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Bhulekh Odissa


  • Now you can get the property details Online through the Bhulekh Odissa Portal.
  • Check the Khasra Number, Landowner’s Name, and other details online without any physical effort.
  • You can even download documents in the local language using this portal.

The Government of India in order to reduce the hassles citizens were facing to access the Record of Rights and to bring in further transparency in record maintenance to avoid all the corruption occurring in manual record-keeping Digital India Land Record Modernisation Programme (DILRMP) was launched. This programme was initially launched as the National Land Records Modernisation Programme (NLRMP) which further got amalgamated in Computerisation of Land Records to be known as DILRMP.

What is Bhulekh Odissa

All state governments were advised by the government of India to launch a separate cell to ensure the s modernization of the records. In order to take this ahead, the land revenue department of Odisha launched Bhulekh Odissa.

Aim of Bhulekh Odissa

The aim of Bhulekh Odissa is to ensure all land records are gradually modernised for each district and taluka. As of March 21, the website portal launched by the Land Revenue Department of Odissa and has 1,71,41,841 Khatiyan’s registered with them.

Services Available under Bhulekh Odissa

Various services are provided by the department online. You can view the Record of Rights, Land Details, Khatiyan, Plot Number and even tenant details (only in case the rent agreement is registered) including the rent charged and cess paid. Apart from this, you can pay the Stamp duty and Land Revenue online.

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The portal, unlike the other state government portals, provides an access to download the documents in the local language that is Odia apart from downloading the details in English.

Navigating Through the Portal

The website created by the department brings in ease of access and is user friendly. On the home page of the website itself, you can get to the statistics of the entire State.

Since the state currently has thirty districts including fifty-one thousand seven hundred and one villages, it’s a task for the officials to maintain the records physically.

How to View Record of Rights

Record of rights can be accessed on the home page itself. You need to input the details including District, Tahsil, Village from the drop-down list provided on the website. RI Circle automatically gets input. One of the main things to note here is that these drop-down lists are all in Odia Language only. The entire website can be accessed in both English and Odia apart from the drop-down list.

Once all the details are input, you are expected to select whether you are looking for tenant, plot or Khatiyan details.

If you are looking for Khatiyan details, select the khasra number once all details relating to District, Tahsil and village are selected. The portal would automatically give you the option for viewing the front or back of the Record Of Rights.

A list of all tenants is registered on the website for the properties where the rent agreement is registered. You can view the record of rights by selecting the name of the tenants.

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The record of rights generated is in Odia Language however you can opt to download them in English as well.

Other Services on the Portal

  • The portal also helps the landowners to view the Maps. However, this facility is integrated with the other cell of the department that is Bhunaksha Odissa. Here you can view the map of the entire district by selecting the district name from the drop-down list provided. Once the district is selected one can further select the plot they want to fetch the map information about. The portal also gives you access to view the Record of rights of the said Land.
  • The website is integrated to provide the tahsil wise information to the users. The page redirects you to the other portal where all the information including the tahsil office address, contact details, tourism and tourist places can be viewed here.


The portal designed by the Revenue department of the Government of Odissa is user friendly. You can view the Record of rights without getting into the hassle of going to multiple offices or meeting different people to fetch the details.

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