Own Cars that Command Best Resale Value

Own cars that command best resale value

You may not agree that the used car market is bigger than the new car counterpart in India. But it holds true as over 2.2 million new cars are sold as opposed to more than 3 million used cars in India. Used cars are sold through organized as well as unorganized sectors. Organized channels for sale of used cars include brokers, agents, online sites and dealers, while you can sale such vehicles in an unorganized manner through referrals, friends and neighbourhood. Used car market remains free from road tax, state MCD charges, loading charges, insurance premium prices much unlike new cars on which such taxes and charges are applicable. But not all the used cars will give you the desired value during the time of sell. Because the resale value is determined on several factors like maintenance, servicing, years of operation, etc. But the most important element is the brand equity that actually sells the product. So when you go out to buy the new car, make sure you pick one of the brands mentioned below as it will help you gain higher value on the cars you wish to sell in the future.

Top ten used cars with maximum resale value

There are a list of cars under several segments that can offer maximum resale value. Segments include hatchback, sedan and SUV/MPV cars.


Wagon R

  • Used Wagon R, which features superior rear seat legroom, is high on demand among the buyers
  • If this model is five year old and travelled up to 40,000 KM, then it can fetch around Rs 2.5 lakhs during the time of its sale
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Maruti Swift

  • Known as the king of used cars, Maruti Swift with sleek look commands the best resale value
  • New 1.2 litre K series, introduced in 2011, is witnessing strong demand with resale value of around Rs 2.5-3 lakhs

Hyundai i20

  • Hyundai i20’s petrol variant can command a resale value within Rs 3-3.5 lakhs, while diesel version can fetch around Rs 4.5 lakhs
  • People generally buy second hand Hyundai i20 if it is not used for more than 3-4 years


Honda Amaze Diesel

  • Honda Amaze is the most sought after due to its fuel efficiency and spacious cabin
  • The model, with 3-4 years of operation, can fetch the resale value of around Rs 3-5 lakhs

Maruti Swift Dzire

  • The model remains much in demand and could offer a resale value of around Rs 3.15 lakhs if it is used for more than 4 years

Honda City

  • Honda City probably remains the only MID Sedan in high demand as it has spacious cabin, offers high mileage, social status and superior engine performance
  • Honda City models command resale value of Rs 2 lakhs if the model is over ten year old. The resale value rises to Rs 3.5 lakhs if the models are used for seven years

Utility – SUV / MPV

Ford Ecosport

  • With high on demand in market, Ford Ecosport would command resale value of Rs 5 lakhs and Rs 6 lakhs for petrol and diesel variants, respectively.
  • You can get the above price if the car was bought not before 2013

Maruti Ertiga

  • Buyers looking for 7-seater car can give Rs 4 lakh to buy the second hand Maruti Ertiga
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Toyota Innova

  • Depending on the versions, the resale value of the models range within Rs 7-10 lakhs
  • Models must not have been used for more than 3-4 years

Toyota Fortuner

  • Toyota Fortuner commands resale price ranging between Rs 16-19 lakhs depending on the versions

You can also refer to the table to know resale value of the cars

BrandPurchase PriceResale Value (After 3 yrs)
Maruti Wagon R4 lakhs2.5 lakhs
Maruti Swift5 lakhs2.5-3 lakhs
Hyundai i205-6.5 lakhs3-4.5 lakhs
Honda Amaze Diesel4-8 lakhs3-5 lacs
Maruti Swift Dzire5-6 lakhs3.15-3.5 lakhs
Honda City6.99-8.20 lakhs2-3.5 lakhs
Ford Ecosport5.59-6.69 lakhs5-6 lakhs
Maruti Ertiga5.89-8.45 lakhs4-5 lakhs
Toyota Innova8.87-13.20 lakhs7-10 lakhs
Toyota Fortuner19.99-20.99 lakhs16-19 lakhs

Note- The resale value depends on the variants of the cars

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