10 Tips to Save Money in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the top 10-holiday destinations in the whole world and people often rush into the peak season and trap themselves in unnecessary expenses. However, there is a  possibility to enjoy your trip to Bangkok in less, if you will follow the non-cliche ways of travelling. Once you are in Bangkok or any other holiday destination, you must come out of your comfort zone to fully enjoy the vacation. Even though Bangkok accepts foreign currency as well, it is better to pay in their currency that is Baht and 1 TBH = 1.92 INR.

Keeping in mind your comfort and wallet, here are some tips for you to save on next Bangkok trip.

1. Living in Chiang Mai is Cheaper

If you are staying in Bangkok for more than a month, choose a local apartment. Yes, this might sound a little awkward being a tourist. But, you must come out of your comfort zone. You can get an accommodation in Chiang Mai for just Rs 400/- per month.

2. Ignore western Food

Eat local food that serves really delicious cuisines and costs less than Rs 100/- for most of the dishes including grilled chicken, papaya salad, etc. On the other side, if you get bored with the outside food, you can learn cooking and cook something for yourself as well!

3. Cheap Travel in Bangkok

Taxis of Bangkok cost less than the Tuk-Tuk and the fare starts from Rs 20/- onwards depending on the distance. Make sure that the meter is on and if the taxi-driver is not agreeing to it, take another taxi as it is not difficult to find. You can also book a bike available for Rs 400/- per day. The bus facilities are also budget-friendly and convenient. For your safety purpose, you can keep a map with you.

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4. Ignore frequent Cash Withdrawals    

You must take out extra cash to save yourself from extra charges. Who wants to get charged Rs 500/- just for withdrawing Rs 1,000/- So, the simple way to save this unnecessary expense is to always keep extra cash with you.

5. Don't buy water bottles from outside

Always keep a water bottle with you as the place is quite hot first and second the outside water is 10 to 20 times costly. So, fill your water bottle from the machines available outside Tesco for just Rs 1.92/- per litre. 

6. Travel Overnight

Travelling overnight will save your money as the travel charges during the night is cheaper than the daytime and you will save the rent for a night as well.

7. Avoid giving Tips

No matter what is the tradition of your country, Bangkok people do not expect tips. So,  no need to spend unnecessarily and save here as well.

8. Save on Alcohols

The bars and clubs in Bangkok charge Rs 192/- for a drink, but 7/11 charges just Rs 68/- for small bottle and Rs 106/- for big bottles. Other than this, Thailand bars have many happy hours when they serve half-priced drinks.

9. Don't feel shy to Haggle

Feel free to bargain during shopping in Phuket, Thailand. The shopkeepers will not agree to bargain, but you can surely try shopping for less.

10. Pay in Bangkok Currency

People might ask you to pay in foreign currency, but do not opt for it as they charge according to your currency. So, make payments in local currency and enjoy the benefits!

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We hope that these tips will prove to be a beneficial travel guide for you!      

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