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Established on 20th April 1989, LIC Mutual Fund was established by LIC of India. LIC Mutual Fund is one of the leading player in the arena of asset management which is also an associate company of India’s foremost and most reputed brand i.e. LIC. With a systematic investment discipline combined with a high standard of financial ethic and corporate governance, LIC Mutual Fund is known to be a preferred Investment Manager amongst the investor group.

LIC Mutual Fund aims to generate value for its investors by undertaking innovative and vigorous investment strategies, thereby fulfilling the needs of all investors. LIC Mutual Fund believes in captivating its customers and partners by offering superior investment experience and exceptional services thereby honestly bringing them happiness for life.

Life Insurance Corporation of India acts as the sponsor of the company whereas LIC Mutual Fund Trustee Pvt. Ltd. acts as the trustee of the company.

Board of Directors for LIC Mutual Fund Asset Management Ltd.

The list of board of directors are as under:

1. AMC Directors

  • Shri. Vijay Kumar Sharma (Nominee Director)
  • Shri. S. K. Mitra (Independent Director)
  • Shri. Satish K. Kamat (Independent Director)
  • Shri. Kailash Kumar Bang (Independent Director)
  • Shri. Vijay Sharma (Independent Director)
  • Shri. Sanjay A. Muthal (Independent Director)
  • Shri. S. Gopakumar (Nominee Director)
  • Shri. Vinay Sah (Nominee Director)
  • Shri. Raj Kumar (Associate Director)

2. Trustee Directors

  • Shri. H. N. Motiwalla (Independent Director)
  • Shri. M. Raghavendra (Independent Director)
  • Shri. Hemant Bhargava (Nominee Director)
  • Shri. Rammohan Nilkanth Bhave (Independent Director)
  • Shri. Pradeep Bhide (Independent Director)
  • Shri. T. C. Venkat Subramanian (Independent Director)


The registrar of LIC Mutual Fund Asset Management Ltd. is Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd.

Fund Managers

The fund managers are classified as follows:

  • Mr. Ramnath Venkateswaran(Fund Manager-Equity)
  • Mr. Sachin Relekar(Fund Manager-Equity)
  • Mr. Marzban Irani (Fund Manager-Debt)
  • Mr. Rahul Singh(Fund Manager-Debt)

Products offered by LIC Mutual Fund

1. Equity Funds

Equity funds are designed to invest in stock market. Equity/growth funds have several fund options in order to fulfill the long-term or short-term investment requirements of the investors. Equity Funds are broadly classified into open-ended and close-ended schemes.

Open-Ended Schemes

  • LIC MF Banking And Financial Services Fund
  • LIC MF Equity Fund
  • LIC MF Growth Fund
  • LIC MF Index Fund Nifty
  • LIC MF Index Fund Sensex
  • LIC MF Infrastructure Fund
  • LIC MF Midcap Fund
  • LIC MF Tax Plan

Close-Ended Schemes

  • LIC MF Diversified Equity Fund
  • LIC MF Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme

2. Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds provide returns commensurate with the performance of gold subject to tracking error. It permits the investor to buy and sell such units throughout the day on an exchange.

ETF’s are broadly classified into open-ended schemes which are as follows:

Open-Ended Schemes

  • LIC MF Exchange Traded Fund -Nifty 100
  • LIC MF Exchange Traded Fund-Nifty 50
  • LIC MF Exchange Traded Fund-Sensex
  • LIC MF G-Sec Long Term Exchange Traded Fund

3. Debt Funds

Debt funds are income funds which aim to offer regular and steady income to investors. Such schemes generally invest in fixed income securities like bonds, corporate debentures, Government securities and money market instruments. Such funds are less risky as compared to equity funds.

Debt Funds are broadly classified into open-ended schemes and Interval schemes.

Open-ended schemes

  • LIC MF Bond Fund
  • LIC MF Income Plus Fund
  • LIC MF GSec Fund
  • LIC MF Savings Plus Fund
  • LIC MF Children’s Fund
  • LIC MF Monthly Income Plan

Interval schemes

  • LIC MF Interval Fund Quarterly Plan
  • LIC MF Interval Fund Annual Plan
  • LIC MF Interval Fund Monthly Plan

4. Hybrid Funds

Hybrid Funds permit the investors to enjoy growth and income at periodic intervals. These funds are invested in a mixed proportion of both equities and fixed-income instruments; the proportion is pre-determined and disclosed in the scheme related offer document. These funds are suitable for the cautiously aggressive investors. Hybrid Funds are broadly classified into open-ended schemes and close-ended schemes.

Open-ended schemes

  • LIC MF Balanced Fund
  • LIC MF Unit Linked Insurance Scheme

Close-ended schemes

  • LIC MF Dual Advantage Fund
  • LIC MF Capital Protection Oriented Fund

5. Liquid Funds

Liquid Funds are also called as income funds which aim to foster easy liquidity, capital protection, and moderate income. These schemes invest primarily in secured short-term instruments like treasury bills, commercial paper, certificates of deposit and inter-bank call money etc. LIC Liquid Fund is only liquid fund scheme offered by LIC Mutual Fund.

(Data taken from AMC Website)

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