HDFC Zero Balance Savings Account

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You may be looking for a savings account with a zero balance feature added to it. Well, HDFC Bank offers you that savings account. An HDFC Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account allows you to deposit money with no minimum balance requirement. HDFC Zero Balance Savings Account also gives you access to services like multiple branches, ATMs, internet banking, 24×7 customer service, etc. For more details check out the page below.

What are the Features of Zero Balance Savings Account HDFC?

This HDFC Savings Account comes decked with the following features –

Safe Deposit Locker and Super Saver Facility

You can open a locker with HDFC Bank. Locker branches of HDFC come with high security. There are over 2,500 branches across the country. You can open a locker in various sizes at various locations. With a minimum FD amount of INR 25,000 for 6 months and 1 day, you can get an overdraft against the Super Saver facility. This facility of the fixed deposit is available if the account is held in a single name through net banking.

Free Passbook

All individual account holders will get a free passbook. For a duplicate passbook, you need to pay INR 100.

Free Cash Deposits

You can deposit cash to your zero balance savings account HDFC without any fees. To deposit, use the Cash Deposit Machine (CDM). Check out the deposit process below.

Using HDFC Bank Card

  • Insert your debit card into the CDM
  • Leave the card until the transaction gets complete
  • Deposit cash up to the limit as prescribed for your zero balance account
  • The deposit should not be more than 200 notes per transaction
  • Remove the card when prompted by CDM
  • Do not forcibly remove the card during the transaction
  • Collect the deposit receipt once the transaction is done
  • Press the ‘CANCEL’ button

Without HDFC Card

  • Press ‘Cash Deposit without card’ on the CDM
  • Enter the HDFC Bank account number
  • Deposit cash in line within the limits, not more than 200 notes per transaction
  • Collect the deposit receipt upon completion
  • Press the ‘CANCEL’ button
  • You can also withdraw cash, change your PIN, print an HDFC mini statement, check your account balance, etc. using CDMs

Free Rupay Card

You’ll get a free debit card with your HDFC Zero Balance Savings Account. In case you lose the card, the bank will charge an INR 200 replacement fee. In the case of the transaction at a non-HDFC ATM, INR 20 will be charged. The bank will charge a cross-currency mark-up of 3.5% on foreign transactions. The exchange rate used will be the VISA or Mastercard wholesale exchange rate prevailing at the time of the transaction.
When you forgot your debit card PIN, regenerate it by paying a fee of INR 50. For cash withdrawal IN 21 plus GST will apply per transaction. For a non-financial transaction – INR 8.5 plus GST per transaction is applicable only at a non-HDFC ATM.

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Four Free Withdrawals per Month

HDFC Bank will offer your four free withdrawals at Branch, ATMs, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, Clearing, Funds Transfers, Online Payments, Standing Instructions, EMI, POS Transactions, etc. After the expiration of free withdrawals in a month across, charges as per nature and mode of the transaction shall apply (INR 150 per transaction and INR 25+GST for cardless cash withdrawal)

Free 25 Cheque Leaves

Every financial year, HDFC Bank provides 25 free cheque leaves to the zero balance account holders. Additional cheque books of 25 leaves will come at a charge of INR 100 and INR 75 for senior citizens. Managers’ cheque cancellation or revalidation is available at a fee of INR 60. Nil charges apply up to INR 1,000 w.e.f 1st Aug 2021 for doing HDFC zero balance account opening online. For Senior Citizens, INR 54 and Nil charges up to INR 1,000. When the deposited cheque is returned unpaid, a charge of INR 200 per instance will apply.

To stop any cheque payment, you need to pay INR 100 for a particular cheque and INR 200 for a series of cheques. For old records or copies of paid cheques, HDFC Bank will charge –

Period (In Year)Fee (In INR)
Up to 150 per record
Above 180 per record and 72 for senior citizens

Check out the charges for cheques drawn on HDFC Branch locations below.

