Ignite The Yuvi in You by Hitting Six 6’s of Finance

Six Sixes of finance

The fond memories of star batsman Yuvraj Singh hitting six sixes off the bowling of Stuart Broad in the inaugural T-20 World Cup 2007 are still fresh in the mind of cricket lovers across the country. Yuvraj exhibited six traits in those half-a-dozen shots, if you had carefully analyzed his approach on that day. You can also exhibit such traits to keep batting long and strong on a financial pitch even though there are ‘Googlies’ waiting to fox you. Let’s check out those traits now.


The feat, which Yuvraj achieved, won’t have been possible had he not timed his shots to get the ball sail over the rope and beyond. In a similar vein, you need to time your wealth building exercise perfectly to generate maximum corpus by the time you are on the verge of retirement. It’s better to wake up early than late to lay the foundation of a strong financial future.

In the initial years of your job life, you should look to keep your money in products like recurring deposit and post office savings, besides the normal savings bank account. Let your savings build for 4-5 years before you invest in mutual funds to take your corpus to a new high, over the long term. Remember money yields when invested at the right time.

Also, apply for a loan, if needed, when the interest rates are low so as to save on the EMI and interest repayments.

Situational Awareness

Yuvi, as we call to address the ‘Southpaw’, was aware of the situation. He targeted Stuart Broad, who back then was a relatively inexperienced bowler, for those mammoth sixes. A couple of sixes and the inexperience caved in to Yuvi’s dominance on the day.

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Taking a cue from Yuvi, you need to be aware of what’s happening in the financial markets such as mutual funds. Compare the best MFs on view and choose a one that has stood the test of times. On the loan front, you can look to avail attractive interest rates and balance transfer options to give your savings a leg up.


Just before that magic over, Andrew Flintoff, the former English all-rounder, had exchanged a few abusive words with the left-hander. Yuvraj did wobble a bit, but held his nerves. And what followed next has gone into the record books for people to see and admire.

Similarly, on a financial field, you may face some turbulent times. For instance – you have invested in a top-performing equity fund; but due to the subdued market environment, your money failed to achieve the heights as desired. Don’t press the panic button by selling the investments. Instead, be patient and bank on its long-term performance to get through the tough times.

Focused On the Goal

India had to post a big total upfront to beat a strong English outfit in that crucial encounter. Yuvraj knew it and so went on an overdrive with those sixes. Likewise, you need to keep an eye on your financial goals and strategize your investment and deposits accordingly. If you want to send your kids to the top educational institutions in about 20 years from now, it would be advisable to park your money in instruments like tax-saving mutual funds, fixed deposits, etc.

Control Over the Proceedings

Yuvraj had things under control because he was watchful and targeted the right bowler for his onslaught. You also need to budget your expenses accordingly to have required savings month-on-month, year-on-year to dictate the course of your financial life. Also, resist your temptation of overspends with credit cards, if any. This will help you pay the dues in full and avoid the attack of interest and tax, which arise on revolving credit.

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Yuvraj was clear in his mind to go over the top, irrespective of whether it’s a full toss or a length delivery. This sort of clarity is needed even in the world of finance. So when you decide to invest in an instrument after assessing the pros and cons, you should stick to it to taste the success later on.

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