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Intec Capital Limited Business Loan

Intec Capital Limited Business Loan

Last Updated : May 28, 2021, 9:13 p.m.

Intec Capital Limited supports the Small and Medium Entreprises and helps them in accelerating the business by lending a business loan. The loans are collateral free and no guarantor is required. The loans are sanctioned by judging the personal eligibility of the customer. And thus, the rate of interest is decided. To avail the loan, the customer just needs to login the official website and apply online. The process is simple and hassle free.

Intec Capital Limited Business Loan Details

Particulars Details
Rate of Interest Personalised
Loan Amount As per creditworthiness of the borrower
Type Of Loan Collateral Free

Features And Benefits

  • No collateral or security is required
  • Fast processing of loan application
  • Less Documentation required
  • Personalised service

How To Apply

You can apply for Intec Capital business loan online. Login the official website and fill the application form. The product manager will revert the information regarding the application.

Intec Capital Limited Business Loan EMI Calculator

You can now compare the various business loan options available at a different rate of interest and repayment facilities using the business loan EMI calculator . The calculator is useful in deciding the loan amount and the tenure. Using calculator you get to know the EMI amount you have to pay during the tenure you are opting for. It reveals the amount of interest charged on the loan amount you are willing to take. And gives a realistic estimate of the future payments. The functioning of the EMI calculator is quick and simple. The EMI amount is computed once the details regarding the loan amount, tenor and rate of interest are entered into the calculator. EMI amount is computed using the below mentioned formula :

E = P.r. (1 + r) n / (1 + r) n -1


P = the Principal Loan Amount
r = the rate of interest calculated on a monthly basis
n = the tenor/duration of the loan

Suppose, I want a loan of Rs. 50,00,000 for the period of 12 months then my EMI will range from Rs. 4,51,292 – Rs. 4,60,783 at the present rate of interest which is

Table Showing EMI, Amount of Interest and Total Repayment Amount

Loan Amount Rate Of Interest Tenure EMI Total Interest Amount Total Repayment Amount
Rs. 50,00,000 15% p.a – 19% p.a 12 months (1 year) Rs. 4,51,292 - Rs. 4,60,783 Rs. 4,15,499 - Rs. 5,29,395 Rs. 54,15,499 - Rs. 55,29,395

Amortization Table

Year Principal Interest Balance Amount
1 year Rs. 5,005,571 - Rs. 5,007,182 Rs. 415,497 - Rs. 529,393 Rs. 0

Intec Capital Limited Business Loan Eligibility Criteria

The suitable candidates to apply for loan are :

1. Self Employed professionals
2. Proprietorship Firms
3. Partnership Firms
4. Private Limited Companies
5. Limited Companies

Intec Capital Limited Application Form

To apply for Intec Capital business loan fill in the following details in the online application form :

  • Name of the firm
  • Name of the customer
  • Address
  • Email ID

Documents Required:

  • PAN Card – For Company /Firm/ individual
  • Identity Proof : Copy of Aadhaar Card/Passport/Voter’s ID card/Pan Card/Driving License
  • Address Proof : Copy of Aadhaar Card/Passport/ Voter ID-Card/Driving License
  • Bank Statement (latest 6 months)
  • Latest ITR along with computation of income, Balance sheet and Profit & Loss a/c for the last 2 years. Financial should be CA Certified /Audited.
  • Proof of continuation (ITR/Trade license /Establishment /Sales Tax certificate)
  • Other Mandatory Documents (Sole Prop. Declaration Or Certified Copy of Partnership Deed, Certified true copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association (certified by Director) & Board resolution (Original)

Intec Capital Limited Business Loan Interest Rate

The rate of interest charged on the business loan depends on the repayment capacity of the individual. The rate is influenced by the income of the customer, nature of the business and the amount of loan. The rates also vary according to the tenure of the loan.

Factors Affecting Business Loan Eligibility

Quantitative Parameters Qualitative Parameters
- Financial Ratios
- Sales Turnover and Profitability Record
- Credit History
- Management Details/ Shareholding Pattern
- Industry
- Business Model

Intec Capital Limited Customer Care

For other inquiries, doubts and grievances give a call on 91 11 465 222 00. The customer care executive will resolve your doubt in the best possible way. You can even fill the feedback and inquiries form available on the official website.

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