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Don’t let the heat, light and sight of Egypt beat your budget

It is very obvious that if you wish to go to a new place especially a foreign country like Egypt you will search about the place and plan accordingly. Planning is very important as it not only helps you save time but also to set your budget. While planning the budget you must take into consideration the charges of accommodation and travelling, along with sightseeing. Most people don't involve the sightseeing charges while making a trip budget ,which is incorrect. These charges may heavily affect your estimated expenditure. Moreover, it is important to have the prior information of the sight you are planning to visit, as the guides and local touts may cheat you. Although it is quite difficult to quote the accurate price because of continuous revision in rates, but estimation can give you a fair idea. Check out the fee range of the most visited Egyptian tourist spots mentioned below .

The Great Pyramids of Giza

It is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only one to remain largely intact. It is the most famous sight and the quintessential Egyptian landmark. There are three pyramids aligned together. You can have the best view of the pyramids from the top of the hill. Take a ride on camel or horse to reach the top.

Entry Fee –  Ranging from Rs.452.79 to Rs.603

The Great Sphinx Of Giza

The Spinx of Giza lies on the west bank of river Nile. It is positioned in front of Khafre pyramid. The statue is made of limestone. The reclining sphinx standing on the Giza Plateau look tremendous at the sunset.

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Entry Fee – The fee is included in charges of Giza Pyramids

Sakkara (Saqqara)

The pyramids in this area are older than the Great Pyramids Of Giza. The structures of these pyramids are incredible. There is only crawling space in some of the pyramids. You have to be on your knees and crawl down to pass through them. There is an institution named Carpet School situated in Sakkara. Here young kids are taught the art of weaving. You must visit this school to witness the legendary art of weaving 'magic' carpets.

Entry Fee – Fee vary from pyramid to pyramid ranging from Rs.150 – Rs.453

Egyptian Museum Of Cairo

You will find the largest number of antiquities in this museum. Over 100,000 ancient artifacts dating back to 3500 BC are put on display. Visit to Egypt is incomplete without going here. It is advisable not to carry camera and bags as you are not permitted to take it inside. You need to deposit the baggage and pay the charges mounting to Rs.335.

Entry Fee – Ranging from Rs.566 to Rs.604

Valley Of The Kings

The tombs of Pharoahs and powerful nobles are built in this valley. The valley is divided into two parts – the East Valley and the West Valley. Tourists mainly visit the East Valley as most of the tombs are found here. You are not allowed to click pictures here.

Entry Fee – Ranging from Rs. 604 to Rs.755

Aswan High Dam

It is the rockfill dam across the River Nile. It was inaugurated in 1971. Until then the area around the river was barren.  The erection of dam helped in generating electricity for the entire Egypt.

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Entry Fee – Ranging from Rs.151 to Rs.227

Philae And The Temple Of Isis

The temple of Isis lies on Philae island. It is one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility. It is situated at a short distance from Aswan High Dam. You can take a boat ride from the dam to the Philae Island.

Entry Fee – Ranging from Rs.377 to Rs.453

Temples of Abu Simbel

There are two massive rock temples in Abu Simbel. One is of Ramses II and another is of his wife Nefertari. They are situated on the western bank of Lake Naseer. You can feel the positive vibes around you.

Entry Fee – Ranging from Rs.679 to Rs.906

Luxor Temple

The temple is located in the town of Luxor. Its position on the bank of river Nile adds on to its beauty. It looks stunning in the night light. Golden lights disperse at night creating a classy aura around.

Entry Fee – Rs.377.32

Karnak Temple

Situated few kilometres away from Luxor temple, this temple is one of its own kind. The temple is built in the large area. You can easily find a place to meditate without being disturbed. It is the most amazing place in Egypt.

Entry Fee – Ranging from Rs.490.52 to Rs.603.72

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