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Equity Mutual Funds with Best SIP Returns


  • Looking to create retirement corpus? Start investing in equity mutual funds via a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
  • Choose the best equity mutual funds here and put your best foot forward to create wealth for the future

If you are looking to create a corpus for your retirement, there’s none better than investing in equity mutual funds via a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to achieve the same. The small bunch of regular payments can take you through to the corpus that would be sufficient to live your retirement days peacefully. Having said that, a wrong fund selection can make you fall short of accumulating the target corpus. Taking note of that, we have listed out the funds across categories (large cap, mid cap, small cap and multi cap) with impressive SIP returns over the years.

Which Large Cap Funds Have Delivered the Highest SIP Returns?

Funds1-year Return3-year Return5-year Return10-year Return
Axis Bluechip Fund22.69%16.32%14.09%
HDFC Index Fund - Sensex Plan15.40%12.85%11.95%11.43%
Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund14.50%10.71%12.30%15.40%
SBI Bluechip Fund15.40%8.02%9.05%13.04%
Motilal Oswal Focused 25 Fund18.89%11.08%10.54%-

Mid Cap Funds with Best Returns on SIP Investments

Funds1-year Return3-year Return5-year Return10-year Return
Axis Midcap Fund20.61%13.35%12.27%-
DSP Midcap Fund13.72%5.07%9.05%15.12%
Franklin India Prima Fund6.72%3.16%7.14%15.33%

Which Small Cap Funds Have Given the Highest SIP Returns?

Multi Cap Funds with Good SIP Returns

Funds1-year Return3-year Return5-year Return10-year Return
Axis Focused 25 Fund24.02%13.57%14.11%-
DSP Equity Fund23.53%11.10%11.34%12.87%
Franklin India Focused Equity Fund9.23%6.38%8.20%14.71%
Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund12.36%5.68%9.73%-
SBI Focused Equity Fund20.05%12.72%12.77%16.02%

What Else You Need to Do Beyond Checking the Returns?

Yes, the return is an important criterion as it tells about the way the fund has performed. But the decision to choose an equity mutual fund will also depend on the kind of risk appetite you have. If you have a moderate risk appetite, you would be better off choosing either a large or multi-cap fund. In case you can take a very high risk, you can go with mid and small-cap funds. Having said that, it’s ideal to choose two different types of funds for optimal investment diversification. Maybe, you should invest a maximum chunk in the fund that goes with your risk profile.

Note – Data sourced from Value Research as of Nov 4, 2019

Disclaimer – “Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing”.

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