Check out the return and investment details of Franklin India Opportunities Fund

When it comes to mutual fund, Franklin Templeton Investments needs no introduction as this renowned fund house gave birth to Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in India when it launched the same in 1996. Soon after, other Asset Management Companies (AMCs) followed suit by launching their respective SIPs.

Franklin India Opportunities Fund, launched by Franklin Templeton Investments in 2000, is suitable for investors wanting long-term capital appreciation. As an open-ended diversified growth scheme, it aims to appreciate the capital by leveraging the growth opportunities emerging from the Indian economy.


  • The fund picks sector or stocks on the basis of four themes- Companies with operation in areas wherein India has a massive advantage, global competitive Indian companies with the ability to benefit from the opportunities available around the world, undervalued companies, and companies that are capable of making gains from the opportunities prevalent in a growing economy.
  • The fund is designed for investors looking to leverage the growth opportunities by concentrating the exposure across select sectors and themes within a time frame of 3-5 years.
  • The fund can be suitable for investors with varied risk profiles and investment styles.

Basic Details

Type of fund-Open-ended

Category-Equity Multi Cap

Minimum investment required- Rs 5,000

Minimum Additional Investment- Rs 1,000

Minimum Investment in SIP- Rs 500

Minimum Withdrawal- Rs 1,000

Exit Load-1% for redemption within a year

Return since launch-16.56%

NAV as on date- Rs 55.83 per unit


Assets-More than Rs 500 cr

Average market capitalisation-49,341

Most recent dividend- Rs 1.75 per unit

Expense Ratio-2.77%

Top Ten Holdings

PE-Price Earning Ratio

Price Earning Ratio is a tool to calculate the market price of a stock with respect to its earnings by making a comparison between the market price per share and earning per share.

Now, you have got the required information to decide whether you would like to subscribe to Franklin India Opportunities Fund or not. Look at the long-term performance of the fund, and make a correct assessment of your risk profile before taking a call on associating with the most popular fund house.

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