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ICICI Stack API – A Digitalized Platform for Banking

ICICI Stack API – A Digitalized Platform for Banking

Last Updated : March 20, 2020, 5:55 p.m.

In this era of digitalization, every activity has been made digitalized and recently the Corona Virus Outbreak has restricted the individuals from getting into personal contact with any other person. Therefore, the ICICI bank has introduced a digitalized application known as ICICI Stack that has many facilities for the ICICI customers. You can manage all activities of your account just from an application. This application has about 500 services for retailers, customers, merchants, fintech firms, and other e-commerce companies. It a compilation of all the services that are offered to the customers in one place. You can open accounts, ask for loans and credit card and perform many such activities from the ICICI Stack Application.

ICICI Stack Services

There are 500 services available in just one application. You can have a look at some of those services and figure out the benefits of using this application.

  • Open Savings and Current Account from the Application.
  • Apply for Personal Loans, Home Loans, Car Loans, Business Loans, Overdraft Facility, and credit cards using the application.
  • Make Various payments using one application like UPI Payments through Bharat Bill Payment System.
  • Make investments into PPF, NPS, FDs, and RDs through the ICICI Stack Application.
  • Take all types of health insurance, life insurance, and terms insurance digitally.
  • Apply for the Protection of Life, Health, Card and Home through health care solutions.

Division of All the Services

All the services available on ICICI Stack are divided into several categories. You can go through all the categories and see the services that are available.

Accounts Stack:- This stack will help you to open savings and current accounts instantly with PPF and FD. You can also open a salary account and apply for a travel card through this digital platform. It also connects banking with ERP software and account management.

Payments Stack:- In this category, you can make digital payments like Payments through UPI, QR Scan and merchant settlements. It also allows digital on-boarding of merchants and service of Easypay merchant’s app.

Loans Stack:- You can apply for a personal loan, home loan, business loan, credit card, and all other types of loan top-ups through this application. The ICICI Stack also allows you to enable the e-Nach based mandate for making automatic payments.

Investment Stack:- Make investments into SIPs, FD, RD, NPS, and PPF using the application. Take insurance or credit card or SIP while making investments into FDs. You can also invest in mutual funds from this API.

Care Stack:- This stack consists of the services related to life protection, health protection, car, and home protection.

Advantage of ICICI Stack

Social Distancing:- As we can see the impact of the Corona Virus is at a boom, so it is better to make a social distance from other people. You can use ICICI Stack for managing all the banking activities rather than visiting the Branch and getting into social contact.

Convenient:- Now you can perform all the banking activities with just a touch of your finger. You don’t have to make any physical effort like going to the branch in heat or wasting your time in commuting to the bank.

Friendly Interface:- This API has a user-friendly interface that enables you to operate all the activities easily. There is no need to take any external advice from any other outsider as you can use it on your own. All the novice user can easily manage the accounts from this application.

Time-Saving:- This application will save a lot of time for the individual. You can make various transactions into seconds. Apply for a loan or a credit card or just open a savings account, all these activities can be done from this application.

24×7 Availability:- You can use all the services of this application anytime and anywhere. There is no restriction of time for using the application. On the other hand, you can use this application from any location present across India.

Ways for Non-ICICI Customers to Use the Application

Retail Customer:- If in case you are a Non-ICICI retail customer then you have to open an account in the ICICI bank to enjoy all the benefits of the ICICI Stack. The Non-ICICI customers can open a saving account in ICICI Bank digitally without visiting the branch.

Business Entity:- The Business entities can enjoy the services of ICICI Stack by downloading the IntaBiz Application that is specially made for the businesses. All the business entities can accept bulk payments and get an automatic bank reconciliation through this API.

Take Away

Well, there are a lot of services that have been given in this API. So just use them through the application and save your time and effort. You have seen that there are a lot of advantages of this API and especially it will help you to fight the Corona Outbreak restricting you from the social contact.

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