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There are several personal loan applications in India, but only some can provide some of the best services at a preferable interest rate. Personal loan applications have become necessary for many individuals, and personal loans help you get your ventures working. Nira provides an easy way to exceed their financial limitations and fulfil their aims and responsibilities. 

What is Nira?

Nira is a web-based and mobile platform formulated to generate personal loans for you with minimum documentation needed. With the assistance of Nira, you will be able to get your credits approved in a matter of minutes. 

Nira finance not only provides you with easy credit and documentation, but it also provides customer support 24/7 and every day for years, and it also provides products such as salary advances, instant loans, and cash loans which has increased its popularity among borrowers. Nira finance also offers additional advantages, which come in the form of an EMI calculator and favourable interest rates. 

How does Nira work?

At Nira finance, generating a personal loan is simple and entirely online. The steps that can get you a loan from Nira finance are as follows – 

  • Creating an account

To get credit, you first need to get an account with Nira. Once you have downloaded the application from the app store, you can provide basic information and permissions. 

  • Being eligible

At Nira, it is important to be eligible even to get a loan credited to your name. Based on the information you provide, Nira finance will decide whether you have the proper eligibility for the loan, and then it will provide you with its best tenure and interest rate. 

  • Fill in the details
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Once you have checked the eligibility criteria, you will have to fill in your required details to get the credit for your employment details, occupation, and any existing loans you may have taken. 

  • Provisioning bank details

You must fill in your correct bank details for the credit to be deposited directly to your bank account.

  • Get the loan

Once you follow the above steps, you will have the loan deposited into your bank account.

Important details about Nira

Several important details should be considered when seeking a loan from Nira finance. The interest rate of Nira’s loans begins from 24%, and a processing fee at the beginning is charged Rs. 500. You can also get a personal loan from anywhere between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 100,000 and the tenure of this loan would be in between 3 months to 12 months. Furthermore, when taking a loan from Nira, you would need certain documents such as your PAN card for photo verification, your Aadhar card for address proof, and your latest salary slips to get an idea about your income. 


Nira finance is among some of the best personal loan apps on the app store, and it is armed with a smooth and flexible process to make the loan application process easier for you. Nira also has a dedicated customer support line that can be contacted at any time, and you can raise any concerns. 


1. Is Nira recognised under the Reserve Bank of India?

2. What happens if I am unable to pay back the loan?

In this case, you would first be sent a notice to repay your loan. But, if you are still unable to pay it back, your account will be written off, which would impact your credit score.

3. How is the Nira loan repaid?

The loan can be repaid through multiple modes such as net banking, waller, UPI, and debit card. 

4. Does Nira finance impact my credit score?

You would not need any credit history to get a loan; however, if you cannot pay the loan, your credit score gets affected.

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