HDFC Mutual Funds with Highest NAV


  • The list of HDFC Mutual Funds with maximum NAV comprises of HDFC Money Market Fund, HDFC Liquid Fund, etc
  • The NAV, which changes on a daily basis, reflects the current market price of a mutual fund unit.

HDFC is a proud name across the financial sphere including the asset management space of India. Recognizing the growing need of investors towards achieving capital appreciation and regular income generation, HDFC has packed with itself a wide range of mutual fund schemes with different investment objectives. Whatever the objective may be, one can’t take eyes off from the returns he/can anticipate from a mutual fund investment over time. What forms the basis of HDFC Mutual Fund returns is the Net Asset Value (NAV) and its movement over a period of time. The more the NAV rises greater are the scope for higher returns and vice-versa. So, if you are looking to invest in HDFC Mutual Fund schemes with highest NAV, you can find them here.

List of HDFC Mutual Funds with Highest NAV

The NAV prevails across HDFC Mutual Fund schemes from equity, debt to even hybrid. Now, we can segregate the schemes according to these broader categories.

HDFC Equity Funds with Highest NAV

The table below contains a list of HDFC equity funds that invest predominantly in equities with a view to appreciate the growth of invested capital over time.

HDFC Equity FundsNAV
HDFC Top 100 FundGrowth - ₹494.145

Dividend - ₹48.116
HDFC Equity FundGrowth - ₹665.747

Dividend - ₹50.301
HDFC Tax Saver FundGrowth - ₹507.681

Dividend - ₹52.047
HDFC Capital Builder Value FundGrowth - ₹278.38

Dividend - ₹23.888

HDFC Debt Funds with Highest NAV

Glance at the table below showcasing the NAV of select HDFC debt funds that invest heavily in debt instruments to generate a regular flow of income to the investors.

HDFC Hybrid Funds with Highest NAV

You can check below the table showing HDFC hybrid funds that invest in both equity and debt instruments to generate both income generation and capital appreciation.

HDFC Hybrid FundsNAV
HDFC Balanced Advantage FundGrowth - ₹199.103

Dividend Monthly - ₹28.424
HDFC Hybrid Equity FundGrowth - ₹53.679

Dividend - ₹11.494
HDFC Multi Asset FundGrowth - ₹31.958

Dividend - ₹11.394

How to Invest in HDFC Mutual Funds with Highest NAV Online?

You can invest in these HDFC mutual fund schemes online at Wishfin, a neutral financial marketplace that keeps a wide range of mutual fund schemes, their performance over the years so that you can choose a one to meet your financial goals. The steps to invest in Wishfin is detailed below, take a look.

  • Go to
  • Click on ‘Mutual Funds’
  • Go to ‘Register’
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Click on ‘Get Started’
  • Mention your name, email ID, the city you live in
  • Create a password that conforms to alphabet, numeric and special character requirements
  • Click on ‘Sign Up

Your account will be created so that you can login.

After Login

  • Go to ‘Equity Funds’
  • Choose ‘HDFC Mutual Fund’ from the scroll containing a list of Asset Management Companies (AMCs)
  • Choose any of the HDFC Equity Mutual Funds you want to invest in
  • Click on ‘Invest’ below the scheme name.

Note – The data is sourced from Value Research as on July 19, 2019. The data pertains to the regular plan of the schemes shown above. The NAV shown above would vary on a daily basis. 

Disclaimer – “ Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme document carefully before investing”.

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