HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card

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HDFC provides a variety of benefits to its customers through different means. The popularity of credit cards is increasing day by day because they provide convenience and ease of access. Furthermore, banks continue to introduce new credit cards into the market in order to serve a diverse range of customers. This time, HDFC, a major competitor, has introduced the HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card. It is a brand-new credit card designed specifically for frequent travelers. Further, you can also avail here free Club Vistara Silver Tier membership, MMT Black Elite membership, rewards, lounge access, 24/7 concierge services, Priority Pass, insurance, and other perks here. Dive deeper into this article to understand the HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card.

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card: Benefits and Features

It is one of the best HDFC credit cards that offers amazing travel benefits to customers. Moreover, you can also avail benefits from various other categories like rewards, milestone benefits, good food train programs, shopping perks, etc. As a result, you can get a variety of benefits by purchasing a single credit card.

Here are the HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card benefits and features:

Welcome Benefits

Enjoy Club Vistara Silver Tier and MMT Black Elite membership as a welcome bonus. However, you can grab the offer by spending INR 1 lakh or more within 90 days of credit card issuance.

Milestone Benefits

These are the following vouchers you can get while using the Regalia Gold Credit Card:

  • For INR 1500, you will receive vouchers from Marriott, Myntra, Marks & Spencer, or Reliance Digital. However, it is applicable if you spend INR 1.5 lakh quarterly.
  • Get INR 5000 flight vouchers on annual spends of INR 5 lakh in an anniversary year.
  • If your spend is INR 7.5 lakhs or more in an anniversary year, then you will get an additional voucher of INR 5000.


Below are the rewards you can earn:

  • Win 20 reward points on spending INR 150 at Marks & Spencer, Myntra, Nykaa, & Reliance Digital.
  • Get 4 reward points for spending INR 150 on retail spending.

Zero Lost Card Liability

If your credit card is lost or stolen, then you can contact the customer care department of HDFC Bank. However, within 24 hours of reporting it to the bank, you will not be held liable for that.

Foreign Currency Markup

You will get 2% for all your foreign currency markup spends.


Enjoy concierge services 24 hours a day on your HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card.

Complimentary Lounge Access

Get up to 12 lounge access in India and outside India at no cost. Simply swipe your credit card at the lounge and enjoy the benefit.

Priority Pass

You can apply for Priority Pass for yourself and add-on members once you complete a minimum of four retail transactions on your HDFC Bank Regalia Gold Credit Card. Furthermore, by using it, you and your add-on member can avail of 6 complimentary international lounge access.

Renewal Fee Perk

The renewal fee can be waived if you spend INR 4 lakh in an anniversary year.

Smart EMI

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card has features that allow you to convert big spending into small EMIs.

Contactless Payment

It comes with contactless payment features that enable a fast, secure, and convenient payment gateway.


You will get the following comprehensive insurance protection plans:

  • Accidental air death cover worth Rs. 1 crore
  • Emergency overseas hospitalization: up to Rs. 15 lakhs
  • Credit Liability Coverage: Up to Rs. 9 Lakhs

Good Food Trail Program

You can save up to 20% on all restaurant bill payments. Furthermore, you can get this offer by using the Swiggy Dineout option in over 20,000 restaurants. However, the offer is only valid for payments made through the Swiggy app.

Fee and Charges – HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card

The fee and charges structure of this HDFC Credit Card is as follows:

Particulars Fee
Joining FeesINR 2500
Annual FeesINR 2500

It can be waived if you spend INR 4 lakh in an anniversary year.
Interest-Free PeriodUp to 50 days
Add-on Card FeeNIL
Overlimit Account Charges2.5% of the overlimit amount and a minimum of INR 550
Late payment charges- No late payment fee is charged if the amount is less than INR 100.
- If the amount is between INR 100 and INR 500, you must pay INR 1000.
- Pay up to INR 500 for amounts between INR 501 and INR 5000, you have to
- In cases where the amount lies between INR 5001 to INR 10,000 you have to pay INR 600.
- A late payment fee of INR 800 is charged for amounts between INR 10,001 to INR 25,000.
- You have to pay a fee of INR 1100 if the amount lies between INR 25,001 to INR 50,000.
- For any amount greater than INR 50,000, pay up to INR 1300.
Payment Return ChargesEither 2% of the payment amount is subject to a minimum of INR 450.
Rewards Redemption FeeINR 99
Railway Ticket Purchase Fee1% of the transaction amount + GST

Eligibility Criteria

To get the HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card, you need to meet the following credit card eligibility requirements:

Salaried Employees Self-Employed Individuals
The applicant's minimum age should be 21 and their maximum age should be 60.Anyone between the ages of 21 and 65 can apply for this credit card.
The monthly income of salaried workers should be INR 1 lakh.Self-employed individuals should be earning around INR 12 lakh per annum.

Rewards Redemption

It is one of the best credit cards, with a variety of ways to redeem your reward points. Nevertheless, you can redeem your reward points on Smartbuy or Netbanking.

The following are the methods and conversion rates for redeeming reward points:

  • Get a special gold catalog on a few premium brands by using Smartbuy. However, the maximum value is 1 reward point,=0.5 Indian rupees.
  • Utilize Smartbuy to book lodging and travel at a rate of 1 reward point=INR 0.5.
  • Through Internet banking, convert Airmiles. However, it must be exchanged for 0.5 air miles per reward point.
  • Convert the products and vouchers with a value of 1 reward point=INR 0.35. Further, it can be purchased through Netbanking or SmartBuy.
  • The redemption will be at the rate of 1 reward point=INR 0.20 against the statement balance.

Why should you purchase the HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card?

The HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card is one of the best travel credit cards in India. It offers various traveling perks and privileges that a frequent traveler should need. Moreover, it is equipped with a host of varieties from other categories. You can dine out with friends, go shopping, convert large purchases into EMIs, and do other things here. Furthermore, it is a premium credit card with excellent features. In addition, you can accumulate reward points and get premium benefits from brands. Additionally, the converted Airmiles will undoubtedly assist you in your travel journey. As a result, anyone looking for a luxurious experience with a slew of benefits should get the Regalia Gold Credit Card.


The HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card is designed for those who desire a high-end lifestyle. The bank created it to meet the needs of those people. Furthermore, because it is a contactless credit card, you do not have to swipe it everywhere to complete the transaction. In addition, the lost card liability will shield you from any mishaps that may occur if your card is lost or stolen. Moreover, the insurance, travel benefits, rewards, and so on will assist you in making the most of your credit card.