JP Morgan Mutual Fund

In today's time, small savings are not sufficient  to accommodate  all your requirements. As savings do not generate enough returns on the money deposited in the banks. Take mutual funds route, which possesses an ability to bring up the desired profits from the funds deployed.  

It takes an entire lifetime if we go by endless saving phenomenon for accumulating a large amount from the petite amount, which can usually become too time-consuming for you. Which other option to look for, often comes in mind? The perfect answer is to consider mutual fund route.

With the inception of mutual funds, your hurdles of giving your life away in endless savings, at times have stolen away the joys have now come to an end, with mutual funds presence in the market.

It's always been recommended to start investing early i.e. to keep some amount of money in your bank deposits or in some schemes in order to start gaining from the power of compounding. Mutual Funds offer you the simplest way to invest and grow your wealth easily. You just have to study carefully every investment aspect of the schemes offered by fund houses, keeping in mind your time  frame of getting invested. 

If you wish to consider any foreign venture mutual fund, look for JP Morgan Mutual Fund offering you diversification of stocks invested in both domestic and international.

JP Morgan Mutual Fund was constituted as a trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882, in terms of the Trust Deed dated December 4, 2006, and is registered under the Indian Registration Act, 1908.SEBI has registered this fund vide Registration No.MF/053/07/01.

When you are looking for a leader in the world-class investment solutions for its clients, look for JP Morgan Asset Management, which is a global asset management leader with about US$1.7 trillion in assets under management (the Asset Management client funds of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. as at 31 December 2014) in its custody. The asset management company is spanned across 38 countries with its offices all over the world. J.P. Morgan Asset Management outstretched with its global presence, having a strong local market and leadership positions in numerous asset classes.

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Moreover, having 8 offices in Asia Pacific region with over 1600 employees, JP Morgan Asset Management acts as a continuous channel for these markets and collects first-hand insights and perspectives.

JP Morgan Asset Management Company is an ideal choice for institutional investors for their investments as money gets pooled through segregated portfolios and the same by the highly-accredited investment teams in both the cases. In order to mention, institutional clients constitute pension funds, corporates, charities and foundations, central banks.

JPMorgan Asset Management India Private Limited ("AMC") was entrusted by SEBI to enact as the asset management company for the Fund vide letter no. IMD/MS/86193/07 dated February 12, 2007. The AMC manages the Scheme / options of the Fund as per the provisions of the Investment Management Agreement, the Trust Deed, the Regulations and the objectives of each Scheme / option.

JP Morgan Mutual Fund Products

Now, we come across certain category of JP Morgan Mutual Fund products as:

Domestic Equity Funds

  • JP Morgan India Top 100 Fund
  • JP Morgan India Mid and Small Cap Fund
  • JP Morgan India Equity Fund
  • JP Morgan India Economic Resurgence Fund
  • JP Morgan India Equity Income Fund
  • JP Morgan India Balanced Advantage Fund

International Funds

  • JP Morgan Emerging Markets Opportunities Equity Offshore Fund 
  • JP Morgan Emerging Markets Opportunities Equity Offshore Fund
  • JP Morgan US Value Equity Offshore Fund
  • JP Morgan Europe Dynamic Equity Offshore Fund 

Fixed Income Funds

  • JP Morgan India Government Securities Fund
  • JP Morgan India Banking and PSU Debt Fund

Let's check out the parameters of Investment details of JP Morgan Mutual Fund: 

Minimum InvestmentRs. 5000 & For SIP : Rs. 1000
Application AmountInvestment: Rs 1,000 and multiples of Rs 1 thereafter
Number of Schemes28
Exchange ListedBSE/NSE
Nature of SchemeOpen Ended, Close Ended
Quarterly Average Assets Under Management (as on June 2016)Rs.5,584.24 crore
Entry LoadNil
Exit Load0-1% If redeemed between 0 - 12 Months

