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Is it Good to Break an FD for Home Loan?

Is it Good to Break an FD for Home Loan?

Last Updated : May 9, 2020, 12:48 p.m.

No, you must not break your fixed deposit to get a home loan. As you know FD is a long term investment and there are zero market risks. You can borrow a home loan to purchase, construct, renovate and extend a housing unit. The loan will be given at about 75%-90% of the property value. You need to pay the remaining 10%-25% from your end to the seller of the property. In case you fall short of the deal amount, you can take a loan against fixed deposit to arrange the remaining amount. The loan against fixed deposits come with the following advantages.

Zero processing fee: One of the benefits that you will get from the loan is no processing fee. Yes, you don’t have to pay any kind of fees for the loan amount. However, if someone takes an unsecured loan to pay the remaining amount, he/she has to pay a processing fee at 1%-2% of the loan amount.

Affordable interest rate: The loan interest rate is low and it can be 2%-3% above the FD interest rate .

Desirable amount: You can borrow a maximum loan amount up to 90% of your FD value from the lender. The loan amount can be minimum INR 50,000.

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