ICICI Mini Statement

ICICI Mini Statement

Last Updated : March 18, 2024, 5:13 a.m.

The ICICI Bank provides a lot of services to its customer when they have a savings account with it. Customers can view their balance and get all the information related to their saving accounts from the bank. One can also get the ICICI Mini Statement from the bank or through its services on their mobile phones. If you don’t have an internet connection then you can have the mini statement of the ICICI savings account through a missed call or an SMS. There also some other methods like you can visit the nearest ICICI ATM to get the mini statement of your ICICI account. So, let’s explore all the methods through which you can get the ICICI savings account mini statement.

Various Techniques to Get the Mini Statement of the ICICI Bank Account

You must see some of the easiest methods through which you can have a mini statement of the ICICI bank and you are free to choose any of the methods.

Get Mini Statement through a Missed Call

You can get the mini statement of the ICICI savings account by giving a missed call to 9594613613 from your registered mobile number. The call will be disconnected automatically after 2 to 3 bells and you will receive the ICICI Mini Statement as an SMS on your mobile phone that will consist of the last few transactions made from your ICICI Savings account. Remember that your mobile number is linked with the ICICI Account. This service works without an internet connection and is free of cost. You can avail of this facility 24×7.

Use SMS Banking for the Mini Statement

The SMS Service of the ICICI bank will also allow you to have the details of your mini statement. You will just have to send an SMS “ITRAN” to 9215676766 or 5676766 from your registered mobile number to get the mini statement. You will receive the ICICI Mini Statement on your mobile phone after a few seconds consisting of the last few transactions done in your ICICI savings account.

Use ICICI Mobile App to See the Mini Statement

  • Download and install the ICICI Mobile Banking Mobile Application on your mobile phone.
  • Touch on the Login option on your screen.
  • Then enter your credentials or the MPIN created by you to log in.
  • Then go to the Statement option to see the last 10 debit and credit transactions of your account.

Know About the ICICI Mini Statement through Net Banking

  • Visit the Official Website of ICICI on your PC, Laptop or Mobile.
  • Then click on the Login button at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Provide your credential in the box.
  • Once you are logged in, you must go to the statement option and see the previous transactions.

Visit the Nearest ICICI ATM

  • Go to the nearest ICICI ATM.
  • Use your ICICI Debit Card and follow the instructions to go to the banking services.
  • Then in the Banking option choose the Mini Statement option.
  • Then the ATM will give a printout of the ICICI mini statement consisting of the last 10 transactions.


You have seen various methods to see the Mini Statement of your ICICI Savings account and you are free to choose any method as per your choice. If in case you want a physical copy of the ICICI mini-statement or to have the ICICI Balance Check then you can print it from the ICICI Bank ATM. But if you want a virtual copy of the mini statement then you can use SMS Services, Missed Call Services, Internet Banking, and ICICI Mobile Application.

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