NAV1-Year Return AUM (in Rs. Crores)Expense RatioEntry Load
JP Morgan India Corporate Debt Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan -Dividend Yearly
Rs 12.148.38%172.481.00%NIL
JP Morgan India Corporate Debt Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan -GrowthRs 12.148.38%172.48

1.00% NIL
JP Morgan India Economic Resurgence Fund - Regular Plan -Growth Rs 10.938.11%47.632.70% NIL
JP Morgan India Banking and PSU Debt Fund - Regular Plan – DividendRs 13.167.81%486.720.55%NIL
JP Morgan India Banking and PSU Debt Fund - Regular Plan –Growth Rs 13.167.81%486.720.55%NIL
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Note: Information Sourced as on 21st October 2016

JP  Morgan Mutual fund NAV

Want to know whether your funds are overvalued or undervalued? Look at Net asset value i.e. NAV, which is achieved by deducting the value of the fund's liabilities from the value of a fund's assets. 

 NAV = (Value of Assets-Value of Liabilities)/number of units outstanding

NAV is essential. You may derive your fund's value at NAV wherein an investor will be entitled at the time of withdrawal of investment. If you're having a close-ended fund of JP Morgan Mutual fund with a fixed number of units, then a price per unit is ascertained by the market and falls either below or above the NAV.

Don't be misled with the false belief that Mutual fund with lower NAV will fetch you better returns?
This is a wrong perception about NAV. Let us understand with a clear example that returns are always independent of NAV.

You are willing to invest Rs. 10,000 and have two options to consider, where the funds are alike as far as the portfolio is concerned. If JP Morgan India Balanced Advantage Fund is offering you a NAV of Rs. 10 and another fund i.e. JP Morgan India Banking and PSU Debt Fund is offering you a  NAV of Rs. 50. You will get 1000 units from  JP Morgan India Balanced Advantage Fund  and 200 units from JP Morgan India Banking and PSU Debt Fund.

See your returns after one year, both funds have grown parallel as their portfolio is same, say by 25%. Then, after one year NAV for JP Morgan India Balanced Advantage Fund would be  12.50 and Rs 62.50 for  JP Morgan India Banking and PSU Debt Fund. Your investment value would be  1000*12.50 = Rs 12,500 for  JP Morgan India Balanced Advantage Fund and  200*62.5 = Rs 12,500 for JP Morgan India Banking and PSU Debt Fund. Thus your returns would be overall the same irrespective of the NAV.

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The quality of your fund brings a difference to your returns. The same rule also applies to all equity shares as well. Analyze your funds quality with respect to applicable NAV before making  any further decision whether to buy, hold or sell your funds. 

JP Morgan Mutual fund Application form

Do you wish to start with the procedure in Mutual funds transaction and wants to open your JP Morgan Mutual Fund login account? Yes, you can do that very easily. All you need to fill your application form for getting started with Mutual Funds. In JP Morgan Mutual Fund Application form, you need to fill the following details as required herewith:

  1. Your name and complete address
  2. If you are an NRI, your overseas address and proof to mention is compulsory
  3. Bank details are obligatory, and should be correctly mentioned
  4. Attach any of the mandatory documents, like proof of KYC compliance/acknowledgment wherever required.
  5. Correctly fill-in your PAN details
  6. Mention the mode of holding i.e. Single/Joint/Either
  7. Signature of all the applicants is a must-to-do thing
  8. For minor details, consider following details to be attached along with as:
  • Date of birth with proof
  • Name of the guardian(either the natural guardian or court-appointed legal guardian)
  • Proof of guardian's relationship with the minor
  • Signature of the guardian

9. Fill in your scheme name in the application form, and select the Plan i.e. Regular and Option as of Growth/Dividend(For dividend option both Re-investment or Payout options are available).

JP Morgan mutual fund Toll free number

Don't leave any mutual fund queries, doubts and grievances for so long? Contact JP Morgan Mutual Fund Toll-free number : 1-800-200-5763  and get it resolved without any further delays.

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