RBL Bank Credit Card Payment through NEFT


  • Pay your RBL Credit Card Bills using NEFT.
  • Some Advantages of using NEFT to Clear Credit Card Dues.

RBL Bank gives a lot of offers on their credit cards. Almost all RBL Credit Card has exciting cashback and great discounts on shopping and online payments. But when it comes to payment of the RBL Credit card bills through other banks, then it is a difficult task to implement. So the only way out is to make RBL Bank Credit Card Payment through NEFT. This method of payment will enable you to pay the credit card bills from other bank accounts using their net banking facility.

Clear RBL Credit Card dues through NEFT

In order to use NEFT for Credit Card payment, you must have a Net Banking facility in your bank account. Then it is only possible to use other bank accounts for making the payment.

  • Open the Net banking Portal of the chosen bank.
  • Enter your User I.D. and Password for logging in to it.
  • Now go to NEFT option in your net banking portal.
  • In the Beneficiary’s Name Enter the Name printed on the RBL Bank Credit Card.
  • Enter the Credit Card Number in the Payee Account Section.
  • In the Bank Name option enter RBL Bank.
  • Enter RATN0CRCARD in the IFSC Code option.
  • Enter NOC Goregaon Mumbai in the Branch Location Section.
  • Finally, enter the Amount you want to pay and initiate the payment process.
  • Give the authentication and make the RBL Bank Credit Card Payment.

Once the payment is done successfully, the amount will be debited from your respective bank account and credited in your RBL Credit Card Account.

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Reasons for Paying RBL Credit Card Bills through NEFT

Payment from other Banks:- The NEFT method of payment enables the user to pay the credit card bills from other banks. It is not necessary to have an RBL Saving account for making the payment. You can make RBL Bank Credit Card payment through the NEFT facility using another bank account.

Safe Payments:- The payment done through NEFT is totally safe and there are the least chances of any fraudulent activities. Every Net banking portal of the user is secured either by a password or an OTP.

Fast Payments:- You know that the offline mode of payments includes standing in long queues and waiting for your turn. It is time-consuming and quite hectic. But the payment done through NEFT are fast and it would hardly take a few minutes to complete. 

Free of Cost Payments:- The cash payment of Credit Card bills includes some extra charges. You have to pay an additional amount other than the credit card bill amount. But in the case of RBL Bank Credit Card online payment via NEFT, you don’t have to pay a single penny while clearing the RBL Credit Card bills.

Easy to Use:- This method is easy to apply for making a credit card payment. You can also make RBL Bank Credit Card Payment through Debit Card as well. It is also a simple method use for paying out credit card dues.

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