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HSBC Mutual Fund

HSBC Mutual Fund

Last Updated : May 19, 2017, 12:03 p.m.


HSBC Mutual Fund is one of the foremost mutual fund company in India. The investment manager of HSBC Mutual Fund come under the reigns of HSBC Asset Management(India) Pvt. Ltd which provides an optimum investment performance, institutionalized investment management process, efficient and reliable service along with a flexible range to create long-term wealth for individual and institutional investors.

HSBC Global Asset Management is a renowned global asset management firm which manages assets worth USD 415.5 billion as at 30 September 2016 with well-established businesses in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, North America, Latin America and the Middle East.

HSBC Global Asset Management has an effectiveness in providing a globally-consistent, disciplined, investment process across its capabilities, producing the local knowledge and expertise of the team of over 500 investment professionals and over 2,000 employees based in approximately 30 locations around the world.

Board of Directors for HSBC Asset Management(India) Pvt. Ltd.

The list of board of directors are as under:

1. AMC Directors

  • Ravi Menon(CEO and Associate Director)
  • S P Mustafa(Director)
  • Kishori J Udeshi(Director)
  • Dinesh Mittal(Director)

2. Trustee Directors

  • N. P. Gidwani (Chairman of the Board of Trustees)
  • Nasser Munjee(Economist/Consultant; Senior Advisor-Infrastructure, KPMG )
  • Manu Tandon(Managing Director-Beck India Ltd.)
  • Mehli Mistri (Executive; Ex-MD Saudi Amercian Bank; Ex-CEO ANZ Grindlays Bank)
  • Dilip J. Thakkar(Partner-Jayantilal Thakkar & Co.; Partner- Jayantilal Thakkar Associates)
  • Glenn Berry(Trustee Director)


The registrar of HSBC Asset Management(India) Pvt. Ltd. Is Computer Age Management Services (P) Ltd.

Fund Managers

The fund managers are classified as follows:

  • Neelotpal Sahai(Fund Manager-Equity)
  • Dhiraj Sachdev(Fund Manager-Equity)
  • Ranjithgopal K A(Dedicated Fund Manager for managing the overseas investments)
  • Gautam Bhupal (Fund Manager-Equity)
  • Sanjay Shah (Fund Manager-Fixed Income)
  • Gautam Bhupal (Fund Manager- Equity)
  • Amaresh Mishra (Fund Manager- Equity)
  • Aditya Khemani(Fund Manager-Equity)
  • Kapil Punjabi(Fund Manager-Debt)

Products offered by HSBC Mutual Fund

1. Equity products

Equity products are designed to invest directly in the stock market. These funds have various fund options in order to fulfill the long-term and short-term investment requirements of the investors. The following funds come under equity products offered by HSBC Mutual Fund:

  • HSBC Equity Fund
  • HSBC India Opportunities Fund
  • HSBC Midcap Equity Fund
  • HSBC Infrastructure Fund
  • HSBC Brazil Fund
  • HSBC Managed Solutions
  • HSBC Dividend Yield Equity Fund
  • HSBC Dynamic Fund
  • HSBC Emerging Markets Fund
  • HSBC Tax Saver Equity Fund
  • HSBC Asia-Pacific (Ex-Japan) Dividend Yield Fund
  • HSBC Global Consumer Opportunities Fund

2. Debt products

Debt products are those funds which predominately invest in bonds(short and long-term), money market instruments and floating rate debts. These funds are designed for wealth creation by assuming low to medium risk levels. The following debt funds are categorized by HSBC Mutual Fund:

  • HSBC Fixed Term Series
  • HSBC Ultra Short Term Bond Fund
  • HSBC Cash Fund
  • HSBC Income Fund
  • HSBC Flexi Debt Fund

3. Product add-on

The product add-on provides you the mode of investing in mutual fund products. It can be classified in two ways which are offered by HSBC Mutual Fund :

  • HSBC Systematic Investment Plan (HSBC SIP)
  • HSBC Systematic Transfer Plan (HSBC STP)

(Data taken from AMC Website)

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