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Best Websites to Plan Your Travel Online

Best Websites to Plan Your Travel Online

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:52 p.m.

It is your vacation and you want everything on place from booking of your tickets, finalizing accommodation, sightseeing, etc. Before, booking your hotel and tickets and other important things, it is really important that you should compare rates and deals available on different websites. Booking tickets online, buying any online deal or packages for travel is more convenient as compared to personally visiting few travel agents, gathering information and finalising your travel package. Most of these websites provide you information about everything you are looking for related to travel.

These sites provide you information about different destinations, travelling costs, price of tickets, rates of various hotels. These websites not only provide you information about national destinations and cost associated with travel, but also about international destinations. In fact, these websites also provide you the information regarding the best possible ways through which you can easily manage your travelling expenses. They give you the advise to even apply for personal loan for travel so that all your travelling expenses can easily be covered.

Before taking the loan, you can even compare different lenders, make a calculative decision. But, apart from that, If you are travelling for a week or more than that it is better if you check different websites for booking your travel online. Below are some preferred sites, which offer you best deals and packages for your travel.

Trivago: This is the best site for getting the best hotel prices on your trip for national and international destinations. You can compare rates of different hotels at once. It also good if you are searching for a unique destination because it shows result from listings based on around the world.

Make my Trip: This is another good site and leading site in India for your travel booking. It offers special deals, discounts and cash back on your trip. You will get best rates on online domestic and international airline ticket bookings. It also offers customised tour packages for different destinations across the world. It offers you huge discounts on air-ticket booking and hotel room bookings. This is one of the leading website for searching travel destination and booking domestic and interntional flights. The website offers domestic air tickets with as low as Rs. 499 with terms & conditions applicable. This site offers you best rates for hotels and guest houses. It offers you plenty of option to choose from, economic stay to luxurious hotels. Like any other website, it also offers special tour packages, discounts, cash back and reward points for your travel. The site offers upto 60% discounts on hotel booking. This portal comes with a 'best price guarantee'. So if you find a better online price for the same hotel on an Indian travel site within 24 hours. The expedia will not only refund the difference, but it will also offer a travel coupon with Rs. 2,500 for future booking. It offers you better rates as compared to other leading sites.

Thomas Cook: Thomas Cook is one of the most trusted name in travel industry in India. People enjoy exclusive deals and offers on flight journey or even a cruise journey via Thomas Cook. Apart from booking travel tickets, you can also book your tour package, hotel and also get your travel insurance from them. They assure a smooth and hassle-free travel for its customers. They also provide assistance for visa services and much more. You can enjoy amazing discounts, offers and discounts on each of the services offered by them.

TravelGuru: This is another website which offers you the best hotel deals across the world. You can also get best deals on weekend gateway packages as well. You can easily book your favorite hotel at any location at the most cost effective price. If you are lucky enough, you may also get them at a slashed half rate! This site offers special last minute deals with the best price and maximum discounts that happen on the 11 th hour!

ClearTrip: ClearTrip offers you the best price on flight, buses, hotel, combos and even train ticket bookings as well. This is the best website to make your travel within budget. You can book everything under one umbrella. You can book your train, flight and bus tickets, final your accommodations. Get best national and international tour packages at unbeatable price.

Loan for Travelling Abroad

However, if you don't have enough funds ready with you so as to plan your travel with these websites, you can also avail travel loan for that. There are many lenders available in the market, which are known for offering the personal travel loans to those who want to travel the world instantly. If you are in urgent need of funds so as to travel abroad, you can rely on these lenders and fulfill your wish of travelling abroad with family or friends.

Travel Loan Scheme

When it comes to planning your travel, one important thing that you should always keep in mind is to compare the different travel packages. Yes, these days lenders offer various lucrative packages as well as travel loan schemes in order to lure the customers. So, instead of getting into the trap, you need to be extra careful while choosing the best lender. Compare different lenders on the basis of their schemes and then take the final decision.

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