How to Get a Top-up on My Existing Personal Loan with SBI?


  • How can you get an SBI Top-up Loan over your existing SBI Personal Loan?
  • What are the application methods and features that customers can enjoy with SBI Top-up Loan?

State Bank of India (SBI) is the country’s largest bank that helps people fulfill their needs with different loan options. SBI personal loan is one of those loan options that people like to take for their various needs. The reason: its unsecured nature, quick disbursal, higher loan amount, minimal documentation, etc. But what should a person do if he/she already has an existing personal loan with SBI and still in need of some urgent funds? Well, in such situations, a person should go for an SBI Top-up Loan.

You must be thinking about what is a Top-up on your existing SBI personal loan? Well, this is the additional money over and above the existing personal loan amount when a customer needs more money to fulfill his or her needs. So, the question is how to get an SBI Top-up Loan on your existing personal loan and what are its features that an existing customer can enjoy? Well, we will discuss this and other important aspects of SBI Top-up Loan in this article. If you have an SBI Personal Loan and want to avail a Top-up on it, keep reading!

How to Apply for SBI Top-up Loan on your existing Personal Loan?

SBI offers a top-up loan facility to its existing customers at an affordable interest rate. Other than this, if a customer has transferred his or her Outstanding principal amount to SBI with the Personal Loan Balance Transfer Facility, he/she can also avail of a Top-up Loan.

To apply for an SBI Top-up loan, individuals can use both Online and Offline methods. Online methods include Net Banking, Phone Banking, or SBI YONO App. Just login to your account with your credentials and apply for the SBI Top-up loan. Since SBI does not ask for any documents or security, the process is quite simple and hassle-free.

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Other than this, you can also visit your branch to apply for this loan via the offline method. Do remember that not everyone will get the SBI Top-up loan. SBI will assess the overall profile and other factors related to the applicant and then approve or reject the application. The whole process can take some time. So, you don’t need to worry at all.

Prominent Features of SBI Top-up Loan

What Loan amount can I get with the SBI Top-up? What will the interest rate be on it and how much time will I get to repay the top-up loan amount? To know the answers to these questions, it’s important to know the several features of SBI Top-up. We are showing some of the important ones below. Please check!

Loan Amount

The most important thing that an individual often asks is the Top-up Loan Amount. As we said earlier, the top-up loan amount is given above your existing loan amount. This loan amount can vary from one individual to another as it depends on a lot of factors such as your monthly income, employment stability, past repayment behavior, credit score, etc. Since you already have an existing personal loan for which you are paying the EMI. Now, a top-up loan amount will be an added commitment for which you also need to set off a certain portion from your monthly income. So, the loan amount will be fixed according to an individual’s repayment capacity, otherwise, it would be difficult to repay on time.

Other than this, a customer can also get a higher SBI Top-up loan amount if he/she has a good repayment track, excellent Credit Score (750 or above), and a smooth existing relationship with the bank.

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Interest Rates

SBI provides Top-up Loan at an interest rate of 10.70% per annum to its existing customers. Also, the interest rate may vary from one individual to another based on his or her repayment behavior, credit score, monthly income, employment type & stability, etc. These factors will help decide the final rate of interest on the SBI Top-up loan.


How much time will you get to repay the SBI Top-up Loan? Well, you can choose a tenure according to your convenience, upto a maximum of 36 months. Some lenders also provide the top-up loan that customers need to pay within the original tenure of their existing loan or they can choose an extra time.

But the best part remains the repayment method via Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). Here also, you can choose between a consolidated EMI (it will cover both your existing and top-up loan amount) and separate EMIs where you can pay two different EMIs for the original and top-up respectively.


As we said earlier, it is not 100% sure that all the customers would get an SBI Top-up Loan even if they have an existing SBI Personal Loan. All existing customers can apply for a personal loan top-up. But the final decision about who gets the top-up loan will be decided by SBI after assessing several factors such as Monthly Income, Repayment behavior, Job Stability, Credit Score, etc. Among all, credit score holds an important place in deciding eligibility as it helps deduce the credit risk regarding individuals.

Other than this, customers who have taken a Personal Loan Balance Transfer at SBI can also be eligible for SBI Top-up Loan. They will also be assessed on the same factors mentioned above.

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For SBI Top-up personal loans, customers only need to do minimal documentation as they already have an existing relationship with the lender. Because of this, there is no need for additional documentation. However, SBI can ask for the latest income documents when going for a top-up. At the time of SBI personal loan, customers need to submit basic KYC Documents (age proof, address proof, ID proof) and documents validating the income. These documents will be handy when you are going for an SBI Top-up Loan.

Processing Fee

This is one of the important aspects of the SBI Top-up Loan. When customers opt for a Top-up Loan, SBI asks for a processing fee, which is a certain percentage of the overall top-up amount. This amount is usually debited from your account in which you want to get the loan amount. The processing fee usually tends to change from one lender to another, so it would be better for you to check it before applying.

Security or Collateral

Some people often ask this question- Will they need to submit security or collateral to get the SBI top-up? Well, similar to the personal loan, customers don’t need to submit any kind of collateral to get the top-up amount on your existing personal loan with SBI. So, you don’t need to worry about submitting any collateral to fulfill your needs. Instead of security, SBI will consider factors as we mentioned above to give you the Top-up amount.

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