Explore the Sightseeing in Switzerland in Less than Expected!

Explore the Sightseeing in Switzerland in Less than Expected!

Last Updated : March 17, 2017, 12:50 p.m.

Rushing after things can cost more in Switzerland. So, keep your trip a simple one without spending fortunes, to explore more of the place. Getting the idea about expenses in advance is surely exciting and less expensive at the same time. One of the most famous tourist city of Switzerland is Lucerne.

The signature walking bridges of Lucerne connects the train station area to the main tourist area making it easy for tourists to travel. Other than its beauty and shopping, Lucerne is popular for its lake and boat rides to nearby towns and sites.

Lucerne is mostly a summer getaway and like other cities of Switzerland, this place is also expensive. However, if you know the expenses in advance, Lucerne is not at all out of budget! Here is the list of things you can do in Switzerland and how much do you need in your pocket:

1. Lucerne Sightseeing

Lucerne is one of the most visited destinations in Switzerland. As the city offers a wide range of options for tourist to come and enjoy. Here are some of the things that you can do in Lucerne and their costs.

Swiss Transport Museum

There are more than 3000 items, simulators, multimedia shows and interactive platforms for the visitors. Not only this, there are widescreen Filmtheatre, the Planetarium, the Swissarena, the Nautirama, the Swiss Chocolate and the Hans Erni Art Gallery. The Museum's exhibitions and activities are an inspirational experience for all as it forge links between the past, the present and the future.

Cost per person: Rs 2,100/- (Adults) & Rs 1,100/- (Under 16)

Swiss Chocolate Adventure

The Swiss Chocolate Adventure is a new theme world that tells you about the discovery. Origin, production and transport of chocolate. The experience is surely delicate to eyes and of course for the mouth!

Cost per person: Rs 1,100/- (Adults) & Rs 700/- (Under 16)

Lake Lucerne Tour

Lake Lucerne is encircled with popular excursion mountains and is the lake with the greatest scenic variety in Switzerland. A steamer cruise across the convoluted lake of Lucerne on a sun-filled summer's day is a wonderful experience.

Cost per person: Rs 1,100/-

2. Lucerne Transportation

The transport facility of Lucerne is cheap and convenient at the same time. Some of the travelling options to roam around Lucerne and other Swiss cities and their fare charges are:

Transport Cost
Zurich to Lucerne train Rs 2,200/-
Interlaken to Lucerne train Rs 3,700/-
Boat to Transport Museum Rs 250/-

3. Lucerne Food & Drinks

Switzerland tap water is free, pure and is used for drinking purposes. However, the same water will be chargeable in the restaurant. So, make sure you carry a water bottle with you whenever you are travelling. There are many food restaurants that offer food in less and the food cost of a single person on a daily basis is given below:

Meal Cost
Breakfast Rs 400/- to Rs 700/-
Lunch Rs 650/- to Rs 900/-
Dinner Rs 1,300/- to Rs 1,700/-
Beer Rs 150/- to Rs 700/-

It does not matter where you are travelling, transportation, food and sightseeing is the backbone of the trip. The above idea about the cost of these basic things in Lucerne will save you from unnecessary expenses. So, enjoy a trip without worrying about the expenses and relax!

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