Advantages of Buying 2BHK with Investment Purpose

Advantages of Buying 2BKH with Investment Purpose

When it comes to investment or gaining higher appreciation on the invested money most of the people in India still trust and vote real-estate as compared to any other sector. Most of the people prefer investing in real-estate because of higher returns and minimum risk factor. Those who have good savings and enough money can choose this option to make investment for longer run. If you have a good budget of around Rs. 30 lakhs to Rs. 40 lakhs and you want to invest in property, then you have some choices. You can buy a plot with larger areas, or you can buy two 1BHK with value between Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 lakhs each. There is one more option that you can buy a 2BHK with that budget. There are many advantages of buying a 2BHK with investment purpose. Let’s discuss a dew of them in detail.

Better target audience: This unit is most preferred in metro cities, specially among the nuclear families or with small family of four to five people. Those who are migrants and shifted from their hometown to cities, so it is not possible for everyone to buy an expensive lavish home, rather most of them prefer to invest in small unit to own as their home initially.

Affordability: This is another deciding factor while buying and selling the home. 2BHK is the most affordable and friendly for customers with the point of usage and price as well. With the present trend of nuclear family or single couple living with parents and kids, buying a 2BHK is best as per their family requirements. This is most affordable and pocket friendly home for a small family which most of the people want to own and afford.

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Two is more better than one: If you are buying this with the purpose of investment only then buying the 2BHK is most profitable and suitable option. It is not good with the purpose of investment, but it is also more rewarding with the point  of increase resale value. Besides, more and more people want to buy 2BHK as compared to buying 1 BHK.

Be realistic with your approach: It is important to understand the industry before making the investment. As you are going to invest a huge amount  in the property, so don’t make your decision on other’s opinion or reviews. Rather, do some research work, get more information about the market and trends. Based on the market review and trends build your decision. Therefore, investing in 1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK should be based on market reports and reviews. It is always easy to sell a unit, which is very much in demand and reach of people, rather than a unit which is expensive and over the budget of common people.

Take expert advise: This is another good option to take industry experts advise before investing money. You can consult some real-estate agents and experts. They can guide you about the best investment options and from where you can get higher returns over the period of time. Which kind of property will give you higher resale returns.

Maintenance cost: The cost of maintenance of 2BHK is lower than cost of maintenance of 3BHK. This is a wise decision with the point of investment. Based on the covered area and open area, the maintenance cost differ. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in 2BKH rather than 3BHK.

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