PNB Personal Loan Chandigarh - Rates Dec 2023, Eligibility, EMI, IFSC

Punjab National Bank Personal Loan in Chandigarh

About Punjab National Bank Personal Loan Chandigarh

Personal loans at Punjab National Bank are multi-purpose loans that let you manage your financial needs without making a hole in your pocket. The low-interest rates of personal loans along with the facility of a higher loan make this loan scheme one of its kind. So, if you are living in Chandigarh and urgently need money, apply for a personal loan at the nearest branch of PNB and enjoy your life with lower EMIs on loans.

Punjab National Bank Personal Loan Chandigarh at a Glance

Interest Rate11.40% - 16.95%
Loan amountUp to ₹5 lakhs to a subject of 20 times monthly salary of the applicant whichever is lower
TenureUp to 5 years
Processing Fee1.80% of loan amount

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to apply for a personal loan at Punjab National Bank (PNB) is as follows:

  • The age of the applicant must be between 21-58 years (65 years for self-employed)
  • The minimum monthly income of the applicant must be ₹15000-for metro city and ₹12500-for urban city (₹20,000/- for self-employed)
  • Total work experience of 2 years is a must
  • Minimum residence of 1 year at current residence is required

Documents Required

The list of documents that an applicant must have at the time of applying for a personal loan at PNB is as follows:

  • Loan application form with passport size photograph
  • Identify proof with unique identification number in case of military/ paramilitary personnel
  • Educational qualification proof
  • Age proof
  • Proof of official address and residential address
  • Income proof
  • Latest salary slip (IT returns for the last 3 financial years for self-employed)
    Form 16, duly authenticated by the employer (latest bank statements for self-employed)

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Address of Punjab National Bank Branches in Chandigarh

Branch NameComplete AddressIFSC CodeMICRContact Number
Sector - 17, ChandigarhPNB House, Sector 17 - B , Chandigarh - 160017PUNB00087001600240220172-2703167, 2707860
Sector 22D, ChandigarhScf 1 - 2, Sector 22 D, Chandigarh - 160022PUNB00095001600240160172-2707259, 2700979
Kalka, ChandigarhKalka, Haryana 133302PUNB002490016002402801733-224812, 224810
Sector - 28, ChandigarhSector 28, SCO - 1 Chandigarh - 160027PUNB00574001600240260172-2650778, 2656099
Sector 16, ChandigarhSector 16, Chandigarh 160016PUNB00575001600240210172-2770029, 2781567
Sector 19, ChandigarhSector - 19, Chandigarh - 160019PUNB00583001600240230172-2547611, 2780847
Khuda LahoraKhuda Lahora, ChandigarhPUNB01172001600240070172-2789271
ManimajraMani Majra, ChandigarhPUNB01183001600240090172-2737096/2734042, 2734480
Sector 23 ChandigarhSector 23 ChandigarhPUNB01418001600240250172-2705081
Sector - 9 D, ChandigarhSector - 9 D, ChandigarhPUNB014880016002402701722741584, 742106
DhanasVPO Dhanas U.T. Chandigarh 160014PUNB01542001600240050172-2690380
Sector 17 C, ChandigarhSector 17 C, ChandigarhPUNB01808001600240150172-722090, 703401
RCC ChandigarhSCO No 125 - 127, Sec 17B, Chandigarh 160017PUNB01983001600240010172-2712213, 2722140
MaloyaMaloya, District ChandigarhPUNB02545001600240080172-2643231
PalsauraPalsaura, Near Jain Mill, Chandigarh 160055PUNB02936001600240020172-2626019, 2691643
Industrial Area, ChandigarhIndustrial Area, ChandigarhPUNB03247001600240060172-2653474, 2654516
Sector - 22B, ChandigarhSCO 1118 - 19, Sector - 22B, Chandigarh - 160022PUNB03248001600240240172-2704428, 2705349
Sector 26, ChandigarhSector 26, Chandigarh-160026PUNB03249001600240170172-2791987, 977
Sector 37, ChandigarhSector 37, ChandigarhPUNB03250001600240200172-2692410
Sector - 33D, ChandigarhSector - 33D, ChandigarhPUNB03252001600240190172-2603867
Sector 45 BurailSector 45 Burail, ChandigarhPUNB03253001600240030172-2602415/2668949
Chandigarh M.Rama Sector 27 - AM.Rama Sector 27 - A, ChandigarhPUNB03918001600240300172-2650867
DAV School Sector 8Dav School Sector 8, Chandigarh-160020PUNB03919001600240180712-2784214
MCB Chandigarh1st Floor, Sector 17 B, Chandigarh 160017PUNB04207001600240330172-727502-504
DAV School, Sector 8 ChandigarhDAV Senior Secondary School, Sector 8C Chandigarh, PunjabPUNB04425001600240390172-2780866, 2542743
High Value Branch, ChandigarhSCO 125 - 127, Sector 17 - B Madhya Marg, Chandigarh - 160017PUNB04431001600240400172-702611, 702652
Housing Board Complex, ManimajraBay Shop No. 53, Housing Board Complex, Manimajra, ChandigarhPUNB04462001600240430172-2732840
Chandigarh Sect 12 PECChandigarh, Sect 12 PEC Chandigarh 160012PUNB0606000160024055NA
Chandigarh, Back Office, Sec - 22DChandigarh, Back Office, Sec - 22D UT Chandigarh 160022PUNB0646100NON-MICR0172-2784128
Chandigarh, Sector 49Chandigarh, Sector 49 Haryana 160047PUNB06646001600240159872863858
Chandigarh, Retail Hub Sec - 33Retail Hub, Sco 28, First Floor, Sec - 33D, Chandigarh 160032PUNB0519800NON-MICR0172-2602852, 2602861
Kishangarh (Chandigarh)Village Kishangarh ChandigarhPUNB06912001600240681722742299
Currency Chest Back Off Chandigarh,Currency Chest Back Off Chandigarh, Sector-17B Chandigarh 160017PUNB0700100NON-MICR0172-2721631
Currency Chest Link Office ChandigarhPNB Link Cell (Currency Chest) Back Office Sector 17B Chandigarh 160017PUNB0700200NON-MICR0172-2704394/2716307
Sector 40 ChandigarhS C O No 145, Sector 40C Chandigarh 160040PUNB0738600NON-MICR9876074927
Chandigarh Sector-47Sector-47, Chandigarh PUNB07718001600240829931615978
Zo-Haryana-(Admin)PNB House, Sector-17B, ChandigarhPUNB0377500NON-MICRNA
MICR Center CPC ChandigarhMICR-CPC, Sco-71, 72, Sector-17BPUNB0413300NON-MICRNA
Chandigarh Daddu Majra (Union Territory)Daddu Majra, ChandigarhPUNB0786400NON-MICRNA
FGMO ChandigarhFGM Office 1St Floor Pnb House Bank Square Sector 17B Chandigarh 160017PUNB0543700NON-MICR2724758
Sector 17 B ChandigarhChandigarh Punjab 160017PUNB0798800NON-MICR8288013956
AkshayaSco 31 46 Ground Floor PNB House Sector- 17 B ChandigarhPUNB0877900NON-MICR8437148899

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