State Bank Of Hyderabad Business Loan

Founded in 1941 as Hyderabad State Bank, the Bank now has over 2000 branches and about 18,000 branches. Its head office is situated at Gunfoundry Area, Hyderabad. Since 1956, it has been a subsidiary of State Bank of India and is now the Bank’s largest associate bank. State Bank of Hyderabad offers business loan to the SME units engaged in diverse operational activities under various loan schemes. The loans are available in the form of working capital and term loans. The maximum tenure of working capital is 12 months. Whereas, the term loans are sanctioned for the maximum period of 7 years. The eligible candidates can avail a loan of an amount as high as Rs.10 crores. However, the maximum loan amount differs on the various loan schemes provided by the bank. The rate of interest too varies from scheme to scheme and ranges from 12.20% p.a – 16.05% p.a. The further information regarding the product is provided below:

State Bank Of Hyderabad Business Loan Details

Interest Rate12.20% p.a. – 16.05% p.a.
Loan AmountUp to Rs. 10,00,00,000
Tenure1 year – 7 years
Processing FeeAs per bank's policy

How To Apply

The interested candidates can apply for the business loan online. The applicant needs to fill the required details after clicking on the 'apply online' tab. After filling the details click on the submit button. The bank officer will contact back. Or the applicant can even visit the bank branch and fill the loan application form and submit the same along with the required documents at the designated counter.  

State Bank Of Hyderabad Business Loan EMI Calculator

The EMI calculator is a calculator designed to make the calculation of EMI quick and simple. It computes the real results in the shortest time. The calculator helps the user to know his/ her EMI value and plan for the future payments accordingly. The user can also learn about the amount of interest he/ she has to pay for the loan amount being taken. The calculator works on a simple principle. The user only has to feed the loan amount, the rate of interest and the tenure of the loan. Afterwards, the computed value will be displayed on the screen.

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For Example – A borrower takes a loan of Rs. 5 crores for the period of 7 years then his calculated EMI will range from Rs. 8,87,993 – 9,94,528. The total repayment amount will be ranging from Rs. 7,45,91,445 – 8,35,40,318.

The user can even know the amount of interest payable on the same loan amount at different tenure from the table given below :

Table Showing EMI, Total Interest Amount, Total Repayment Amount

Loan Amount
(in Rs.)
Interest Rate
(in years)
(in Rs.)
Total Interest Amount
(in Rs.)
Total Repayment Amount (Principal + Interest)
(in Rs.)
5,00,00,00012.20% – 16.05%144,47,119 - 45,37,72633,65,427 - 44,52,7125,33,65,427 - 5,44,52,712
5,00,00,00012.20% – 16.05%223,58,346 - 24,49,35066,00,310 - 87,84,4055,66,00,310 - 5,87,84,405
5,00,00,00012.20% – 16.05%316,65,496 - 17,59,08699,57,847 - 1,33,27,1025,99,57,847 - 6,33,27,102
5,00,00,00012.20% – 16.05%413,21,607 - 14,18,2951,34,37,137 - 1,80,78,1486,34,37,137 - 6,80,78,148
5,00,00,00012.20% – 16.05%511,17,282 - 12,17,2321,70,36,939 - 2,30,33,8956,70,36,939 - 7,30,33,895
5,00,00,00012.20% – 16.05%69,82,718 - 10,85,9692,07,55,673 - 2,81,89,7637,07,55,673 - 7,81,89,763
5,00,00,00012.20% – 16.05%78,87,993 - 9,94,5282,45,91,445 - 3,35,40,3187,45,91,445 - 8,35,40,318

