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TMB Fixed Deposit

Have you ever come across the name of Tamilnad Mercantile Bank? I guess, most of us would not have heard it. But let me tell you the bank’s history is about 94 years old and operates its business through an extensive network of 487 branches and 1,015 ATMs across the country. Infact, the bank saw the addition of 57 branches and 135 ATMs in FY 2015-16. As far as the customer headcount is concerned, it is touching 3.5 million customers, who are enjoying a ride of deposits as well as advances. The deposits of the bank clocked a growth rate of 18.40% to touch the level of 30,368.88 crores, while the advances surpassed 22,577.71 crores with a growth rate of 16.77% at the end of FY 2015-16, taking its business to 52,946.59 crores with a growth rate of 17.70% on a year-on-year basis. As our article is firmly rooted to the fixed deposit of TMB, we will stick to it from now onward till the end.

TMB Fixed Deposit Interest Rates March 2023

Domestic & NRO Interest Rates on Deposits of Rs 15 Lacs

Period of DepositGeneral PublicSenior Citizens
15 - 29 days5.80%5.80%
30 - 45 days6.30%6.30%
46 - 90 days6.80%6.80%
91 days - 179 days7.25%7.25%
180 days7.50%7.50%
181 days-Below 12 months7.30%7.30%
1 Year7.50%8.00%
Above 1 Year-Below 20 Months and 20 Days7.45%7.95%
20 Months 20 Days7.45%7.95%
20 Months 20 Days-Below 5 Years7.45%7.95%
5 Year-10 Years7.45%7.95%

Interest Rates on Deposits of Rs 15 Lacs to Below Rs 1 Cr

Period of DepositGeneral PublicSenior Citizens
15 - 29 days5.75%5.75%
30 - 45 days6.25%6.25%
46 - 90 days6.75%6.75%
91 days - 179 days7.20%7.20%
180 days7.50%7.50%
181 days-Below 12 months7.25%7.25%
1 Year7.45%7.95%
Above 1 Year-Below 20 Months and 20 Days7.40%7.90%
20 Months 20 Days7.40%7.90%
20 Months 20 Days-Below 5 Years7.40%7.90%
5 Year-10 Years7.40%7.90%

Note- Additional interest rate for senior citizens does not apply to NRO deposits

Premature withdrawal carries a penalty of 1% lower FD interest rate than the applicable rate on the date of withdrawal. No interest is payable for the first 14 days of the deposit.

TMB Fixed Deposit Calculator

Check out the expected earning from your fixed deposit with the help of a FD calculator, which will take into account the deposit amount, interest rate, interest compounding intervals and the deposit tenure to provide the same. It is an easy and simple way to get assured of your investment. So, what are you waiting for? Just get on with the calculator and find the sum you are going to end with the deposit of your choice.

TMB Fixed Deposit Schemes

The bank offers a slew of fixed deposit schemes-

  • Basic FD
  • Muthukuviyal FD
  • Porkuvial FD
  • Cash Certificate
  • Santosh FD
  • Double Deposit
  • Tax Saving FD
  • Pearl Deposit
  • 20:20 Deposit
  • Premature FD Closure
  • Maturity Interest Calculator

TMB Fixed Deposit Application Form

Want to access the fixed deposit application form of TMB? You can get it by either visiting the bank’s website or its branch. The form is available at ‘Downloads & Forms’ section on the website. Irrespective of the options you choose, you need to fill in the form and submit it along with relevant ID and address proofs to the bank officials to process your application. The bank, after careful navigation of your details, will open a fixed deposit account for you.

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