Amount (In INR)Fees (In INR)
500025 and 20 for rural branches and senior citizens account
5,001 to 10,00050 and 40 for rural branches and senior citizens account
10,001 to 1,00,000100
1,00,001 and above150

Charges for cheques drawn on Speed Clearing Branches at non-CTS locations

Amount (In INR)Fees (In INR)
Up to 1 LakhNIL
1,00,001 and above140 per instrument

HDFC Bank Cheque Return Charges

If the cheque is returned due to an insufficient balance in the HDFC Zero Balance Savings Account, a regular citizen needs to pay INR 350 while the charge is INR 315 for senior citizens. Cancellation due to technical error resulted in a fee of INR 50 for regular citizens and INR 45 for senior citizens.

HDFC Zero Balance Savings Account Interest Rates

The HDFC Zero Balance Savings Account is the best savings account due to the following rates –

Savings Balance (INR)Interest Rate (per annum
Less than 50 Lakh3.00%
50 Lakh to < 1,000 Crore 3.50%
1,000 Crore and above4.50%

Note: Savings Bank interest is calculated on the daily balances maintained in the zero balance savings account. And these interest will be paid at quarterly intervals.

HDFC Zero Balance Account Eligibility Criteria

You can open an HDFC zero balance account if you meet the below criteria –

  • Resident Individual (open solely or jointly)
  • Hindu Undivided Families
  • You should not have an existing zero balance account with any other bank.
  • You need to close your other savings account with HDFC Bank
  • Minor aged 10 years and more are eligible to open a self-operated minor account
    An ATM/Debit card is issued to a minor as well

Do take care of the HDFC Zero Balance Account Eligibility while opening an account online or offline.

List of Documents You Need for HDFC Zero Balance Savings Account Opening

As HDFC small savings account holder, you’re required to submit the evidence of application for valid KYC within 12 months of account opening.

  • Copy of application form by Ministry of External Affairs, Form 49A, Form 6, RTO Application Form
  • Aadhaar Acknowledgement letter issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
  • Copy of application form by NREGA

The approved KYC documents are

  • Passport
  • PAN card
  • Election or voter ID card
  • Driving License
  • Aadhaar card or letter issued by the Government of India
  • NREGA card
  • Check out the list of documents established for proof of address
  • Passport (not expired)
  • Copy of application form by Ministry of External Affairs
  • Permanent Driving License – (except issued by the Govt of Maharashtra)
  • Copy of application form by RTO
  • Ration card
  • Copy of application form or acknowledgment slip
  • Election card or Voters ID (if the address is shown in it)
  • Copy of Form 6
  • Aadhaar card or letter issued by the Government of India
  • Aadhaar Acknowledgement letter issued by UIDAI
  • NREGA card
  • Copy of application form by NREGA
  • Senior citizens card issued by the State or Central Govt. of India (if it has an address)
  • Copy of application form or acknowledgement slip issued by the State or Central Govt. of India
  • Domicile certificate with communication address issued by Municipal Corporation
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Note – You need to submit actual KYC such as ID proof, Address proof and Photograph as per the Bank’s list of KYC within 24 months of opening a zero balance account.

HDFC Zero Balance Account Opening Online Process

A zero balance saving account is the most basic type of bank account that one can have, and as the name suggests, with this, you can save money without worrying about maintaining the balance. So, let’s check out the HDFC Zero Balance Account Opening Online procedure below.

Step 1: Go Online

To open an HDFC Savings Account online, you use your mobile phone or laptop. To initiate the process, enter your mobile number and documents number (Aadhaar/PAN) and fill in a form. You should know that you can apply for a savings account on the official HDFC online portal. This way, you can avoid physically going to the bank.

Step 2: Keep the Documents with You

Whether you do HDFC Zero Balance Account Opening Online or offline, you still need to submit certain documents. So, keep them nearby while you’re opening an HDFC savings account online. In an online account procedure, you need to upload the documents. So, take the picture of your documents and upload them.

Step 3: Video KYC

You can now complete your KYC online with a video call. For this, provide access to your location, camera and microphone on your smartphone/laptop. Click on the ‘Video KYC’ button and complete the account opening process.

Step 4: Get Access to Your Banking Services Instantly

You will get your Debit Card in 15-25 days post completion of step 3. Otherwise, go to the nearest branch for KYC and verify your details physically.

Step 5: Use HDFC Zero Balance Savings Account NetBanking

Once you get the customer ID and account number, start transferring money and depositing. By logging into NetBanking, create a new password. The bank enhances your experience by offering safe and convenient online services, so enjoy cash withdrawals without using your debit card.

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