Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card - Benefits, Annual Fee, Offers 2023

Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card

Kotak is India’s second-largest private-sector bank. It provides customers and corporations with exclusive banking and financial services such as debit cards, investment banking, life insurance, and many others. Meanwhile, you, me, and a number of others rely on the services of Kotak Mahindra Bank. Furthermore, as a leading private sector bank, its credit cards always stand by the bank’s promise. Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Cards are all exclusive and compete fiercely with the credit cards of other banks. The Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card is a new credit card that provides customers with rewarding customers. Therefore, if you are someone who is looking for a credit card that provides rewards in various categories like shopping, travel, Mojo points, lounge access, etc the Mojo Platinum Credit Card is for you.

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    Benefits and Features of Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card

    The benefits and features of getting a Mojo Platinum Credit Card are enormous. In addition, from lounge access, fuel surcharge waiver, and annual fee waived to milestone gifts and other amazing perks you can obtain.

    The Mojo Platinum Credit Card benefits are listed here:

    Mojo Points

    You can earn Mojo points for your every spending:

    • For instance spend Rs. 100 online and get unlimited 2.5 Mojo points.
    • Get a chance to earn up to 1 Mojo point for Rs. 100 on all other spends.
    • After you received the Mojo points, they would be valid only for 2 years from that.

    Milestone Gift

    Each quarter spent Rs. 75,000 and get 2500 Mojo points. However, they are valid only for the first year.

    Complimentary Lounge Access

    Avail both domestic and international airport lounge access up to 8. However, the lounge visits are limited to 2 each quarter.

    Joining Fee Waiver

    Within 90 days of card issuance if you spent Rs. 30,000 the joining fees of the Mojo Credit Card would be waived. Further, as per Kotak Mahindra Bank, eligible customers will receive a joining fee waiver within 90-120 days of card issuance.

    Annual Fee Waiver

    For annual spending worth Rs. 1 lakh your annual fee will be waived.

    Fuel Surcharge Waiver

    You will get up to a 1% fuel surcharge waiver across petrol pumps in India. However, it is accessible for transactions between Rs. 500 to Rs. 3000.

    Railway Surcharge Waiver

    On booking, via Indian Railways, you will get a straight 2.4% off. However, Get up to 1.8% railway surcharge for transactions on www.irtc.co.in. As per Kotak Bank, you can avail of the maximum of railway surcharge waivers up to Rs.500.

    Priority Attend

    Kotak Mojo Credit Card is equipped with the technology to assist with all customer issues. The bank equally values the customer’s time and provides SMS “KASSIST” to the 5676788 services. What’s more? Through it, you just simply need to send them a message and the Kotak dedicated team will call you.

    Add-on Card

    The Kotak Mojo Credit Card provides an add-on card facility. In addition, the add-on card would be equipped with all the benefits and you can even set the spending limit for that. Nevertheless, you can track the spending of all your add-on cards separately.


    Mojo Credit Card of Kotak Mahindra Bank is made with the latest cutting-edge technology. Notwithstanding, it is thus EMV chip-enabled and comes with a 6 layer of security PIN authentication.

    Kotak Customer Care Number

    If you have any problems, you can contact Kotak Bank’s customer service at 1860 266 2666. Whether you want to deactivate, block, file a complaint, or address another issue, you’ll find it all here.

    Eligibility Criteria

    It is necessary to know the credit card eligibility in order to make the application process simpler. Through the eligibility, you must be aware that you can apply for a credit card or not. It would further save you time.

    The Kotak Platinum Mojo Credit Card eligibility requirements are written below:

    • Age: For the primary cardholder the age is set between 21 to 65 years. However, the add-on cardholder should be above 18 years to apply for the Kotak Platinum Mojo Credit Card.
    • Income: The minimum annual income is Rs. 4 lakhs or more than that. Individuals earning 4 lakhs or more can only apply for this Kotak Credit Card.
    • Citizenship: As per the bank for now only Indians can apply for the Kotak Mojo Credit Card.
    • Location: The Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card is currently available in cities such as Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi (including Gurgaon and Noida), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune.

    Fees and Charges of Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card

    You can get the Kotak Platinum Mojo Card by paying a nominal joining fee. In addition to the fees, you are getting a bulk of benefits that we have explained above.

