Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund

Do you wish to grab hold of significant returns in Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund? Yes, why not? But you need to know about the company first which will help you to gain a deep insight before planning for your own investments. Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund is a product owned by Goldman Sachs Asset Management Company, which is one of the world’s renowned investment managers. Having more than 2,000 professionals across 33 offices throughout the world, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, in short, GSAM offers institutional and individual investors with investment and advisory solutions, with strategies traversing asset classes, industries and geographies. The investment team comprises of over 700 investment professionals, leveraging on the market insights, risk management expertise, and using the Goldman Sachs dynamic technology.

Surprisingly, if you are choosing Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund, you are deriving the best of both the Worlds. Let’s check out the ways you may seek the benefits:

Acknowledging Global Presence through local insights
Get the benefit from using the professionals expertise in bringing you global resources and perspectives wherever you are situated. Now get access to the fresh understanding of local economies, markets and cultures from the experts, thus forming a long-lasting relationship  with them.

Get benefitted from a vast array of Capabilities with a Strong Indepth Expertise
Secure beneficial returns from the specialist team comprising of experienced Heads and Chief Investment Officers, having an overall 20 years of industry experience. They devote themselves in delivering you strong and consistent results.

Customized Portfolio Advisory Services within your reach
Everybody has changing needs over a period of time. It becomes necessary to anticipate the changing needs of the clients. The advisory services team of GSAM covers an extensive range of in-depth investment analysis, strategic portfolio suggestions and customized solutions that maximizes the potential of deep industry expertise.

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Competent Risk Management Organization
Sound understanding of the complexity of risk management and it’s role in today’s market scenario is an essential part of GSAM’s investment culture. It has been taken care of by the independent control and operational support of GSAM’s portfolio and the Investment Management team, keeping in mind to cover the diverse risk management infrastructure across the firmwide level.

Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund Details:

AMC Set-Up Date26-August 2008
AMC Incorporation Date10-March 2008
Type of AMCPrivate Sector-Foreign
Quarterly Average AUM of Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund
(as on 30th June 2016)
Rs. 6,500.48 Crores
Number of Goldman Sachs Scheme12
Number of Goldman Sachs Scehemes Options18
Minimum Application AmountMinimum investment amount of Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) and in multiples of Re. 1/- thereafter.
Nature of SchemeOpen Ended
Exchange ListedBSE/NSE
Entry LoadNil
Exit LoadNil
FundsNAV1-Year ReturnAUM (in Rs. Crores)Expense RatioEntry Load
Goldman Sachs CPSE Exchange Traded FundRs 25.5117.02%2256.240.55%NIL
Goldman Sachs Banking BeES FundRs 1995.2011.70%987.050.55%NIL
Goldman Sachs CNX 500 Fund -DividendRs 19.668.75%60.591.75%NIL
Goldman Sachs CNX 500 Fund -GrowthRs 31.438.75%60.591.75%NIL
Goldman Sachs India Equity Fund -GrowthRs 21.18
Goldman Sachs India Equity Fund -Dividend
Rs 21.188.73%41.352.90%NIL
Goldman Sachs Hang Seng BeES FundRs 2370.076.68%6.161.00%NIL
Goldman Sachs Liquid ETS FundRs 1000.005.91%1264.930.60%NIL
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Note: Information Sourced as on 21st October 2016

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Latest Schemes of  Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund

Let’s check out the latest schemes of Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund which you can also consider it to make it a part of your investment criterion.

Goldman Sachs CPSE Exchange Traded Fund

Goldman Sachs CPSE Exchange Traded Fund is the very latest scheme which was launched in the year 2014. However, it comes  under the large cap category of Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund but the investment objective of this Scheme specifies in offering you the returns that, before expenses, closely correlate with the total returns of the Securities as represented by the Nifty CPSE Index. The securities get invested which are also the constituent of the Nifty CPSE Index in the same percentage as in the Index.

Goldman Sachs CNX 500 Fund

You must be wondering that Goldman Sachs CNX 500 Fund is on offer under dividend and growth plans. But why it is stated here as Goldman Sachs CNX 500 Fund? Is it the same or different? No doubt, it is slightly different as it comes under the sub-category of dividend and growth plans. In general, Goldman Sachs CNX 500 Fund falls under the multi-category of Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund. The investment objective of this fund specifies in raising the capital appreciation through investment in equities by investing in securities which are constituents of the Nifty 500 Index in the same percentage as in the index.

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Goldman Sachs India Equity Fund

Goldman Sachs India Equity Fund falls under the mid-cap family size in the fund family of Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund. The investment objective of the Scheme is to pursue in forming long-term capital growth from an actively managed portfolio consisting of equity and Equity Related Securities. There stands no guarantee that whether you may or may not achieve the investment objective of the Scheme. It’s always a better option for you as an investor to consult your financial advisor in order to find out whether the product is suitable for your investments. There is no need to give an estranged look to this fund, however, it also depends on your objective criteria and time factor in reaping the benefits from the fund.