A Bit of Homework and Timely Visit Will Let you Roam Sydney on a Budget

Sydney is a traveller’s delight with eye-opener monuments like Harbour Bridge, Town Hall, Queen Victoria Building and not to forget the Kangaroos that are all over this city and Australia. It’s also a city of art & culture with Sydney Opera House taking you to iconic arts gallery and The Rocks all set to drive you crazy with a spectacular architecture. Want to get the thrill of a zoo? Visit the famous and large Taronga Zoo, which is divided into various regions. This was all about the specialties of Sydney. But to come down and roam across the locales here could take a lot out of your pocket if you do not have a proper plan in place. The soaring airfares can take you off from the Sydney adventure. However, advance planning and others can help mitigate the problem. Wanna have a look at the plans you need to be ready with for a happy Sydney Ride? Find them below.

Choose Right Time to Visit

Sydney gets packed with travellers from around the world between December and February, the summer of Australia, and thus the airfares go skywards by that time. However, the fares can drop in spring and fall i.e. from March-June and September-November. So, plan your trip to Sydney well in advance and keep it during this time of the year. For example- Economy class fares from New Delhi to Sydney ranges within Rs 24,000-40,000 per adult in October, lower than Rs 35,000-over 50,000 per adult in December-February.

Keep an Eye on Exchange Rate

The dynamics of exchange rate are beyond anyone’s control and thus can dent your pocket badly if there is an adverse movement in the currency. I mean, if the Australian Dollar (AUD) gets stronger in comparison to the Indian Rupee (INR), then it will get tough for you to buy the trip at less cost. At the moment, an AUD is equivalent to 50 INR. If the rupee depreciate to say 60 with respect to AUD, then it means you will have to spend 20% more now than earlier.

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Walkabout Air Pass

You can also look to capitalize on Walkabout Air Pass from Qantas by which you can get a round trip airfare to Australia as well as many domestic flights within the country.


You have an affordable option of cruise to visit many locations from Sydney. The costs of commuting via cruise can cost less than Rs 5,000 per person, per night.

Visit to Museums

Venture out to Museum of Contemporary Art to avoid admission fees, and Nicholson Museum and State Library that does not charge on exhibition. The Australian National Maritime Museum, however, will cost you, but not much. The entry fees here range between Rs 350-600.

Catch I’m Free Offers

Be a part of I’m Free walking tours around the city that happen twice a day. These free tours, which last for about three hours, are taken care of by guides who will let you be informed throroughly about the city.

Commute via Bus or Train

Board a bus or train at a cost of around Rs 600 to reach Bondi if you want to snap the rural beauty of Sydney. Sometimes the trip via bus can fetch you discount upto 50%, making your travel within Sydney much more cheaper.

Avail Refund

Purchasing goods worth Rs 15,000 or more from a single retailer will entitle you for a refund of goods and services tax (GST), which you pay on such items. For more information, visit the website of Custom Department, Govt of Australia.

Take these tips into consideration for a smooth tour of Sydney.

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