Select the Right Builder for your Perfect Home

Select the Right Builder for your Perfect Home

When you think that you don't want to own a ready-to-move-in home, rather you want to customise a home to meet you needs, it is important that you choose the right builder. You need to be very conscious at the time of selecting the builder. You should choose a builder keeping a few things in mind such as your property's location, budget, kind of look and facilities you want in your home. You want to give your home a trendy look or you want to it to be simple and beautiful. Before finalising a builder, just think about how much money you can afford to spend on builder? Do you want a very professional builder or you want to go with some less experienced builder? Here are some useful tips to select the right builder for your property.

Experience matters: If you want to give a perfect look to your home and you don't want to compromise in quality front then you should search for an experienced builder. Before finalising one, just check the number of homes he has build in past and his reputation in builder's industry. There are some helpful sites where you can get information about the qualified builders. This is a good option to search a builder if you are not able to find it at your level.

Legal permit and license: If you want to be 100% sure about the work of quality and experience of the builder, choose a builder with legal permit. Though, such builders will charge you more, but it is fine to pay a higher fee to ensure quality of work. Good builders have legal licence and permit for constructions. This legal permit is given to only those builders who meet the basic eligibility criteria and norms set by government for construction. In case of any awful situation ,you can take even legal action against the builder.

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Ask from family & friends: If someone in your family or friends have recently built their home or have done some construction work with the help of builder, so you can take their help and suggestions. You can discuss about your requirements with your family and friends. At times, first hand information and references help you a lot about judging the work and quality. To cross check the informtion and experiences shared, you can ask the real-estate agents about these builders.

Discuss your requirements in advance: Before finalising the builder for your property, you should discuss your requirements with the builder to check whether he has any experience in building the kind of home you want. Most of the people want their home to have green effect, well-lit with sunlight and ventilated. So check this with your builder before hiring him.

Check on facility front: You should also judge your builder on facility front. After showing him your property and telling him your budget, just ask for what kind of facilities he can provide you. Is he offering you enough latest facilities? Is he ready to customise his plan according to your requirements?

Flexibility: This is another important factor, which should be considered. You should discuss your requirements with the builder and check him on flexibility front. Is he ready to understand your needs and make changes accordingly? Is he serving you with set standards and rigid with his terms and conditions.

Ready for frequent visits: It is a great feeling watching your property's construction work. Is the builder ready to allow you to visit your property frequently during the construction time. Is he restricting your visits or asking you for minimal interference during the construction work. Is he going to provide any supervisor to the site? Will he make the changes in case you want to add or remove any section during the construction? Ask these question in advance before signing the deal.

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Deadlines about time: It is really important to complete the construction work on time to reduce the stress and extra cost. Ensure that the builder is good with delivery time. For instance, if you are living in a rented home and want your home to be completed within next 6 months. You have intimated the same to your landlord. In case if he misses the deadline and your landlord will ask you to vacate the home as he finds a new tenant as per your intimation. So, you will be in big mess. Your home construction journey will become a sour experience for you. Therefore, ensure that he will meet your deadlines without affecting your budget and other priorities.

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