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Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:52 p.m.

It’s all about ‘Travelling & Saving’…

If you are a true traveller by heart and travelling is your first love, we @ WishFin can help you to make your first love just perfect for you. Exploring new destinations, feeling the beauty of roses, looking at the sunset at a beautiful beach, enjoying your holiday in the heart of valley, leaving all tensions behind, to live and enjoy all this, you need a perfect financial planning. We can help you in making an absolutely excellent travel plan with detailing all expenses and even calculating smallest things to make it more simple for you. We can help you in budgeting your travel expenses, comparing deals and making it more reasonable and affordable for you. Small monthly savings over the period of time can fetch you huge amount, or if you are in no mood to wait for so long you can use your credit card to bear all these expenses.

You can also take a personal loan to fund travel, and for this you need not to give any explanation to any bank or anyone. Enjoy your journey by making the smartest desicion, which is wallet friendly as well. Do you want to explore the world with your savings or want to go for a world tour by borrowing a personal loan? You can set a saving goal to realize your travel dream, but you can also take a personal loan from bank and use it as per your wishes. However, getting a loan is not the only things, while planning a travel. You should also consider the loan amount and linked EMIs of that loan. What will be the rate of interest? What will be the maximum or minimum tenure of the loan? Here are few check points you should consider while planning your travel:

  • Choosing a destination
  • Comparing different travel packages
  • Tour package/independent travel
  • Calculating tickets and other expenses
  • Travel via bus, train or plane
  • Funds required for local travelling
  • Hotel/Motel charges per day
  • Food, Shopping,
  • Tickets for monuments/museums
  • Savings
  • Personal loan
  • Credit card payment
  • Interest Rate
  • Tenure
  • EMIs
  • Monthly savings

You have different choices and different paths to follow, to live as a true traveller. In your “Happy Journey” we are always with you to help you in finding the travelling cost, other linked expenses, and setting a target budget for your trip. It is really simple and hassle free with us to plan your vacation and enjoy it to the fullest.

“Happy Travelling” is motto of our team, who is dedicated and always ready to help you 24X7, to make your travel memories a lifelong treasure for you and your family. We have created this platform to help you in budgeting your travel and making it less expensive and cost effective to save your precious money. Our experienced and professional team members can help you in making the comprehensive choices, perfect budgeting, estimating travelling cost & other expenses and in situation of a little money in your bank balance, we can help you in finding best financial deals for your travel and make your dream come true. We are aimed at offering absolute 360 degree solutions, best deals, exclusive value-added products and unmatched services along with cutting-edge technology to make your deal absolutely perfect with WishFin.

Happy Travelling with WishFin…

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