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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s some good news for all of you who are servicing loans somewhere. Banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) are looking to boost your festive mood after all the problems you may have faced due to the pandemic. One of the many initiatives that lenders have taken recently includes the attractive interest rate offers for someone wanting to do a balance transfer of different loans. If you are paying loans but don’t know what balance transfer means, well this is a process by which you can switch to the new lender from your present one at a lower rate of interest.

As always, lenders have focused mostly on personal loan and home loan borrowers wanting a switch at the best interest rate. But the offer is not restricted to just rates. Even the processing fee is quite low, making it more appealing for you. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check out some of the best balance transfer offers for you.

How to Determine the Best Personal Loan and Home Loan Balance Transfer Offer?

Before heading to the best offers, it’s important to know how they can be called the best for you. When you transfer your outstanding personal loan balance, ensure the new interest rate is lower than the existing one by at least 4-5%. At the same time, check how long the loan will go. For more savings, you should do a balance transfer when your loan is at least 2-3 years away from getting finished. When it comes to a home loan, you should get a balance transfer done as early as possible and at an interest lower than the existing one by at least 0.25%-1%.

Lenders That Have Raised the Festive Fervour with Attractive Balance Transfer Offers

SBI, HDFC Limited ICICI Bank and several others have lined up attractive deals for customers wanting to transfer their outstanding personal loan and home loan balances. Let’s check out the offers without any further delay.

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Let’s Check Out Personal Loan Offers First

HDFC Bank, YES BANK and a few others have come out with attractive personal loan balance transfer offers. Let’s see all these offers one after another.

Personal Loan Balance Transfer

What Will You Get on Transferring Your Outstanding Personal Loan Balance to HDFC Bank?

HDFC Bank has announced attractive personal loan balance transfer offers for both salary and non-salary account holders in India. The offer is based on the net monthly income of the applicant. Both interest rates and processing fees are significantly lower. Check the details below.

IncomeSuper CAT A, CAT A, CATGA, CAT HDFCProcessing Fee
INR 50,000 & Above 10.50%INR 3499
INR 35,000 - INR 49,00010.99%INR 3499
Below INR 35,00013.25%INR 5000

Note: No Balance Transfer is allowed for customers having opted a Moratorium.

YES BANK Personal Loan Balance Transfer

YES BANK has got aggressive personal loan pricing plans for customers across different segments. You can transfer your outstanding personal loan amount at a rate of as low as 10.45% per annum. YES BANK will assess the eligibility of candidates for the lowest rate based on their income, workplace, etc. The lowest rate will be given to customers having a monthly salary of INR 75,000. But they also need to work in a CAT A company with the loan amount should be around INR 7.50 lakh.

Salaried doctors and pharma sector employees can get an interest rate of 10.75% on transferring the outstanding loan balance to YES BANK. If you are working in YES BANK, you can get a deal of 10.75% on transferring your outstanding loan balance here. The rest all will have rates starting from 10.75% per annum.

Shall You Consider Switching Your Personal Loan to Kotak?

Kotak Mahindra Bank offers customers attractive interest rates when they look to switch their existing personal loan here. It has set such offers based on the credit score, income and workplace of the applicant. You can grab the rate as low as 11.65%. Let’s check out the table below for more details.

How Attractive are Home Loan Balance Transfer Offers?

The importance of a good balance transfer offer is felt more in the case of home loans. As the home loan runs for around 15-20 years on average, getting it done within 2-3 years of taking the loan could yield you savings of around INR 2 lakh or even more. Given the savings on offers, lenders have come with exciting offers to woo customers looking to transfer their outstanding home loan from their existing lender. Let’s check out the offers.

Home Loan Balance Transfer & Save Big

ICICI Home Loan Balance Transfer

ICICI Bank has been active on the home loan balance transfer front by keeping the rate to as low as 6.95% per annum. Overall, the interest rate of 6.95%-7.50% will apply when you transfer your home loan balance to ICICI Bank. How will the interest rate and processing fee pan out across different loan amounts? Let’s check out the table below to know the same.

