A Salute to a Woman who won two Nobels

A Salute to a Woman who won two Nobels

The world celebrated yet another International Women’s day on March 8th 2017, a day on which the fairer sex was lauded and put on a pedestal as wives, mothers and even colleagues. There are several examples of women achievers we can talk about today but a woman born 150 years ago and winning not one but two Nobel prizes is certainly worth knowing and remembering.

Madame Marie Curie, who is best known for introducing the world to the concept of radioactivity, was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the only woman to have won the Nobel in multiple sciences (she won a Nobel twice). But if you thought that all these achievements came to her on a platter, think again.

No Risk. No Rewards.

Born as Maria Sklodowski in Warsaw, Poland in 1867, Marie was the youngest of five siblings. She knew the importance of education from an early age thanks to her parents who were teachers. She even showed a penchant for science, but could not complete her higher education owing to lack of funds. Determined not to give up, she took up a job to support her family and also continued to educate herself at every given opportunity. This way she completed her masters’ degree in Physics and Mathematics.

A passion for the sciences and research led her to Pierre Curie (her future spouse) when they worked in the same lab. Their ardent research led to the discovery of radioactive elements – ‘radium’ and ‘polonium’ for which the couple won a Nobel in Physics in 1903.

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The death of her husband in a freak road accident in 1906 shook her, but she did not bow down to fate. She continued her research while bringing up her young daughters singlehandedly. She broke all glass ceilings, ignored the ire of male scientists and continued her research with relentless persistence and perseverance. In 1910, she succeeded in isolating ‘radium’ and defining an international standard in radioactive emissions. For this, she won her second Nobel Prize, this time in Chemistry in 1911. Till as long as she lived Curie dedicated herself to research and advancement of science which makes her immortal till date.

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