Worried How to Buy Mutual Funds Online?

In an era of e-transactions, you can do everything online from buying cars to opening bank accounts. Be it the booking of travel or movie tickets or the transfer of funds, online tools are now increasingly used by people across India and all over the world. But when you talk about the investment, people generally go offline with the reasons best known to them. However, they can use online tools and do the transactions in a much more convenient and seamless manner compared to the offline mode. Today, we will discuss the ways that you can apply to buy mutual fund online.

AMC websites

You can easily do online transactions as many mutual fund or say asset management companies (AMC) are customizing their processes to serve the customer requirements. First, you are required to download the scheme form from the website. Thereafter, you must fill in personal details and submit the form along with the initial cheque, Know Your Customer (KYC) letter and PAN Card photocopy. Additionally, you will have to apply for a personal identification number (PIN) to carry online transactions. Subsequently, you will be assigned a folio number and the PIN, enabling you to make transactions online. This process is no doubt cheap as the service comes free of cost. You will have to follow the same process while applying for various other fund houses.

Demat Account

As most of the large brokers are linked with the BSE or NSE mutual fund exchange platforms, you can log on to the online trading terminal of the broker and choose the scheme from a list of schemes on the portal. The units will automatically get credited to your demat account. Depending upon your requirements, you can make a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) or a lump sum investment. This will incur you some charges, which may be different across different brokers. For instance-ICICI Bank imposes a charge of ₹30 or 1.5% whichever is lower on SIP. Whereas HDFC charges a flat ₹100 in each quarter regardless of the amount you would have invested.

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Independent Portals

There are various independent portals that are catering to the requirements of mutual fund investors. One such portal is Wishfin.com which will take you to a journey of buying and selling your mutual fund units along with the right kind of assistance wherever you need. In this way, Wishfin helps you to bolster your efforts in making the right kind of financial decision for yourself. Just by following the simple steps you can quickly get the hands-on-experience so that your all mutual fund transactions become seamlessly interesting to sail through your next course of financial decision. To start with, you are required to open an online account with Wishfin by creating your User ID(either through email ID or mobile number) and password. Provide your KYC details for instant verification. Once it is done, congratulations, you are now on the verge of starting your mutual fund journey. Start making a purchase from across the mutual fund schemes offered by various AMCs. Moreover, get access to the online tools for keeping a tab on your mutual fund holdings, as well as use the in-house research and analysis to build your strong investment portfolio.

In short, by making Wishfin your investment advisor will not only translate your dreams into reality but can keep your investment journey intact with the right kind of experts assistance wherever you need. So, start investing! As now is the time to get benefited from Wishfin.


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