What Adventure Costs at Leh Ladakh

The land of pristine beauty, Leh Ladakh is the tourist spot that attracts several travellers from across the world. Nestled in Jammu& Kashmir, it is undoubtedly an ideal place for people who admire natural beauty. Though famous for peaceful and serene environment , it has much to offer to those who are in search of adventure.

Apart from visiting Buddhist monasteries, lakes and passes one has lots more to experience  in the mountain ranges and valleys of the city. Travellers can enjoy themselves by going for trekking, river rafting and mountaineering. It is an awesome place for trekking and mountaineering. However, it is also famous for other adventurous sports.

 Sports at Leh Ladakh

1. Trekking- There are several trekking routes for trekkers, ranging from beginners to experienced outdoor enthusiasts. The favorable time is from June to October ,before the snowfall begins. The map is available at the stationary shop and costs between Rs.1000-Rs.1200. However, the cost of the locally published map is just Rs.200. The popular treks are Markha Valley Trek, Henaskut to Wanla, Lamayuru to Padum and Hemis to Zangla by Junglam . You can easily get accommodations and food on the trek. 

Expected Cost of Trekking at Markha Valley (inclusive of stay and fooding)

Rs.17,000- Rs.20,000

2. Mountaineering- As the region is surrounded by mountain ranges, there are various challenging peaks for a mountaineer at Ladakh. The chief among them is the Stok mountain range and the Kangyatse and Suru valley. The sport is open for the mountaineers between the month of May and October.  You need a map to keep you on track. The cost of an authentic map ranges from Rs.1,000- Rs.12,000. Whereas, the locally published map is of Rs.200. You can rest in home stays in the villages. The charges of these home stays begin from Rs.200 per night.

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3. River Rafting- Rafting in the water of the river Indus and looking at the mesmerizing sights is a treat to the human eyes. The rafting expeditions are organized from July to September and cover the stretches of Indus river from Hemis to Choglamsar and Nimmu to Phey. The cost of rafting ranges from Rs.1000- Rs.3000 depending on the route you choose. The cost is inclusive of transportation and lunch charges along with rafting charges.

4. Camel Safari- In sand dunes around Hunder, you can rejoice yourself riding on Bactarian camel. The safari on camel with 2 humps, is what makes a camel safari in Ladakh a unique experience.

5. Jeep Safari-  Jeep Safari is another way to look at the scenic beauty of Ladakh which is open only for 3 months, that is, from June to September. The jeep safari from Manali to Leh is extendable to Nubra Valley. The charges vary accordingly.

6. Polo- It is the most popular sport at Leh Ladakh. It is usually played on Tuesdays and Saturdays on Leh Polo Ground. The cheering sound of the crowd boost up the enthusiasm of the players.

7. Archery- Polo is the traditional sport of Ladakh and is reflective of Ladakhi culture. Archery contest is held at regular intervals in villages and at the National Archery Stadium in Leh.

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