ProductLoan Amount (In INR)Types of Lending InstitutionsInterest Rate (In Per Annum)Processing Fee
Home Loan<35 LakhMNC Banks, PSBs, Private Banks, LIC Housing Finance, HDFC Ltd.8.65%NIL
>35 LakhMNC Banks, PSBs, Private Banks, LIC Housing Finance, HDFC Ltd.8.65%
Top Up on Home Loan<35 LakhMNC Banks, PSBs, Private Banks, LIC Housing Finance, HDFC Ltd.8.40%0.50% of the loan amount plus GST
>35 LakhMNC Banks, PSBs, Private Banks, LIC Housing Finance, HDFC Ltd.8.40%

How Attractive HDFC Home Loan Balance Transfer is for Borrowers?

The premier mortgage lender HDFC Limited is not behind when it comes to providing attractive home loan balance transfer deals to borrowers. You can get the rate as low as 6.90%. Sounds exciting! The rate would, however, vary according to the loan amount and profession. You should have a credit score of 730 and above to grab this offer. For more details, you can check the table below.

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Salaried and Self-employed Professionals

Loan Slab (In INR)Home Loan Interest Rates (In Per Annum)
Women - Upto 30 Lakh8.95%-9.45%
Others - Upto 30 Lakh9.00%-9.50%
Women - 30.01 Lakh - 75 Lakh9.20%-9.70%
Others - 30.01 Lakh - 75 Lakh9.25%-9.75%
Women - 75.01 Lakh and Above9.30%-9.80%
Others - 75.01 Lakh and Above9.35%-9.85%

Self-employed Non-professionals

Loan Slab (In INR)Home Loan Interest Rates (In Per Annum)
Women - Upto 30 Lakh9.05%-9.55%
Others - Upto 30 Lakh9.10%-9.60%
Women - 30.01 Lakh - 75 Lakh9.30%-9.80%
Others - 30.01 Lakh - 75 Lakh9.35%-9.85%
Women - 75.01 Lakh and Above 9.40%-9.90%
Others - 75.01 Lakh and Above9.45%-9.95%

Disclaimer – HDFC Home Loan Interest Rates at 6.90%* onwards for women applicants. All loans are at the sole discretion of HDFC Limited.

What is the Interest Rate When You Switch Your Home Loan to SBI?

The public lender State Bank of India (SBI) is a force in the home loan segment owing to attractive interest rates for customers. If you wish to do a balance transfer, the following rates will apply.

ProfessionLoan AmountInterest Rates for Women (p.a.)Interest Rates for Others (p.a.)
Salaried BorrowersUpto 30 lakhs6.70% - 6.90%6.70% - 6.90%
Above 30 to 75 lakhs6.70% - 6.90%6.70% - 6.90%
Above 75 lakhs6.70% - 6.90%6.70% - 6.90%
Non Salaried BorrowersUpto 30 lakhs6.70% - 6.90%6.70% - 6.90%
Above 30 to 75 lakhs6.70% - 6.90%6.70% - 6.90%
Above 75 lakhs6.70% - 6.90%6.70% - 6.90%

What Will You Get When Switching Your Outstanding Home Loan Balance to LIC Housing Finance?

LIC Housing Finance home loan balance transfer is available for borrowers at 8.65% - 10.25%. Not only that, there’s no processing fee too.

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Personal Loan Interest Rates January 2023
Fullerton India12.00% - 24.00%
HDFC Bank10.99% - 15.00%
ICICI Bank10.50% - 18.00%
IndusInd Bank10.49% - 31.50%
Kotak Bank10.75%
RBL17.50% - 26.00%
Standard Chartered Bank10.75% - 13.00%
Tata Capital10.75% - 18.00%
Home Loan Interest Rates January 2023
Axis Bank7.60% - 8.05%
Bank of Baroda7.45% - 8.80%
Citibank6.65% - 7.40%
HDFC8.60% - 9.60%
ICICI Bank8.75% - 9.80%
Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited8.65%
Kotak Bank8.30% - 8.90%
LIC Housing8.65% - 9.75%
Piramal Capital & Housing Finance10.50%
PNB Housing Finance8.50% - 10.35%
Reliance Home Finance8.75% - 14.00%
State Bank of India/SBI8.00% - 8.55%
Tata Capital7.75%