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Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan

About Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan

So, you have chosen a house to buy and stay with your family there, right. Now, you are shopping for the best home loan offer that can lead you to a comfortable, yet pocket-friendly purchase of the property. In your search for a right lender, you can also glance at Dhanlaxmi Bank that offers a home loan or property loan for the purchase, construction, refurbishment of a flat or home. You can also get a loan to purchase a plot to construct a house on the same. Read the article further to get an insight of how fruitful Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan can be in your case.

Home Loan

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    Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan Interest Rates & Other Details

    Interest Rate9.90% - 12.90% p.a.
    Loan AmountUpto Rs. 2.5 Cr, Rs. 50 Lac for Plot Purchase
    Loan Tenure3-20 Years
    Processing Fee1% of the loan amount +service tax

    Minimum- Rs. 10,000+S.T.
    Pre-closure ChargesNIL
    SecurityMortgage of the property to be financed

    Quantum of Finance

    The quantum of home loan at Dhanlaxmi Bank is dependent on the income, property value and other factors. You can look below to know the maximum extent for a home loan at varied situations.

    • 85% of the cost of construction or property value for new dwelling units
    • 70% of the purchase price in case of plot buying
    • 75% of cost incurred on the repair of existing dwelling units
    • Salaried professionals can get a maximum home loan of upto 60 times of the net monthly salary
    • Self-employed class can receive a loan amount equivalent to 5 times of the net annual income as per the income tax return (ITR)

    Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

    ParametersSalaried ProfessionalsSelf-employed
    Age21-60 Years21-60 Years
    IncomeMinimum net monthly income of Rs. 6,000, with a year of service must be there after the expiry of eligible loan periodMinimum annual income of over Rs. 1.2 lakh

    Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

    Don’t you think it is vital to know the loan amount that you can get to buy a home? I am sure, you will answer in affirmative. An easy way to know the same is by using Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan Eligibility Calculator, which performs various tasks to calculate the eligible amount of loan. First, it calculates per lac EMI based on the maximum loan tenure and interest rate. Without any ado, let’s calculate.

    Amount- Rs. 1 Lac

    Interest Rate- 10.35% p.a.

    Loan Tenure-20 Years

    Per Lac EMI- Rs. 988

    Now comes the task of ascertaining the eligible loan amount, which the calculator does by analyzing the income and savings of the borrower. If you are earning a salary of Rs. 47,000 and you save upto Rs. 23,000, then the loan amount eligibility will be-

    Rs. 1,00,000 x savings/per lac EMI

    Rs. 1,00,000 x 23,000/988= Rs. 23 lacs

    Thus, the expected loan amount is Rs. 23 lacs

    Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

    All set to rest your hand on the shoulder of Dhanlaxmi Bank for your home loan? Stop a bit, calculate the EMI before running all the way to the bank to file your home loan application. Use Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator to calculate not only EMI, but also interest and overall payment. Suppose you wish to buy a home on a 20-year home loan of Rs. 20 lacs. The EMI, interest and overall outgo will range upto Rs. 21,301-24,798, Rs. 31,12,249-39,51,477 and Rs. 51,12,249-59,51,477, respectively, over the loan tenure. Below is the table below indicating the payouts at different periods of the home loan.

    Table Showing EMI, Interest and Total Outgo on a Loan of Rs. 20 Lacs at Different Periods

    Loan Amount (In Rs.)Tenure (In Years)Interest Rate (In %p.a.)EMI (In Rs.)Interest (In Rs.)Total Outgo (Principal+Interest) (In Rs.)
    20,00,000111.48- 13.951,77,211-1,79,5271,26,537-1,54,32621,26,537-21,54,326
    20,00,000211.48- 13.9593,662-95,9792,47,888-3,03,48522,47,888-23,03,485
    20,00,000311.48- 13.9565,933-68,3073,73,588-4,59,04123,73,588-24,59,041
    20,00,000411.48- 13.9552,158-54,6035,03,607-6,20,93525,03,607-26,20,935
    20,00,000511.48- 13.9543,965-46,4856,37,908-7,89,08026,37,908-27,89,080
    20,00,000611.48- 13.9538,562-41,1587,76,440-9,63,37227,76,440-29,63,372
    20,00,000711.48- 13.9534,752-37,4259,19,144-11,43,68329,19,144-31,43,683
    20,00,000811.48- 13.9531,937-34,68610,65,950-13,29,86730,65,950-33,29,867
    20,00,000911.48- 13.9529,785-32,60912,16,779-15,21,76032,16,779-35,21,760
    20,00,0001011.48- 13.9528,096-30,99313,71,545-17,19,18333,71,545-37,19,183
    20,00,0001111.48- 13.9526,744-29,71215,30,154-19,21,94435,30,154-39,21,944
    20,00,0001211.48- 13.9525,642-28,67916,92,504-21,29,83936,92,504-41,29,839
    20,00,0001311.48- 13.9524,734-27,83818,58,489-23,42,65838,58,489-43,42,658
    20,00,0001411.48- 13.9523,976-27,14420,27,995-25,60,18040,27,995-45,60,180
    20,00,0001511.48- 13.9523,338-26,56822,00,907-27,82,18242,00,907-47,82,182
    20,00,0001611.48- 13.9522,797-26,08623,77,104-30,08,43743,77,104-50,08,437
    20,00,0001711.48- 13.9522,336-25,68025,56,462-32,38,72045,56,462-52,38,720
    20,00,0001811.48- 13.9521,939-25,33727,38,856-34,72,80247,38,856-54,72,802
    20,00,0001911.48- 13.9521,597-25,04629,24,161-37,10,46149,24,161-57,10,461
    20,00,0002011.48- 13.9521,301-24,79831,12,249-39,51,47751,12,249-59,51,477

    Amortization Table

    YearPrincipal (In Rs.)Interest (In Rs.)Balance Outstanding (In Rs.)

    Dhanalakshmi Bank Home Loan Review

    Checking the review of the bank’s home loan is vital as it gives you the true picture of the offer. You can check the review of Dhanlaxmi Bank home loan online or ask any of your friends or relatives who have taken the loan from the lending institution. Read the review carefully and don’t get too influenced by one or two reviews as it won’t depict the actual scenario. Experiences can be good for some and bad for some. But you should look at what the majority of the people are talking about Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan before taking a call.

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