Bandhan Bank Balance Check

Bandhan Bank Balance Check

Last Updated : March 18, 2024, 5:13 a.m.

Many individuals want to the balance enquiry to confirm whether they have received the sum of money in their account or not. But if they don’t have an internet connection they are unable to do the balance enquiry through the bank’s application or website. So, you can use the missed call or SMS facility of the bank to do the balance enquiry because they don’t need any internet connection. Therefore, we have discussed some methods through which you have the Bandhan Bank Balance Check. As there are many accountholders of Bandhan Bank who don’t know the techniques for the balance check, therefore, we have discussed all the possible methods to do so and know the available balance in your savings account.

Easy Techniques to Know the Savings Account Balance of Bandhan Bank

You must go through the ways that will help you to do the balance enquiry and know the exact amount of balance available in your Bandhan Bank Savings Account.

Know the Balance through a Missed Call

You can know the bank balance of the Bandhan Bank saving account by giving a missed call on 9223008666. But you will have to give the missed call from your registered mobile number and it must be linked to your bank account. Your call will disconnect after few belles and you will receive the Bandhan Bank balance details as an SMS on your same mobile phone number.

Do Bandhan Bank Balance Enquiry through SMS

You can use the SMS services of the Bandhan Bank and send an SMS to the bank to have the Bandhan Bank Balance check number. Send an SMS BALAccount Number i.e. “BAL 1013XXXXXX2723” to 9223011000 from your registered mobile number. In a few moments, you will get a message with the details of your Bandhan Bank balance on your mobile phone.

Use Bandhan Bank Internet Banking

  • Open the official website of Bandhan Bank from your laptop, PC, or mobile phone.
  • Click on the Login button present at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Then select the Internet Banking option and then click on the Continue to Login button.
  • Now Enter your Customer ID and then your Password.
  • After Logging in, you can make the Bandhan Bank enquiry from the portal.

Check Bandhan Bank Balance through mBandhan Application

  • Download and Install mBandhan Mobile Application.
  • Enter your user ID and password to login to the application.
  • Once you are logged in, you can see the available balance in your Bandhan Bank savings account.

Visit the Nearest ATM

You can also visit any ATM to have Bandhan Bank Balance check through your Bandhan Bank Debit Card. You will just have to choose the banking option and then the balance enquiry option to know the available balance in your savings account. The ATM will display the available balance on the screen and then it will give a print of the receipt that will have the details of the available balance.


You have seen all the possible methods to have the Bandhan Bank balance check and now it is up to you to choose any one method at your convenience. Individuals having their savings account at the RBL bank can use their SMS service to have the RBL Bank Balance Check . All the methods will let you know the exact available balance in your account so that you can plan your future expenditures. If in case you don’t have an internet connection then the SMS Facility and the Missed Call facility would be the best option for you.

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