Amortization Table

(in Rs.)
(in Rs.)
Balance Amount
(in Rs.)
14,210,131 - 4,819,5025,836,414 - 7,724,20545,180,498 - 45,789,869
24,937,851 - 5,441,4995,214,417 - 6,996,48539,738,999 - 40,852,018
35,791,355 - 6,143,7714,512,145 - 6,142,98133,595,228 - 35,060,663
46,792,385 - 6,936,6753,719,241 - 5,141,95126,658,553 - 28,268,278
57,966,448 - 7,831,9112,824,005 - 3,967,88818,826,642 - 20,301,830
68,842,686 - 9,343,4411,813,230 - 2,590,8959,983,956 - 10,958,389
79,992,894 - 10,971,514672,010 - 975,8860

Table Showing Business Loan Schemes, Eligibility and Quantum of Loan and Rate of Interest

SchemesEligibilityQuantum of Loan Tenure
Collateral Free LoansNew and existing Micro and Small Enterprises engaged in Manufacturing and service sectorUp to Rs. 1 crore1year -7 years
Contractor PlusFirst Class contractors of good repute, undertaking works on behalf of Central / State Government Departments / Public Sector undertakings and reputed private sector organizations
The contractors of good repute who are allotted contracts by Public Sector Undertakings/ Railways / M.N.Cs and reputed Private Sector Organisations
Sub-contractors executing works on behalf of main contractors who have been allotted works by the above- mentioned categories of undertaking
Minimum: Rs. 5 lacs
Maximum: Need Based
1year -7 years
Doctor PlusIndividuals / partnership firms / Limited Companies / Trusts [with powers to borrow] are eligible, provided Key promoters should be qualified doctors
Any qualified medical practitioner including dentists possessing minimum qualification to practice in a discipline such as MBBS/ BDS/ BAMS/ GAMS/ BHMS etc. from any institution established, aided or recognized by the Government
The applicant Should be in the age group of 25 to 60 years
Up to Rs. 10,00,00,000-
General Purpose Term LoanExisting or New Corporate / Non Corporate customers of SME (both manufacturing and services sector)Up to Rs. 1,00,00,000 for service providers,
Up to Rs. 2,50,00,000 for Manufacturers
1 year – 5 years
Stree Shakti PackageIndividuals / partnership firms / Limited Companies / Trusts which are managed by Woman entrepreneursNeed based finance1 year – 7 years
Hotel PlusIndividuals / partnership firms / Limited Companies / Trusts who are in the activity of Hotel business are eligibleNeed based finance1 year – 7 years
Tourism FinIndividuals / partnership firms / Limited Companies / Trusts who are in the tourism development activity, tour operators, shops, restaurants, gift shops, etcNeed based finance1 year – 7 years
SBH WelcomeAll manufacturing and service units covered under Micro & Small Enterprises segmentMinimum: Rs.1,00,00,000
Maximum: Rs. 5,00,00,000
1 year – 7 years
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Documents Required

  • ID Proof – Anyone (Voter ID Card / Driving License / Passport / Aadhar Card)
  • Address Proof – Anyone (Voter ID Card/ Driving License/ Passport/ Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill / Registered Lease Deed or Sale Agreement/ Bank Statement)
  • PAN Card
  • Ownership proof of either residence or office either
  • Business Continuation Proof – Anyone (Bank Statement / Sales Tax Challans / IT Returns / Shops & Est. Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation / Partnership Deed)
  • Letter certifying end use of the business loan funds on Business Letterhead
  • Passport Size Photographs of all applicants and co-applicants

Features and Benefits of State Bank Of Hyderabad Business Loan

  • Multiple schemes to suit the different segments
  • Loan available in form of working capital and term loan
  • Highest loan available up to Rs. 10 crores
  • Availability of collateral free loan up to Rs.1 crore

Factors Affecting Business Loan Eligibility

  • Loan Repayment track
  • Credit Performance / Credit Bureau Update
  • Debt servicing ability of the customer
  • Business Vintage
  • Financial Ratios
  • Existing relationship

State Bank Of Hyderabad Customer Care

To get the detailed information about the business loan, contact the customer care division. You can even get your queries redressed by product expertise. Call on the 24×7 helpline number 18004251825 or on 18004254055 active on all working days between 8:00 A.M – 8:00 P.M.

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