Kotak Mutual Fund

Want a mutual fund scheme of your risk profile? Bet on Kotak Mutual Fund to find the customised scheme that can bolster your investment portfolio as well as provide you higher returns on your invested capital. The fund house strives hard to develop products to meet the specific needs of the customers. So, don’t be left behind and get started with Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited (KMAMC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited (KMBL). Founded in 1998, the fund house manages the assets of nearly 8 lakh investors who are receiving the benefit of having a scheme of their risk profile, an important criterion for a successful journey in mutual fund investment.

Fund Offerings

KMAMC offers equity funds, debt funds, balanced funds, fund of funds, exchange traded funds, SIP, etc.

Equity Funds

These funds are envisaged to appreciate the capital by investing in high-risk, high-return proposition, i.e., equity & equity related products.


  • Kotak 50
  • Kotak Opportunities
  • Kotak Midcap
  • Kotak Classic Equity
  • Kotak Tax Saver
  • Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund
  • Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme
  • Kotak Global Emerging Market
  • Kotak Select Focus Fund
  • Kotak Equity Savings Fund
  • Kotak Infrastructure & Economic Reform Fund
  • Kotak India Growth Fund Series 1

Debt Funds

These open-ended funds aim to ensure a regular flow of income in your pocket by dispersing the investments mostly across debt securities with a slight exposure in equity.


  • Kotak Monthly Income Plan
  • Kotak Bond
  • Kotak Bond Short Term
  • Kotak Liquid
  • Kotak Banking and PSU Debt Fund
  • Kotak Gilt Investment
  • Kotak Flexi Debt
  • Kotak FMP Series
  • Kotak Treasury Advantage Fund
  • Kotak Floater Short Term
  • Kotak Income Opportunities Fund
  • Kotak Multi Asset Allocation Fund
  • Kotak Hybrid FTP Series 2
  • Kotak Medium Term Fund
  • Kotak Low Duration Fund
  • Kotak Capital Protection Oriented Scheme-Series 1
  • Kotak Capital Protection Oriented Scheme-Series 2
  • Kotak Capital Protection Oriented Scheme-Series 3
  • Kotak Capital Protection Oriented Scheme-Series 4
  • Kotak Corporate Bond Fund
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Balanced Funds

These open-ended funds look to ramp up the growth of the capital by investing in equity securities such as stocks as well as ensure safety by keeping the money in income generation securities like MIPs.


  • Kotak Balance

Fund of Funds

These are open-ended fund schemes that work towards appreciating the capital over the long-term by investing in specified equity and debt securities.


  • Kotak Asset Allocator Fund
  • Kotak Gold Fund
  • Kotak World Gold Fund
  • Kotak US Equity Fund

Exchange Traded Funds

These are open-ended exchange traded funds that aim to provide returns in line with the underlying securities on the stock exchanges.


  • Kotak Gold ETF
  • Kotak PSU Bank ETF
  • Kotak Sensex ETF
  • Kotak Nifty ETF
  • Kotak Banking ETF
  • Kotak NV 20 ETF


Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of KMAMC allows you to invest in mutual funds by depositing a fixed sum of money periodically. The plan also works towards nullifying the adverse effects of market fluctuation on your portfolio if you stay invested through this route for the long-term.


  • SWP
  • STP
  • SIP Nach Form
Minimum Investment RequiredRs. 5,000
Minimum Additional Investment RequiredRs. 1,000
Minimum Investment Required in SIPRs 1,000. You can even start with an investment of Rs 500 in case you choose to go with SIP of Kotak Tax Saver, Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund or Kotak Select Focus.
Minimum Number of SIP Installments6 in all open-ended schemes except Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund and Kotak Select Focus, where the minimum installment is 10.
Entry LoadNIL
Exit Load1% of redemption amount if sold or switched out within a year
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NAV1-year ReturnAUMExpense Ratio
Kotak Balance Regular Plan-Dividend Rs. 16.4514.54%Rs. 438.47 Cr2.50%
Kotak Bond-Plan A-Bonus Rs. 30.6911.50%Rs. 4,034.24 Cr1.72%
Kotak Bond-Plan A-Dividend YearlyRs. 28.2011.50%Rs. 4,034.24 Cr
Kotak Bond- Deposit Plan-Dividend QuarterlyRs. 13.6511.48%Rs. 4,034.24 Cr1.72%
Kotak Banking ETF Fund RegularRs. 199.7011.00%Rs. 1,396.29 Cr0.20%
Kotak Asset Allocator Fund Regular Plan-Growth Rs. 67.279.82%Rs. 28.81 Cr1.85%
Kotak Banking and PSU Debt Fund Regular Plan -Dividend Monthly Rs. 10.639.69%Rs. 697.96 Cr0.50%
Kotak Classic Equity Regular Plan-Growth Rs. 38.659.28%Rs. 94.09 Cr
Kotak Bond- Short Term Regular Plan-Dividend Monthly Rs. 10.109.21%Rs. 5,739.80 Cr1.10%
Kotak Corporate Bond Fund- Institutional Plan-Growth Rs. 2,090.209.03%Rs. 148.86 Cr0.50%

Note- Information sourced as on 20th October, 2016

How Can You Apply for Kotak Mutual Fund Schemes?

First, you must visit the website of Kotak Mutual Fund and go to the investor zone section. Upon clicking it, you will find the links of forms such as Individual KYC Application Form, Non-Individual KYC Application Form, Individual KYC Change Form and Non-Individual KYC Change Form. All you have to do then is to take a print out of the form according to your applicability. Subsequently, you need to fill and submit it to CAMS Investor Services Centres. You can also check your KYC status across all the KYC registration agencies by clicking on a link mentioning the same. After successful verification of KYC, you will be issued the folio number, which you have to enter every time you wish to make mutual fund transactions online.

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Kotak Mutual Fund Statement

You can either call the toll-free number- 1800-222-626 of Kotak Mutual Fund Customer Care to request for an account statement or use the Kotak Mail-back Service to get a PDF Account Statement in your email address. You can also click the link, Online Transaction Facility, to view your mutual fund account statement.

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