respective bank account. This method of payment will help you to use the other bank accounts for clearing the HDFC Bank Credit Card Bills. It is not necessary to have an account in HDFC to make HDFC Bank Credit Card online payment.

Reasons for Choosing Online Payment Options

There are some credit card users who prefer cash payment of credit card bills. But they are unaware of the fact that no extra cashback or discounts are included in the cash payment. Therefore, in order to get cashback and discounts user prefers online payment modes of credit card bills. On the other hand, online payments are convenient too because you can execute them with a few clicks.

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