    Meanwhile, below are the fees and charges of the Kotak Platinum Mojo Card prescribed by the bank:

    Joining FeesINR 1000

    However, the joining fee can be waived by spring Rs. 30,000 within 90 days of card issuance.
    Annual FeesINR 1000

    The annual fee waiver is possible by spring Rs. 1 lakh annually.
    Add-On CardINR 299
    Interest Charges on outstanding Balances3.5%
    Minimum Amount DueNonetheless, as per the bank the Minimum Amount Due can be either 5% or 10% of TAD
    ATM Cash WithdrawalINR 300
    Late Payment Charges- The late payment fee for an amount equal to Rs. 500 or less than it would be Rs. 100

    - Subsequently, for amounts ranging from Rs. 500.01 to Rs. 10,000 a total of Rs. 500 would be charged.
    For an amount that is greater than

    - Similarly, for Rs. 10,000, you have to pay Rs. 700 as a late payment fee.
    Over Limit ChargeINR 500
    Cheque Bounce ChargesINR 500
    Foreign Currency Mark Up0.035
    Replacement Card100.0

    How Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card Work?

    Likewise, below is the value chart that explains the benefits you would get across various categories. Subsequently, each one of them is highlighted with the total saving you may avail.

    CategoriesAnnual SpendsSavings
    Net annual value to cardholder3,60,00017,053
    Joining fees waiver1,000
    Annual fees waiver 1,000
    Domestic Lounge access5,500
    Milestone Program4,000
    Fuel surcharge waiver 3,500
    Rewards 2,053
    Mojo points value on other online spends2,01,6001,562
    Mojo points value on all other spends1,58,400491

    Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card Rewards Redemption

    Kotak Mahindra Bank has specified a simpler and straightforward way to redeem your reward points for the Kotak Platinum Mojo Card. Albeit, the reward points you have earned can be used across a variety of categories like Mobile Recharge, Shopping, E-vouchers, Movies Vouchers, Travel, and many more.

    Here are the ways through which you can redeem your rewards points:

    Pay with Reward Points: You can use your Mojo Platinum Kotak Credit Card reward points to pay the expenses.

    • Purchase items from any store.
    • Henceforth, at the counter, request that the Cashier redeem your reward points at the merchant terminal.
    • If you still owe money, you can pay it back with cash or a credit card.

    Mojo Points: The Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card provides Mojo Points.

    • You can redeem each Mojo point indeed at a value of Re. 0.40p against your outstanding statement.
    • To do that simply call the Kotak Customer Care number and raise a request.
    • Further, you should have a minimum of 2500 Mojo points for redemption.
    • Likewise, for all other channels/modes of redemption, 1 Mojo point = Rs. 0.25.

    What is the Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card Milestone Program?

    Meanwhile, the credit card offers Mojo Points that can be exchanged for other purchases. Thus, you can also get 2500 reward points through the Milestone Program. Whereas, it is only valid during the first year. However, if you spend more than Rs. 75,000 in any given quarter, you will receive your Reward Points within 45 days of the quarter’s end.

    Understand the basics of the Milestone Program of the Mojo Platinum Card with the below example:

    MilestoneReward PointsPeriod
    Spend a number of Rs. 75,000The reward points you will receive after spending Rs. 75,000 are equivalent to Rs. 2500.The milestone program is only available for the first year only

    Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card Visa payWave

    Kotak has launched the latest Visa payWave for a fast and secure payment gateway. It has the following distinguishing features.

    • Wave Card: You didn’t have to enter the PIN every time you used this Visa payWave. Simply wave your credit card over to the reader to complete the transaction.
    • Faster Payment: Visa PayWave is nothing else but a fast way to pay any amount.
    • Security: It provides a quick, safe, and secure method of payment. As a result, the payments are protected by multiple layers of security, ensuring that no fraudulent or unauthorized transactions occur.
    • Transactions Limit: You can use the Mojo Platinum Kotak Credit Card Visa payWave to pay for transactions of up to Rs. 5000 without a PIN
    • Contactless: It’s an entirely contactless payment system. However, you were not required to set aside the card. It would be in your hands as you made the payment. This reduces the possibility of credit card theft or fraud.


    The Kotak Bank Mojo Platinum Card is a high-yielding credit card with cutting-edge technology. You can enjoy the benefits without being concerned about any risks. Furthermore, the Visa payWave facility elevates it to the ranks of the Best Kotak Credit Cards. We have outlined all of the benefits you can enjoy above. Despite the fact that there is a lot of competition in the market. Every day, a new credit card with the latest features is introduced. However, Kotak Mahindra Bank continues to lead the credit card sector.

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