List of Debt Funds with Best 1-year Returns


  • Searching for debt funds with best returns in 1-year? The list comprises of DSP Government Securities Fund, HDFC Short Term Debt Fund, etc
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An ideal investment is necessary to take us through the grinds of day-to-day life. The term ‘Ideal Investment’ can differ among individuals based on their goals and risk-appetite. While the aggressive of the lot would resonate more with stocks and equity mutual funds, the conservative investor class would be more inclined towards financial instruments that can provide stable returns.

Yes, there are a handful of fixed income instruments that people with less risk-appetite can invest in. But there’s none better than debt funds that ensure diversification by investing in bonds, debentures as well as money-market instruments. If you are a conservative investor, you must be searching for debt funds that must have provided good returns, isn’t it? If you searching for funds that have provided the best 1-year returns, you can find those in this post.

Which are Those Debt Funds That Have Provided the Best Returns in 1-year Period?

Debt funds, perhaps, have the widest categories among all other mutual funds. These funds come in short-term, liquid, floating rate, banking & PSU, gilt and other categories. The table below enlists the top two funds from each of the categories that have provided the best returns in a 1-year period.

Debt FundsCategory1-year Return
DSP Government Securities FundGilt16.78%
ICICI Prudential Gilt FundGilt13.44%
Aditya Birla Sun Life Banking & PSU Debt FundBanking & PSU10.82%
DSP Banking & PSU Debt FundBanking & PSU9.99%
HDFC Short Term Debt FundShort Duration9.35%
Baroda Short Term Bond FundShort Duration9.20%
Aditya Birla Sun Life Floating Rate FundFloater8.83%
HDFC Floating Rate Debt FundFloater8.42%
Axis Liquid FundLiquid7.48%
Franklin India Liquid Fund - Super Institutional PlanLiquid7.63%
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Note – The return data is sourced from Value Research as on July 16, 2019. The data pertains to the regular plan of the funds shown in the table above.

Disclaimer – “Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme document carefully before investing”.

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