Double Decker Bus: Your Secret to a Pocket-Friendly London Ride

Double Decker Bus: Your Secret to a Pocket-Friendly London Ride

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:50 p.m.

Let Your London Ride to Stay Within Your Budget. Double Decker Buses through their open-top sightseeing tours are most charming way to experience London.

So you want to know about the number of destinations you will be visiting on your London tour? Well, why not? You have many tours to choose from whether it is top London landmarks, movie tours, night-time tours and even Duck tours. It’s upto you how are you going to manage your expenses within your city tour in London? Double Decker bus offers you a comfortable atmosphere to sit back and relax while you see the tours from the top of the bus in an open ambiance. The commentary feature in various languages is an additional feature in the background keeps you occupied and entertaining along with your whole family throughout the tour.

Don’t miss the joys of added extras in your tours such as live riverboat and cruises? Well, yes the London’s exemplary red double-decker buses are the most convenient, affordable fun way to explore the city covering all the sight tours beyond your headcount. However, double-decker buses are special making your London’ s itinerary a remarkable experience. Without spending a fortune, you get the best bet i.e. for each ride costing you only £1.45 i.e Rs. 128.63, or an unlimited day-pass asking you to pay £4.40 i.e. Rs. 390.32. Just pick up your Oyster card during the tour, available at any underground station as the London buses don’t accept cash. So, you need to consider this before you ride? Let’s check out the exotic beautiful locations of London where Double Decker bus will take you through :

1. Buckingham Palace & Windsor Castle Tour

Visit the two official residences of the Queen—A perfect royal tour leaving you mesmerized for sure. What’s more added to the stride? Coming to that, schedule your visit to extend in such a way so that you can enjoy exploring the public areas of Windsor Castle in the morning. And what about the leftover part of the day? Well, you have more view sights to capture under your lens. Take a stroll in the gardens of the Buckingham Palace and gaze through the state apartments in the afternoon, all with your Fast entry tickets.

Now you may have a reason to book your tickets without thinking for too long!

Subsidize your tour to Buckingham Palace & Windsor Castle by making your way, using The London Pass for a free entry to its gallery and also incurring other charges as :

Normal Ticket Price Price per ticket
Adult Ticket Rs. 2687.92
Child Ticket Rs. 1508.07

2. Westminster Abbey

While a distant away from the Thames River, Westminster Abbey is a prominent structure of British History and an absolute must-see. This beautiful gothic church is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, considered to be famous amongst visitors coming to London. Paintings, stained glass windows, and other religious artifacts form a structural constituent of Westminster Abbey, owing the most significant collections of monumental sculpture throughout Britain.

Westminster Abbey Attractions

● Charles Dickens, Dr. Samuel Johnson,Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Darwin were buried in the church’s grounds.
● The Abbey’s history is composed of noble Kings and Queens, as well as distinguished poets and priests—-even heroes and villains were enmeshed in its past!
● Isaac Newton’s Memorial in Scientists corner
● Westminster consists of impressive statues and monuments from the Virgin Mary holding a baby Jesus to the grave of an unknown warrior.
● The Little Cloister which follows the College Gardens, the oldest garden in England, where the clergy staff resides.
You can use the London Pass Benefits for a Free Entry to Westminster Abbey, one of the London’s Tourist attractions amongst others covered under London Pass Benefits and incur other charges as applicable:

Normal Ticket Price Price per ticket
Adult Ticket Rs. 1496.72
Child Ticket Rs. 673.52

3. Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most iconic structures in the world.and has served as a royal palace, prison, armoury and even a zoo. The ancient stones hold within them mysterious revelations, as fortified vaults gleam with priceless jewels and historic uniformed Beefeaters walk on the grounds. Located in Central London, just a stone’s throw from the River Thames, The Tower of London is one of the city’s foremost attractions.

Tower of London Attractions :

● Its rich history dates back to Norman Conquest.
● It has seen several restoration efforts including the one to repair the damage sustained during World War 2.
● Used by Royals across the years as a refuge and a powerbase.
● The Tower is still a residency to her Majesty’s Crown Jewels, on display for visitors to see.
● The Beefeaters’ job is to guard the jewels, as well as act as tour guides.

For fast entry to London Tour, avail ‘The London Pass Benefits’ which is free entry without standing in long queues and incurring other charges as:

Normal Ticket Price Price per ticket
Adult Ticket Rs. 1683.81
Child Ticket Rs. 785.78

4. Thames River Lunch Cruise

Give yourself a spectacular treat with an amazing sunny afternoon spent on the Thames River Lunch Cruise. What a better way to spend your afternoon on cruising down the river enjoying the sighs of some of London’s prestigious landmarks? The cruise will give you gorgeous views of the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Coca-Cola London Eye and the Tower of London amongst the other renowned landmarks, covering every destination of London so you may soak up the sights of London. Enjoy your Cruise with a seasonal three course set lunch backed by audio commentary so you shouldn’t miss any of the rich histories of the London’s prestigious landmarks. Let’s check out the fares of the Thames River Lunch Cruise which are high on value and easy on your wallet. The types of cruises offered:

Thames Lunch Cruises Rate
Premier Lunch Cruise on board the Symphony Rs. 3147.99 per person approx.
Classic Lunch Cruise on board the Symphony Rs. 2410.02 per person approx.
Children’s Lunch Cruise Package on- board the Symphony Rs. 1606.68 per person approx.
Premier Lunch Cruise on board the Harmony Rs. 3146.41 per person approx.
Classic Lunch Cruise on board the Harmony Rs. 2410.02 per person approx
Children’s Lunch Package on board Harmony Rs. 1606.68 per person approx.

If you’re just looking for hop and off tour to Thames River Cruise, get the benefit of London Pass for availing reasonable rates as:

Categories Price per ticket
Adult Ticket Rs. 399.2
Child Ticket Rs. 798.39

5. London Eye

Centrally located in the heart of the Capital, the Coca-Cola London Eye elegantly rotates its giant Ferris wheel over the Thames river opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

At 135 metres, the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel has become the modern symbol that represents the capital and a global icon. It’s breath-taking rotation into 360-degree views represents the capital and its prestigious landmarks, showcasing its pride of being the number one visitor experience in the city across decades. The gradual rotation takes approximately 30 minutes through its 32 high-tech glass capsules, giving you an ever-changing viewpoint of London.

The interactive guides will explain you in several languages, helping you to explore the capital’s quintessential landmarks within each capsule. Make your visit a memorable experience by visiting London Eye 4D Experience, free with every ticket. Explore London through different perspectives and see the multi-sensory effects which include the wind, bubbles, and scent. The four-minute show is awesome to watch at the start of your visit.

Check out the rates applicable covering spectacular details of the city unfolding beneath you.

Categories Price per ticket
Adult Ticket Rs. 1995.08
Child Ticket Rs. 1396.56

Taking your children along with you, falling under the age group of 4 years is easy as it’s free. What’s more special to consider? Well, visiting London Eye and having the London Eye river cruise experience gives you a special reason to cherish as 10% discounts are available for groups of 15 or more groups including the paying guests.Senior discounts are not applicable for any weekends or during July and August. Choose online booking in advance, which can really do well as you can avail the lower prices. Higher prices are chargeable for the attractions on the day of your visit.

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